Diablo 2 Leveling Guide - power leveling


Diablo 2 Leveling Guide – power leveling

Diablo 2 Leveling Guide – power leveling

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This guide walks you through leveling a character quickly in Diablo 2! Generally, this path is followed by a group instead of being solo. You can solo level in these areas but I highly recommend making public games. Having other players in the game increases experience gain significantly. These areas are exactly the same in Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected, so this power leveling path will work exactly the same for either version of the game!

Power Leveling Steps

Leveling Areas

  1. Level 1-15 Tristram

    Clear Tristram over and over. The fastest way is to either join or host your own public game. More players give you more experience, so shoot for a full game. To host your own game, you have to save Cain.

  2. Level 15-24 Tombs

    Clear Tal Rasha’s Tomb over and over. The fastest way again is to join or host your own public game. Once you can access the tome, you can create your own game, no additional quest is required.

  3. Level 24 Ancients – Normal Difficulty

    At this point you need to kill your normal Ancients to complete the Right of Passage quest. This will allow you to access Baal’s throne room for the best experience.

  4. Level 25-40 Baal or Chaos Sanctuary

    Once you hit 25 you will have a few options. You can now level in either the Chaos Sanctuary or by doing Baal runs. Chaos runs seem to give a little bit more loot, so if your drops have been lacking, I would recommend that.

  5. Level 40 Ancients – Nightmare Difficulty

    It’s time to kill your Nightmare Ancients for Right of Passage! Ideally, you should find a nightmare rush and also enlist help killing your Ancients. This will speed the process up a ton!

  6. Level 41-60 – Baal or Chaos Sanctuary (Nightmare)

    After obtaining level 41 and entering Nightmare mode it’s time to start doing Chaos or Baal runs. Both of these will require either a nightmare rush or playing through nightmare mode.

  7. Level 60 Ancients – Hell Difficulty

    After hitting level 60 it is time to get a rush in hell difficulty from Act 1 to Act 5. You will need help killing your ancients as well. They can be pretty tough in Hell difficulty.

  8. Level 61-99 Baal or Chaos Sanctuary (Hell)

    At this point you can start doing Chaos runs as soon as you get to act 4. This is really good experience and a nice way to find some valuable items. Once you complete Right of Passage you can begin doing Baal runs. Baal runs are going to give you the fastest exp/hr but Chaos is worth doing due to the drops.

That’s about it for this leveling guide! Hopefully this gets you into the 90’s without a problem. Experience really slows down after level 90. Enjoy the grind and I’ll hopefully see you in game!

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