Molten Core Boss Guide – Garr


Molten Core Boss Guide – Garr

Molten Core Boss Guide – Garr

Molten Core Boss Guides


Garr is a large Obsidian elemental and the fourth boss of Molten Core. With him are eight Firesworn elites.

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

GARR Breakdown


These are the 8 elementals surrounding Garr. These spicy bois dish out some nasty IMMOLATES. (MDEBUFF – Dispel/Cleanse) If you kill one, you better watch out because Martydom, is an understatement. The Firesworn will hit you with ERUPTION upon being killed. Which will knock all nearby players away….. if they survive the damage. (Make sure your raid communicates when these are going to die, or you will get blowededed up and wipe)

Firesworn deaths make Garr do more damage. Be smart with kill order, and get your Banishes on LOCK. (As many targets as possible)

Don’t move the firesworn too far away from Garr, this will make them activate SEPARATION ANXIETY, which is basically a tantrum, making them flex and become immune to CC.


Now to cover Garr’s abilites. Garr is a basic boi and only has 2 abilites to watch out for.

ANTIMAGIC PULSE is an AOE dispell. So make sure you stack trash buffs (to be dispelled instead of the important buffs) before the fight like underwater breathing….. because breathing underwater, is not cool.

MAGMA SHACKLES is the 2nd ability to consider. This is an AOE movement speed debuff for your party. (Lowered to 40% of normal)

Basic Strat:

Step 1: Banish 3-4 Firesworn + Main tank hits Garr with ” What are those?” enraging him and pulling agro
Step 2: Off-Tanks will tank the rest
Step 3: Kill Firesworn in a spot that won’t wipe the raid
Step 4: Focus Garr after 3-4 Firesworn are dead
Step 5: Kill Banished Firesworn after

An Alt strat would be to kill all ADD’s first, however this will fully power Garr up. (Make sure your healers/Tank know what they’re doing if you pick this alt strat)

Advanced Strat:

Step 1: Main tank holds all ADDs in corner (Heavy heals are needed on tank to accomplish this)
Step 2: DPS Burns Garr down first, then adds after

Use free action potions if needed, otherwise you’re off to Baron Geddon !

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