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Project Elysium:

UPDATE 11.09.2017: Further details regarding the Naxxramas release

Naxxramas will open at 17:00 CEST (server time), Saturday, September the 16th. All wings are available right away. For the AQ release, it was attempted to adjust some base stats of creatures in order to make the difficulity of the instance more in line with what it would have been when it was originally released by Blizzard. It is undeniable that class mechanic changes over the course of vanilla had a large impact on raid difficulty, and while the initial tuning of certain parts of AQ was not perfect, some middle ground in terms of stats tuning is likely to make up for some changes made between patch 1.9 and 1.12.

Naxxramas was tuned for, more or less, the same mechanics as we are playing with today. This means we do not need to take the same tuning considerations we did for AQ. At the same time, no one expects a 2006 tuned Naxxramas to last very long for the best guilds. It has been an active discussion, both amongst the community and the staff, there should be any modifications to make the race for the first Naxxramas clear last a little longer. In the end, we believe we have found a good middle ground which will not alienate guilds that would have been able to clear the content with no modifications, while at the same time making the progression slightly more interesting for the most hardcore.

Naxxramas will be released with no custom damage, health, armor, or resistance tuning. The first 2 weeks (until September 27th), no world buffs or soulstones from non-raidmembers will be usable while inside naxxramas. Once entering the instance portal, world buffs and soulstones will be removed. All other regular player buffs and consumables will not be touched, and soulstones placed on players by raidmembers while inside of Naxxramas will not be affected. This feature is, as mentioned, temporary, but should provide the best guilds with a more interesting challenge, as has been a wish from many players. At the same time, we stay true to the original tuning of the encounters.

To clarify exactly what will be removed when entering Naxxramas:

Any soulstones
Rallying cry
Warchief’s Blessing
Spirit of Zandalar
Elune’s Blessing
Songflower Serenade
Mol’dar’s Moxie
Slip’kik’s Savvy
Fengus’ Ferocity
Soul Revival
DMF buffs
Paladin blessing (for Horde players)

Read more about it Here

1800 players wait in EPL for Naxxramas’s long awaited release.

Legion is here! sort of.

Have you ever wanted to play TBC with Legion NPC models?
Today is the day! Thanks to BambyTube we can!

Is wowme required?

Apparently a version with many mounts and other things is in the works but requires WoWMe to operate.
This version doesn’t require WoWMe.

Is it bannable?

Check with your local server if it’s a bannable offense.
I definitely had fun playing with it on Outland/Warmane but your mileage may vary.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the MPQ file here
  • Copy the file into the Data folder. (c:\wow\Data for me)
  • Login and enjoy, it’s that easy!

What is Super Mario 64 Online?

SM64 Online is a project by Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns and Marshivolt. Built atop a Super Mario 64 ROM which lets people connect online, choose a character from the Mushroom Kingdom and play the game however they want. You can do traditional stuff like just clearing stages, you can have speedrun races or even just build a giant battle royale!

The official website for SM64 online is sm64o.com

Get in on the action before it’s gone

With all things similar to private servers, the fear is that copyright strikes are on the way. This online version of the game is built off a Super Mario 64 ROM and the team behind it previously got hit with a DMCA takedown from Nintendo. The original launch video has already been taken down via DMCA from Youtube but for now, this is an awesome addition to a classic!

Downloading and installing Project 64 (free N64 emulator) and downloading Super Mario 64:

  • The game requires the latest version of Project 64 installed on your PC.
  • Download a working super mario 64 ROM and place the .zip in a folder named Roms wherever you want on your PC.

Setting up Super Mario 64 Online

  • Download Super Mario 64 Online.
  • Unzip and place the Super Mario 64 Online folder within your Project 64 directory.
  • Run Project 64 and load the Super Mario 64 ROM.
  • Navigate to the load save game screen.
  • In the Project 64 menu go to Options > Settings > Options > and if checked, UNCHECK “Hide Advanced Settings”
  • Next, while still in the Settings menu, navigate to the ROM Settings tab. Change Memory Size from 4mb to 8mb and click OK.
  • To enable online capabilities, run SM64O.exe and either enter the IP address of a server you want to join, or place your own IP address and check “Check Server?” box.
  • Select a character in the “Select your Player” drop down menu.
  • Now click “Connect to Server” or “Create Server”. Depending on if you will be hosting the server.
  • Navigate back to Project 64 where Super Mario 64 is still waiting at the save game screen.
  • press the F5 key In Project 64 and then press F7. This will save your game state and then reload it, enabling Super Mario 64 Online access to the ROM, giving you online capabilities!
  • Now simply load a game save and you will join the server!

Having trouble setting the game up? Here is a walkthrough!