Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots


Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots

Classic AOE Mage Grinding Spots

Classic Mage Guide


This is a list of grinding spots from 1-60. These spots were inspired by Jokerd and his run to 60. I have personally tried a few of these spots with great success.

His stream is bookmarked and linked for each spot to help you have the same success he had with these spots.

AOE Grind Spots

1-22: Basic Leveling Route (Loch Modan -> Dun Morogh -> Darkshore -> Redridge Mountains -> Duskwood)
22-27 Wetlands (Questing & AOE Grinding Gnolls, Murlocs, Raptors, Orcs)
27-29 Duskwood (Questing & AOE Grinding Raven Hill Cemetry)
29-31 Duskwood (AOE Grinding Nightbane near the cave)
31-33 Hillsbrad Foothills (Aoe Grinding Murlocs until 32 then questing until 33 1/2)
33-37 Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall Peons at the Farm)
37-42 Dustwallow Marsh (Murlocs on the Islands)
42-49 Tanaris (Pirates behind the tunnel)
49-52 Western Plaguelands (Undeads at Sorrow Hill)
52-58 Western Plageulands (Undeads at Daison’s Tears)
58-60 Western Plaguelands (Humans at Hearthglen)

Talents and Leveling Spec

Talent’s after level 22:Source

How to AOE Grind as a Frost Mage

1. find your spot and locate large groups of mobs that ideally aren’t casters.
2. Aggro all of them (a mount will make this easier) and Frost Nova the group.
3. Run till you are at max range and begin casting blizzard until the mobs are low.
4. Once they are low you can use Cone of Cold or Arcane Explosion to finish the pack off.
5. Drink up and rinse/repeat.

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1 year ago


11 months ago

42-49 Tanaris (Pirates behind the tunnel).???? tell me what pirates there that dont shhot at you

The Crazy Scot
The Crazy Scot
11 months ago
Reply to  Allan

All the ones on the dock and the boat and around the fire. There’s only maybe 3 or 4 there at a time in the open that shoot.

10 months ago
Reply to  Allan