Client Version: 4.4.0


Questie, the Classic Quest Helper – For Wotlk Classic!

Questie is a quest helper for World of Warcraft: Classic that adds your available quests, objectives, and turn-ins to your map so you can quest confidently. Questie adds useful information about objectives into tooltips for you and your party members, as well as icons to mobs you need for quests. Questie’s Journey tool tracks quests you’ve completed, and for completionists can show you what you’ve got left to complete in each zone. Questie’s in-game searchable database can show you the locations of any NPC, mob, or object in the game. Questie gives you all the information you need to complete quests quick and efficiently, so you can get back to whatever you find enjoyable about World of Warcraft… like more quests!


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