WotLK Inscription Guide

WotLK Inscription Guide

Wrath Inscription Guide


This Wrath of the Lich King Inscription guide will get you from 1-450 inscription in no time! We quickly cover what herbs you will need and which type of pigment they become. We also quickly cover which items to make while leveling, this will help you get to 450 as cheaply as possible!

Introduction to Inscription

First, lets get to know what the benefits are of inscription and what we can use it for besides just making glyphs.

What are Glyphs?

Inscription is probably the most unique profession in World of Warcraft. It was added in Wrath of the Lich King to allow players to make Glyphs. Glyphs are very similar to Enchants made by Enchanting but they are not attached to your equipment. Glyphs have their own page on your talent screen. Glyphs are also Bind on Equip, allowing you to sell them on the Auction House for money!

What are Darkmoon Cards?

Inscription is also used to make Darkmoon Cards! These cards are used to form decks which are powerful trinkets obtained from the Darkmoon Fair. For example, you can create the Undeath Deck and turn it into the Darkmoon Card: Death, which is a really good trinket! There are many other Darkmoon cards that I will list at the bottom of this guide under the leveling section. Check out the list of Darkmoon cards in our Darkmoon card section.

What is the Inscription profession Bonus?

Once you level Inscription, you will be able to enchant your own shoulders with great enchantments such as, Master’s Inscription of the Crag or Master’s Inscription of the Pinnacle. Check out the full list Here. These come in stat combinations that will suit every class. Enchanting your shoulders with these stronger enchants is Inscription only and is Inscriptions Profession Bonus!

Materials required for 1-450

Jessica Sellers in Dalaran sells every low level Ink, every Ink requires one Ink of the Sea. This means you can level your Inscription using only Azure Pigment which is milled from Northrend herbs, but you would need another Inscriber to mill the herbs for you, since you wouldn’t have the required level to start milling Northrend herbs. Another option would be to buy all of the Ink of the Sea you need from the Auction House.

Amount Milled from Herbs Pigment
120 Earthroot, Peacebloom, Silverleaf Alabaster Pigment
70 Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Swiftthistle, Stranglekelp, Mageroyal Dusky Pigment
Verdant Pigment
170 Liferoot, Kingsblood, Grave Moss, Wild Steelbloom Golden Pigment
Burnt Pigment
170 Fadeleaf, Khadgar’s Whisker, Goldthorn, Wintersbite Emerald Pigment
Indigo Pigment
240 Arthas’ Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Firebloom, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood, Purple Lotus Violet Pigment
Ruby Pigment
120 Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam, Icecap, Plaguebloom, Mountain Silversage Silvery Pigment
Sapphire Pigment
180 Ancient Lichen, Dreaming Glory, Felweed, Mana Thistle, Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine, Ragveil, Terocone Nether Pigment
Ebon Pigment
500 Adder’s Tongue, Deadnettle, Fire Leaf, Fire Seed, Goldclover, Icethorn, Lichbloom, Tiger Lily, Talandra’s Rose Azure Pigment
Icy Pigment

Where to train Inscription

These are the places to train inscription to 450. You can find your grandmaster trainer in Dalaran or you can visit any trainer in old Azeroth to begin training Inscription. As you level up, you will need to move to Outland and then Dalaran to train up to Grand Master Inscription.


Just like the other crafting professions, all of the capitol cities have an Inscription trainer. Thanks to Inscription being added after Wrath of the Lich King was released, these trainers will be able to teach you up to Artisan!


Outland now has a Master Inscription trainer in your faction’s respective towns in Hellfire. The Horde have their trainer in Thrallmar and Alliance have theirs in Honor Hold. There is also two trainers in Dalaran, one in the Aldor rise and one in the Scryers tier.

  • Michael Schwan in Honor Hold, is the Alliance trainer who can teach you up to Master Inscription.
  • Neferatti in Thrallmar, is the Horde trainer, Neferatti can teach you all the way up to Master Inscription.
  • Recorder Lidio in the Aldor rise will teach you all the way to Master Inscription.
  • Scribe Lanloer in the Scryers tier will teach you all the way to Master Inscription.


Just like in Outland, you will be able to find your Grand Master Trainers in Northrend right after you enter your first leveling area. These trainers will teach you all the way to Grand Master Insccription!

  • Tink Brightbolt in Valiance Keep, is the Alliance trainer, and can teach you up to Grand Master Inscription.
  • Adelene Sunlance in Warsong Hold, is the Horde trainer, and can teach you up to Grand Master Inscription.


