WotLK PVE Protection Warrior Tank Guide (Quick)


WotLK PVE Protection Warrior Tank Guide (Quick)

Welcome to our PVE Protection Warrior Tank guide for WoW WotLK. This guide will show you what you need to know to play the Warrior class as Protection Tank. If you follow this build you should have healers begging you to tank for them.


This first build is optimized for 5-man dungeons. It improves your shouts and reduces the cooldown of your defensive abilities.

Protection Build for 5-mans

This second build is for raids. This build improves your threat generation but you lose the shout improvements. Your defensive cooldowns are shorter and so is your shield slam. Shield slam is a very high threat generating ability, so you should use it often.

Protection Build for Raids


Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs


Gems can change based on your build, equipment and caps. You may need to adjust your gems to account for your gear.


You may need to adjust your enchants based on your gear but these are the standard enchants.

Stat Priority


  1. Defense (540 for raids, best avoidance stat)
  2. Effective Health (more is better)
  3. Dodge (second best avoidance stat)
  4. Parry (not worth getting vs dodge.)
  5. Block (not a pure avoidance stat)

Threat Generation

  • Weapon Speed (2.6, Slow means 5% more threat due to Devestate)
  • Expertise (26)
  • Hit (8% cap)


Don’t forget to face the boss away from the raid. The raid needs to attack the boss from the back and not be hit by their frontal attacks. Dragons are the exception as they need to be hit from the side due to tail swipe.

Always use these:

(Sometimes other warriors will apply them for you.)

In a perfect world you will be able to replace every white attack with a Heroic Strike.

Shockwave can be used in emergency situations, if a lot of monsters aggro or aggro is lost.

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