PVE WotLK Holy Paladin Healer Guide (Short)


PVE WotLK Holy Paladin Healer Guide (Short)

PVE WotLK Holy Paladin Healer Guide (Short)

Wrath Paladin Guide


Welcome to our PVE Holy Paladin guide for WoW WotLK. This guide will show you what you need to know to play the Paladin class as Holy. If you follow this build you should be topping the healing charts in no time!

The beauty of a holy paladin is their large heals combined with great survivability. When other healers may fall over dead, you will still be there, healing the tank to the bitter end. Holy Paladins make great tank healers by the way.


This is the common holy paladin build. It takes Divinity from the Protection tree to increase all healing by 5%. It also takes Conviction from the Retribution tree for the extra 5% critical strike chance.

Holy Paladin PVE Build


Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs


Gems can change based on your build, equipment and caps. You may need to adjust your gems to account for your gear.

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond requires one of each color gem to activate. This is why we need 1 red gem and 1 blue gem. Nightmare Tear is another option to activate your meta gem.


You may need to adjust your enchants based on your gear but these are the standard enchants.

Stat Priority

  1. Intellect
  2. Spell Power
  3. Haste (676 soft cap)
  4. Critical Strike

Intellect is the main stat for Holy Paladins because it increases the size of your mana pool. Holy Light requires a lot of mana per cast, which is why we need a large mana pool.

You could use Flash of Light as your primary healing spell instead of Holy Light and this would change your primary stat from Intellect to Spell Power but this doesn’t work as well for end game content.


Healing only one tank

Cast Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light on the tank and use Flash of LightHoly Light and Holy Shock to heal everyone else.

Healing Two tanks

Cast Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light on one of the tanks and continually cast Holy Light & Holy Shock. If you are running out of mana use Flash of Light.

Lower Gear healing

If you have a lower gearscore, you are probably going OOM in most fights. You should switch to Flash of Light as your primary healing spell and use Holy Light occasionally to get the Light’s Grace buff.

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3 years ago

Can u tell us the hard cap for haste ?