After you get access to Dalaran, this is going to be the best place to power level your Inscription to 450. Here you will find Professor Pallin at the The Scribes Sacellum inside the Magus Commerce Exchange who can teach you from 1 to 450 Inscription. Professor Pallin is also standing next to Jessica Sellers, whe can exchange your inks for other types. These two together will help you power level Inscription!

  • Professor Pallin in Dalaran can take you to Grand Master Inscription.
  • Jessica Sellers is not a trainer but can exchange Pigments and is waiting in Dalaran beside your Grand Master trainer.

Leveling Inscription to 450

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth – just ask a guard, and learn Inscription.

Just to note, there are a lot of other Glyphs and Scroll at different skill ranges with the same amount of materials required, so where you see [Glyph of …] for example, you can choose between any of the orange recipes that require the same amount of materials.

Classic Levels

Levels 1 – 19

18 x Ivory Ink – 18 Alabaster Pigment

Levels 19 – 35

16 x Scroll of Stamina – 16 Ivory Ink, 16 Light Parchment

Levels 35 – 53

22 x Moonglow Ink – 44 Alabaster Pigment

Levels 53 – 75

22 x Armor Vellum – 22 Moonglow Ink, 44 Light Parchment

Levels 75 – 80

Learn Journeyman Inscription.

20 x Midnight Ink – 40 Dusky Pigment

Levels 80 – 100

Make any Glyph that are orange to you and requires 1 Midnight Ink. Glyphs turns yellow after 10 points here, so then learn new recipes and choose another Glyph.

20 x [Glyph of….] – 20 Midnight Ink, 20 Light Parchment

Levels 100 – 105

50 x Lion’s Ink – 100 Golden Pigment

Levels 105 – 120

Make any Glyph that are Orange to you and require 1 Lion’s Ink. Glyphs turns yellow after 5 points, then learn new recipes and choose another Glyph.

20 x [Glyph of …] – 20 Lion’s Ink, 20 Common Parchment

Levels 120 – 125

Make any Glyph that is Yellow to you, yep Yellow! orange recipes requires 2 Ink, while Yellow only requires one ink. That makes it better to make yellow recipes at this point.

7 x [Glyph of …] – 7 Lion’s Ink, 7 Common Parchment

Levels 125 – 133

Learn Expert Inscription.

At this point, turn all your Burnt Pigment into Dawnstar Ink.

If you don’t mill your own herbs and you don’t have Burnt Pigment, you can make any Glyph between levels 125-140 that are orange and give skill ups every time.

Levels 133 – 141

8 x [Strange Tarrot] – 8 Lion’s Ink, 16 Dawnstar Ink, 8 Common Parchment

Levels 141 – 150

13 x [Glyph of Lighting Bolt] – 13 Lion’s Ink, 26 Common Parchment

Levels 150 – 155

50 x Jadefire Ink – 100 Emerald Pigment

Levels 155 – 175

Orange Glyphs and Scrolls which requires 1 Jadefire Ink each.

20 x [Glyph of …] – 20 Jadefire Ink, 20 Common Parchment

Levels 175 – 185

Turn all your Indigo Pigment into Royal Ink and then make as many Arcane Tarot as you can. You should reach 185 or probably more.

Levels 185 – 190

5x [Glyph of Sap] – 10 Jadefire Ink

Levels 190 – 200

13 x [Glyph of Revenge] – 13 Jadefire Ink

Levels 200 – 205

Learn Artisan Inscription.

50 x Celestial Ink – 100 Violet Pigment

Levels 205 – 210

5 x Armor Vellum II – 5 Celestial Ink, 10 Common Parchment

Levels 210 – 215

5 x [Glyph of Sinister Strike] – 5 Celestial Ink, 5 Heavy Parchment

Levels 215 – 220

5 x [Glyph 0f Searing Pain] – 5 Celestial Ink, 5 Heavy Parchment

Levels 220 – 225

5 x [Glyph of Starfire] – 5 Celestial Ink, 5 Heavy Parchment

Levels 225 – 228

12 x Fiery Ink – 12 Ruby Pigment

Levels 228 – 230

2 x [Scroll of Agility IV] – 2 Celestial Ink, 2 Heavy Parchment

Levels 230 – 235

5 x [Glyph of Dispel Magic] – 5 Celestial Ink, 5 Heavy Parchment

Levels 235 – 247

12 x [Weapon Vellum II] – 12 Celestial Ink, 12 Fiery Ink, 24 Heavy Parchment

Levels 247 – 250

4 x [Glyph of Cleaving] – 4 Celestial Ink, 4 Heavy Parchment

Levels 250 – 255

25 x Shimmering Ink – 50 Silvery Pigment

Levels 255 – 260

5 x [Scroll of Spirit V] – 5 Shimmering Ink, 10 Heavy Parchment

Levels 260 – 275

Orange Glyphs and Scrolls. Scrolls need 2 Parchments instead of one.

