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June 10, 2018

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December 3, 2017

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This Blizzcon 2018 Virtual Ticket comes with a lot of goodies! Aside from your typical video streams, skins and in game loot the $50 ticket also comes with access to World of Warcraft: Classic!

After the BlizzCon opening ceremony on November 2, players will be able to download the same in-development WoW Classic Demo that will be played at Blizzcon on the show floor.
Players will be able to explore and enjoy a limited questing experience through a couple of classic low level zones. One being horde, one being alliance and see how the recreation of original Azeroth is going.

Once the demo begins, you will be able to play until November 8th where it will go down at 10am PST.

They begin discussing Classic World of Warcraft around the 2 minute mark.

Server blade sells for four thousand dollars!

Check the sold listing out here. You will have to scroll down to see the listing since it has ended.

The original Bloodscalp server blade server blade recently sold for almost 4 thousand dollars on Ebay. Someone really wanted a piece of WoW history.

Blizzard Entertainment:
“Blizzard Entertainment has carefully preserved and archived our retired server blades, releasing only a limited number for a noble cause. To us, this server blade is more than just hardware: within the circuits and hard drive, a world of magic, adventure and friendship thrived. From fishing in quiet lakes to defeating Arthas in Icecrown Citadel, this blade was home to thousands of immersive experiences across the world of Azeroth and beyond. We thank you for the safekeeping of this important part of our history.”