macro buy runecloth bag pattern


macro buy runecloth bag pattern

macro buy runecloth bag pattern

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Darkspy here with a macro guide to help you buy that Pattern: Runecloth Bag
These two macros can be used to purchase any limited quantity item.
To adjust the macro for your item, just change the name in the macro from “Pattern: Runecloth Bag” to whatever item you are trying to buy.

The Macro

This macro is broken into two parts, part 1 is a target macro and part two is the search & buy macro. You just need to target the NPC once, the target macro helps if someone is sitting on the NPC.

Target Macro

/target Qia

To adjust this macro to your NPC, just change “Qia”‘s name to the name of your NPC. If your NPC has special characters, you don’t need the whole name so you can leave that bit off.

Buy Macro

/run for i=1,GetMerchantNumItems() do local l=GetMerchantItemLink(i) if l then if l:find("Pattern: Runecloth Bag") then BuyMerchantItem(i, 1)end end end

This macro actually searches the merchant for the correct item and buys it once it’s found. You need to press this macro over and over again until the exact time the item is restocked and then it will be bought instantly. If other people are running the same macro, you could end up having a hard time getting your item but if they have it and you don’t… You probably aren’t getting that item without it…

Another macro option

/run BuyMerchantItem(30,1)

This is another option, this macro buys the 30th item in the shop. This will buy the runecloth bag when it pops up but it also buys the other random recipes. If you lack confidence in the other macros or want to try and see if this one is faster, you could give this a go. Just wanted to let you know about some other options. Good luck out there!


That’s about it for the macro. I recommend keeping an eye on the coming and going of people at the vendor. If you figure out the hot time where multiple people (or one particular guy) shows up every hour, you will know when to spam your macro furiously vs when to casually hit it. Good luck guys!

Time: I wasn’t able to narrow down the timing. It seems random. I bought a pattern at 9:30 and then 9:45 but then at 10:30 the pattern wasn’t available. So the timing seems to be truly random.

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