Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots
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Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots

Mage Guide

Patch: 1.12

Author: Valdesta

Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots

Classic Mage Guide


(Level: 14-15) Savannah Lions – SW of Sludge Fen (Barrens)

(Level: 16-18 Venture Co. – Boulderlode Mine (Barrens)

(Level: 17-19) Stonesplinter Troggs – Ironband Excavation Site (Loch Modan)

(Level: 17-23) Mosshide Gnolls – Near Loch Modan Entrance [Few Casters] (Wetlands)

(Level: 19-21) Ravenclaw Undead – Beren’s Peri (Silverpine Forest)

I suggest to do quests until level 20 and then start to do aoe at the places belove ( since frankly, you wont do that good before u get some talent into frost tree imp blizzard and the fact that you don`t get blizzard before lvl 20 :> so you will do more xp pr hour by questing and stuff :> from lvl 1 -20

Level: 25-29) Skeletal Undead – Raven Hill Cemetary (Duskwood)
(this is a GREATE spot also the Gy is really close ( not that greate for horde tho, since there is quite alott of allys add`s around :>)

(Level: 21-24) Bael’dun Dwarves – Bael’Dun Dig Site (Barrens)
( very easy to get adds =( so pay attention to mobs around before pull, since its a loooong walk from gy)

(Level: 21-25) Foulweald Furbolgs [Bring a Healer] (Ashenvale)

(Level: 21-26) Shadowhide Gnolls (Redridge Mountains)

(Level: 22-26) Hillsbrad Farmers/Peasants – Hillsbrad Fields (Hillsbrad Foothills)
(you shod bring a mage friend or a healer for this, since you often get adds. ( you shod also pick up the quest for this spot in tarren mill(Horde), since the you do get somewhat decent xp from those)

(Level: 23-31) Highperch Wyverns (Thousand Needles)

(Level: 25-32) Dragonmaw Orcs – Angerfang Encampment [Few Casters/Bring Healer] (Wetlands)

(Level: 26-28 Plague Spreaders – Raven Hill Tomb (Duskwood)

(Level: 26-28 Hillsbrad Miners/Sentrys- Azureload Mine (Hillsbrad Foothills)
(I sugest to bring another mage or a priest here, since u dont get alott of space to move in therefore cant use blizzard to well, and mobs hit kinda hard)

(Level: 28-30) Nightbane Worgens – Near Rotting Orchard (Duskwood)

(Level: 29-33) Syndicate Humans – North of Tarren Mill (Alterac Mountains)

(Level: 29-35) Sparkleshell Turtles – Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)

(Level: 30-32) Cave Yeti’s (Hillsbrad Foothills)

(Level: 30-33) Mountain Yeti’s (Alterac Mountains)

(Level: 30-34) Salt Flats Vultures/Scavengers – Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)

(Level: 33-35) Dabyrie Humans – Dabryie’s Farmstead (Arathi highlands) (HORDE)
This spot is amazing, I would advise doing this area until 37-38

(Level: 33-35) Hammerfall Orcs – Go’shek Farm (Arathi Highlands) (ALLIANCE)

(Level: 33-36) Silithids – Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)
Shimmering flats is to spread out i never did it

(Level: 33-36) Crushridge Ogres (Alterac Mountains)
I’ve ran through here, I never personally grinded here but it is a viable spot, the mobs are kinda spread out though

(Level: 33-36) Scorpid Reavers/Terrors – Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)
same as before

(Level: 33-40) Saltstone Basilisks – Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)
The Basilisks are grouped nicely but personally there are not enough to make it worthwhile

(Level: 35-38 Mirefin Murlocs – NE of Zone (Dustwallow Marsh)
The next best spot, For a frost mage i’d advise doing this spot until 44, just a filler until you get your next blizzard

(Level: 35-38 Syndicate Humans – North of Zone [One Caster per Camp] (Alterac Mountains)
Never liked it, tried it a little bit

(Level: 35-39) Darkmist Spiders – North of Brackenwall Village (Dustwallow Marsh)

(Level: 36-39) Lesser Rock Elementals – NW Corner (Badlands)
Not enough mobs to make worthwhile

(Level: 36-40) Bloodfen Raptors – NE of Brackenwall Village (Duskwallow Marsh)
Seem to be spread out

(Level: 37-39) Elementals [Various Locations & Types] (Arathi Highlands)

(Level: 37-40) Shadowforge Dwarves – Agnar Fortress [Few Casters] (Badlands)
The casters make this a pain

(Level: 39-44) Woodpaw Gnolls (Feralas)
The gnolls have a few ranged mobs, so as a frost mage I did not find this spot to be suitable

(Level: 40-43) Grimtotem Tauren (Feralas)
Again some casters, not advisable, depending on your aoe spec

(Level: 40-45) Wastewater Bandits (Tanaris)
The bandits have casters mixed in, to me there was not enough of these mobs to make it worthwhile, I’d advise doing the murlocks

(Level: 40-45) Southsea Pirates (Tanaris)
Ahhh now LOST RIGGER COVE is where its at. On my server not many people grind this area. I catagorized the area into 5 pulls, will last me until 52. At level 51 im able to grind 40k/hr.

(Level: 41-47) Green Sludges (Hinterlands)

(Level: 41-48 Dark Iron Dwarves [Various Locations] (Searing Gorge)

(Level: 42-48 Dunemaul Ogres (Tanaris)…zoneid=1015

[color=”#FF912B”][SIZE=4][B][U](Level: 45-50) Thistleshrub Elementals (Tanaris)

(Level: 46-47) Rage Scar Yeti’s (Feralas)…zoneid=1009

(Level: 46-51) Nethergarde Humans (Blasted Lands)
Good spot to level besides the fact of not being able to mount in the mine, a few ranged mobs, not advised unless you have no other option

(Level: 47-50) Northspring Harpies (Feralas)…zoneid=1009
Have alot of casters mixed in with them

(Level: 47-50) Ravasaur Raptors (Un’goro Crater)

(Level: 47-50) Deadwood Furbolgs (Felwood)…zoneid=1008
Have ranged

(Level: 48-54) Jadefire Saytrs [Various Locations] (Felwood)

(Level: 49-50) Saltwater Snapjaw- East Coast (Hinterlands)

(Level: 49-54) Thunderhead Hippogryphs – Northern Peninsula (Azshara)

(Level: 49-55) Jaedenar Forces (Felwood)
Just a bad spot

(Level: 50-52) Felstone Fields [Few Casters] (Western Plaguelands)
The casters don’t make it worthwhile in my opinion

(Level: 50-53) Flamekin Imps [Various Locations] (Burning Steppes)

(Level: 50-54) Warpwood Elementals (Felwood)

(Level: 52-56) Sorrow Hill [SE of Anderhol] (Western Plaguelands)

(Level: 52-58 Ice Thistle

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