15 x [Glyph of …] or [Scroll of…] – 15 Shimmering Ink

Levels 275 – 285

10 x [Ink of Sky] – 10 Sapphire Pigment

Levels 285 – 290

5 x [Glyph of Sprint] – 5 Shimmering Ink

Outland Levels 290 – 350

Now you should go and visit a trainer at Outland or Northrend, check out our trainer list.

Levels 290 – 305

40 x Ethereal Ink – 80 Nether Pigment

Levels 305 – 325

20 x [Glyph of …] – 20 Ink of the Sea, 20 Heavy Parchment
Usually every Glyphs turns yellow after you make 5 of them, then you will be able to learn new ones which ones are orange too. So you will have to make 4 different Glyphs for this 20 skill point.

Levels 325 – 330

You will have a lot of Ebon Pigment if you milled your own herbs so turn all of them into Darkflame Ink.

If you cant reach 330 while making the inks, or you didn’t mill your own herbs, you can just make any Glyphs that are yellow to you.

Levels 330 – 345

15 x [Glyph of …] – 15 Ink of the Sea, 30 Heavy Parchment
Same as above, choose the Glyphs you want to make and are orange to you. Every Orange Glyphs requires the same amount of materials at this point of the Inscription leveling guide.

Levels 345 – 350

5 x [Glyph of Whirlwind] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 5 Resilient Parchment

Northrend Levels 350 – 450

Levels 350 – 355

95 x Ink of the Sea – 190 Azure Pigment

Levels 355 – 360

5 x [Scroll of Spirit VII] – 5 Ink of the Sea

Levels 360 – 365

5 x [Scroll of Intellect VII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 365 – 370

5 x [Scroll of Stength VII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 370 – 375

5 x [Scroll of Agility VII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 375 – 380

Snowfall InkIcy Pigment

Use all the rare pigment available. Keep the extra Snowfall Ink for Northrend Inscription Research. You will need to research most of the “Northrend” glyphs to learn how to make them.

Levels 380 – 385

7 x [Glyph of…] – 7 Ink of the Sea

Levels 385 – 386

1 x [Northrend Inscription Research] – 3 Ink of the Sea, 5 Resilient Parchment, Snowfall Ink

Levels 386 – 400

25 x [Any Discovered Major Glyph] – 25 Ink of the Sea, 25 Resilient Parchment

Levels 400 – 405

5 x [Scroll of Stamina VIII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 405 – 410

5 x [Scroll of Spirit VIII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 410 – 415

5 x [Scroll of Intellect VIII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 415 – 420

5 x [Scroll of Stength VIII] – 5 Ink of the Sea, 10 Resilient Parchment

Levels 420 – 430

13 x [Scroll of Agility VIII] – 13 Ink of the Sea, 26 Resilient Parchment

Levels 430 – 450

Honestly though, the best method is to just stop power leveling Inscription around level 430, and then conduct regular Northrend Inscription Research to get to 450.

Endgame Inscription Benefits

Inscription comes with a few really interesting benefits once you reach end game content.

Darkmoon Cards

Inscription only shoulder enchants

Snowfall Ink can be used to create Bind on Pickup, Inscriptionist only shoulder enchants! These are better than the shoulder enchants that you can get from Sons of Hodir reputation. If you would like to know more about shoulder enchantments, read all about them in Our Guide to Shoulder Enchants. There is a shoulder inscription for each class!

Epic pre-raid gear

A less known perk of Inscription is that you can create a couple Epic Pre-Raid Off-hand weapons! There are a variety of off-hands that you can create while leveling but there are only two raid tier epics. They are both for caster DPS and have a slightly different stat distribution, so you would want to pick the one that works best for your class!

I hope you enjoyed our guide on leveling Inscription in Wrath of the Lich King! If you would like to learn more about Herbalism, check out our Herbalism guide next!