WotLK Jewelcrafting Guide

WotLK Jewelcrafting Guide

Wrath Jewelcrafting Guide


This Wotlk Jewelcrafting guide will show you the fastest and easiest way how to level your Jewelcrafting skill up from 1 to 450!

Powerleveling Jewelcrafting is not cheap.

Jewelcrafting is best combined with Mining to offset some of the cost, but it can also be paired with Enchanting to get a little gold back by disenchanting items. Check out my Mining Guide or my Enchanting guide, if you would like to level either of those professions!

To begin with, visit any trainer in a main city and learn . You can train your Jewelcrafting from 1 to 450 in Dalaran.

Levels 1-30

Save these, you will need them later.

Levels 30-50

You can make 20 x Malachite Pendant too.

Learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting.

Levels 50-80

Save these, you will need them later.

Levels 80-100


Make Ring of Silver Might if Silver Bar happens to be cheap on your server.

Levels 100-110

Levels 110-120

Levels 120-150

Learn Expert Jewelcrafting.

Levels 150-180

Save these, you will need 55 of them later on.

Levels 180-200

200 – 300 Learn Artisan Jewelcrafting.

Levels 200-220

Levels 220-225

Levels 225-245

Make 60 of these, and if you reach skill 245 you don’t need to make more, else you might need more of these later on.

Levels 245-260

Levels 260-280

Levels 280-290


Levels 290-300

Go to Outland and learn Master Jewelcrafting.
From this part on, we will be using yellow recipes to level. This could result in you needing 5 gems or 10 gems. It all comes down to RNG here.

Levels 300-320

Here we have options, you can use this pattern as an alternative from 300-315:

When you learn these recipes, they will be yellow. It should take you around 30 gem cuts to reach level 320 using the recipes below.

Levels 320-325

Make 5-7 of the gems below and that should put you at 325.

Levels 325-335

Save these, you will need them later.

Make a few from any of the following gems, if you didn’t reach 335.

Levels 335-340

Make 5-7 from any of the following gems.

You can go to Hellfire Peninsula and find Kalaen if you are Horde, Tatiana if you are Alliance. These NPCs sell the following recipes.

Levels 340-350

You can continue to make the gems above, if you didn’t reach 350 by making the rings below.

Levels 350-395

Go to Northrend and learn Grand Master Jewelcrafting.

Buy around 55 of any mix of the following gems. At 375 this recipe turns yellow, so you may need a little more or less than 55.

Cut any random gem you would like. No, Seriously! There are around 50 new green gem recipes, you can just pick whatever you would like and level using it. Go to your trainer, learn one or all of them and then make the same recipe around 55 times.

Levels 395-400

Make 5 of any of the following items:

Levels 400-420


Levels 420-425

This yellow recipe is best until it turns green, after this point though… It’s all meta gems and they are expensive.
Forest Emerald is usually the cheapest gem to cut for these levels. After this, hopefully you can cut meta gems for people to get the last few levels.

Levels 425-440

Buy 15 Skyflare Diamond or Earthsiege Diamond

You can use any of the meta gem recipes, just pick one to do 15 times… Some of the recipes can be learned from your trainer and others are sold by Tiffany Cartier.
The rest of the recipes are either dropped by bosses or mobs in Northrend.

Levels 440-441

Levels 441-450

Time to cut more Meta gems…
This usually takes around 13 or 14 Skyflare Diamond or Earthsiege Diamond.


That’s all there is to it! Congratulations on 450 Jewelcrafting! It’s a pretty long journey but this is such a valuable skill to have! It has one of the best profession benefits with the special gems you can add to your gear.
It also can save you a ton of money by cutting your own gems! You can sometimes make money by prospecting ore too. Definitely do the math on that before prospecting a bunch of ore but it’s overall a great profession!