Molten Core Boss Guide – Garr

Garr is a large Obsidian elemental and the fourth boss of Molten Core. With him are eight Firesworn elites.

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

GARR Breakdown


These are the 8 elementals surrounding Garr. These spicy bois dish out some nasty IMMOLATES. (MDEBUFF – Dispel/Cleanse) If you kill one, you better watch out because Martydom, is an understatement. The Firesworn will hit you with ERUPTION upon being killed. Which will knock all nearby players away….. if they survive the damage. (Make sure your raid communicates when these are going to die, or you will get blowededed up and wipe)

Firesworn deaths make Garr do more damage. Be smart with kill order, and get your Banishes on LOCK. (As many targets as possible)

Don’t move the firesworn too far away from Garr, this will make them activate SEPARATION ANXIETY, which is basically a tantrum, making them flex and become immune to CC.


Now to cover Garr’s abilites. Garr is a basic boi and only has 2 abilites to watch out for.

ANTIMAGIC PULSE is an AOE dispell. So make sure you stack trash buffs (to be dispelled instead of the important buffs) before the fight like underwater breathing….. because breathing underwater, is not cool.

MAGMA SHACKLES is the 2nd ability to consider. This is an AOE movement speed debuff for your party. (Lowered to 40% of normal)

Basic Strat:

Step 1: Banish 3-4 Firesworn + Main tank hits Garr with ” What are those?” enraging him and pulling agro
Step 2: Off-Tanks will tank the rest
Step 3: Kill Firesworn in a spot that won’t wipe the raid
Step 4: Focus Garr after 3-4 Firesworn are dead
Step 5: Kill Banished Firesworn after

An Alt strat would be to kill all ADD’s first, however this will fully power Garr up. (Make sure your healers/Tank know what they’re doing if you pick this alt strat)

Advanced Strat:

Step 1: Main tank holds all ADDs in corner (Heavy heals are needed on tank to accomplish this)
Step 2: DPS Burns Garr down first, then adds after

Use free action potions if needed, otherwise you’re off to Baron Geddon !


Molten Core Boss Guide – Lucifron

This guide is for Lucifron the first boss of Molten Core.

This fight is difficult and requires more than just good healing and lots of dps. It will take coordination and paying attention to your specific roles. One mage not decursing can really mess up the fight for everyone. You will need to bring your A game to this fight and not be discouraged if you don’t down him on your first try.

This text segment by Isringhaus follows up on the video created by Raserisk


Restorative Potions and Shadow Potions can make this fight a lot easier.

The Fight

Pull the first and second core-hound pack before pulling the boss, this way you have room for the fight.
Stay away from the tunnel you came from due to respawns and mobs that may still be around.

Start the fight with the hunters using distracting shot to seperate the ads and let the offtank / main tank pick up their targets before beginning to DPS.

Once you manage to execute the pull successfully that’s 1/3 of the fight.

Flamewaker Protector Abilities


The ads cleave, they need to be faced away and isolated from the raid.

Mind Control

The ads can also Mind Control, try not to kill the mind controlled players and keep them CC’d if possible until a priest can dispel the ability.

Lucifron Abilities

Impending Doom

This is a debuff applied to all players within 40 yards and does 2000 shadow damage after 10 seconds. This ability has to be dispelled or it will quickly wipe your raid.

Lucifron’s Curse

Increases the cost of all abilities by 100%. (Mana, Energy, etc.) Your Mages and Druids need to be on their A game here or your raids DPS & Healing will start crawling.

Shadow Shock

This is an AOE ability that Lucifron uses on players close to him and does low shadow damage. Shadow pots can help with this but aren’t required.

Wrapping up

Once both ads are down, you can just focus on the boss and it should be smooth sailing. Once your raid has Molten Core on farm status, you can just stack all 3 together and cleave them down. This fight is all about teaching the basics to new players, managing dispels and decurses. If your raid has these mechanics down, this boss shouldn’t be an issue.


Molten Core Boss Guide – Magmadar

This is a guide on Magmadar the second boss of Molten Core.

This is a pretty straight forward boss fight with a few abilities to watch out for. Mainly it’s just a tank & spank encounter.

This text segment by Isringhaus follows up on the video created by Raserisk

The Fight

To start off the fight, when the boss is pulled, the tank will want to turn him sideways and most importantly, make sure he is in a position where his AOE abilities won’t be affecting the casters and ranged DPS.

Lava Breath

The first ability that should only affect the main tank is his Lava Breath. This is a short range cone of fire that hits anyone in front of him for moderate fire damage.

AOE Fear

Melee DPS players will be affected by Magma Spit, which is a low damage fire dot that can add up over time. It’s not that big of a deal but healers need to toss out heals every so often to keep on top of it.

Casters and Range DPS need to be at max range or they will get hit by Magmadar’s fear which has a 30 yard radius and happens periodically during the encounter.

The main tank will need to stance dance or use fear wards/tremor totems to avoid the fear. In case the MT does get feared, the secondary tank needs to be ready to jump in and get Mag back into position.

Lava Bomb

Magmadar will target random members of your raid and launch a bomb at them that explodes on impact and creates fire on the ground. Standing in the fire too long will give your character a debuff that does 3200 damage over 8 seconds. It’s very important not to stand in the fire. Fire pots are helpful here if you are having trouble dealing with this ability.


Finally we have Frenzy. Magmadar will occasionally enrage during the fight which buffs his attack speed and overall damage. Hunters will need to use Tranq shot to dispell the effect.

Wrap up

So to wrap up, stay out of the fire, use Tranq shot to keep Magmadar calm, and have the MT stance dance to avoid being feared. Other than that, it’s just a tank and spank encounter with some good position needing!


Molten Core Boss Guide – Gehennas

This is a guide on Gehenna the third boss of Molten Core.

Gehennas is a fight very similar to Luciferon, With a few new abilities thrown into the mix.

This text segment by Darkspy follows up on the video created by Raserisk

The Fight

To start the fight,
The tanks should seperate the Flamewalker adds from the boss
The Adds have a few important abilities to take note of.

Flamewalker abilities:

  • Fist of Ragnaros (Stuns nearby enemies, rendering them unable to move or attack for 4 sec.)
  • Frontal cone attack with a 4 second stun. (Always face Gehennas Guards away from the raid.)
  • Sunder Armor Reduces Armor on target(-1000 per stack) up to 20 stacks

The Adds have fairly small health pools making them fairly easy to burn them down quickly.
When you have MC on farm status, You might consider stacking the adds with the boss and just cleaving them down.

Once the adds are down, Time to focus on the boss.

Ghennas abilities:

Rain of Fire

Fire damage AoE in a targeted area.

Getting caught in this will kill you very quickly, always be aware of your posistioning during the fight.
The tank may need to move the boss if this ability lands on them during the fight.

Shadow Bolt

Inflicts 2250-2750 shadow damage

Targets the tank, and Then random players in the raid.

Shadow resist pots and buffs are helpful against this ability.

Gehennas Curse

An AoE debuff that reduces healing received by 75%

Very important to watch for this ability

Make sure you Decurse the tanks first, then the rest of the raid members.

Wrap Up

It’s a pretty straightforward fight so as long as you keep these abilities in mind and react accordingly, You shouldn’t have any problems.