Molten Core Boss Guide – Gehennas


Molten Core Boss Guide – Gehennas

Molten Core Boss Guide – Gehennas

Molten Core Boss Guides


This is a guide on Gehenna the third boss of Molten Core.

Gehennas is a fight very similar to Luciferon, With a few new abilities thrown into the mix.

This text segment by Darkspy follows up on the video created by Raserisk

The Fight

To start the fight,
The tanks should seperate the Flamewalker adds from the boss
The Adds have a few important abilities to take note of.

Flamewalker abilities:

  • Fist of Ragnaros (Stuns nearby enemies, rendering them unable to move or attack for 4 sec.)
  • Frontal cone attack with a 4 second stun. (Always face Gehennas Guards away from the raid.)
  • Sunder Armor Reduces Armor on target(-1000 per stack) up to 20 stacks

The Adds have fairly small health pools making them fairly easy to burn them down quickly.
When you have MC on farm status, You might consider stacking the adds with the boss and just cleaving them down.

Once the adds are down, Time to focus on the boss.

Ghennas abilities:

Rain of Fire

Fire damage AoE in a targeted area.

Getting caught in this will kill you very quickly, always be aware of your posistioning during the fight.
The tank may need to move the boss if this ability lands on them during the fight.

Shadow Bolt

Inflicts 2250-2750 shadow damage

Targets the tank, and Then random players in the raid.

Shadow resist pots and buffs are helpful against this ability.

Gehennas Curse

An AoE debuff that reduces healing received by 75%

Very important to watch for this ability

Make sure you Decurse the tanks first, then the rest of the raid members.

Wrap Up

It’s a pretty straightforward fight so as long as you keep these abilities in mind and react accordingly, You shouldn’t have any problems.

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