PVE TBC Feral Druid DPS Guide (Short)


PVE TBC Feral Druid DPS Guide (Short)

PVE TBC Feral Druid DPS Guide (Short)

TBC Druid Guide


Welcome to our PVE Feral Druid DPS guide for WoW TBC. This guide will show you what you need to know to play a Feral Druid in dungeons and raids. This guide covers everything from talents to consumables. 


This is a solid Feral Druid build,  it takes Feral Swiftness to maximize time on target. Feral Aggression has also been taken to increase the damage of Ferocious Bite. This is usable when the target is about to die and Rip will be ineffective.

Feral Druid Build – TBC


Gems can change based on your build, equipment and caps. You may need to adjust your gems to account for your gear.


You may need to adjust your enchants to your gear. 

If you pick up enchanting you can benefit from Enchant Ring – Stats oEnchant Ring – Striking on both rings.


Below is a list of consumables which help in any raid.


  • Leatherworking – This is a great choice for feral druids. Allows you to craft useful gear all the way through. You also benefit from Leg enchants. You can also increase your raid utility by crafting Drums of Battle.
  • Enchanting – Enchanting both of your rings will give you a boost plus you can save money enchanting your own gear.
  • Jewelcrafting – Great gold making choice and you can make your own gems early on. 
  • Engineering – Not really worth it unless you are going to PVP.
  • Alchemy – While an option, there are usually a lot of players selling potions. 

Stat Priority

  1. Hit (9%)
  2. Agility
  3. Strength
  4. Critical Strike and Attack Power
  5. Haste and Armor Pen


Feral actually uses a pretty simple rotation.

Power Shifting

To power shift, you shift out of your cat form and back in to gain energy. Furor gives 40 energy and is faster than waiting for it to recover naturally.

You should be able to shift four to five times in a two minute window. This will give you up to 125 energy which can translate to around 80 DPS.

This macro will help you shift back and forth:

/cast !Cat Form

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Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo
3 years ago

You’re undervaluing powershifting, it’s mandatory to maximize your DPS. This is why Wolfshead Helm (https://tbcdb.com/?item=8345) is bis forever.

To do so, you also need to The most advanced players will be popping mana potions once they shift out their mana pool, but even the player not popping all the mana consumes available will see a huge benefit from powershifting.