Polymorph Pig Quest - Classic


Polymorph Pig Quest – Classic

Polymorph Pig Quest – Classic

Classic Mage Guide


This is a quick guide on how to acquire Polymorph: Pig in Classic World of Warcraft!


To start the Polymorph: Pig quest line, head on over to Azshara. The NPC you are looking for to start the quest is Archmage Xylem.

Quest Warlord Krellian

You will have to first speak with Sanath Lim-yo who will teleport you to the area where Archmage Xylem is. After teleporting up the cliff follow the zigzagging path up the hill to the tower. Archmage Xylem Will be waiting at the top of the tower and give you the quest Warlord Krellian. This quest has you retrieve a Prismatic shell by killing Warlord Krellian.

NPC Locations

Retrieving the Prismatic shell

After picking up the quest, you need to head south to the Ruins of Eldarath. Warlord Krellian will be inside the largest building directly in the center. After you kill Warlord Krellian head back up to Archmage Xylem and turn in the quest. This completes the first half of the quest chain.

Warlord Krellian’s Location

Quest Fragmented Magic

Fragmented Magic is the quest with the reward we are after. These two quests are just a short little quest chain. Now that we have turned in Warlord Krellian lets grab Fragmented Magic and quickly do it to get our Polymorph: Pig!

First head back to the Ruins of Eldarath, the Naga town where we killed Warlord Krellian. With the Prismatic shell in your inventory cast Polymorph on any Spitelash Naga in the area.

Clones running away

The Naga turn into sheep that you can one shot but they are really fast, so it’s hard to kill more than one at a time.Do this 50 times to complete Fragmented Magic.

Picking up Polymorph: Pig

Once you complete the quest return to Archmage Xylem and collect your new Polymorph: Pig!

Congratulations, now get out there and turn some bad guys into pigs!

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