Molten Core Boss Guide – Lucifron


Molten Core Boss Guide – Lucifron

Molten Core Boss Guide – Lucifron

Molten Core Boss Guides


This guide is for Lucifron the first boss of Molten Core.

This fight is difficult and requires more than just good healing and lots of dps. It will take coordination and paying attention to your specific roles. One mage not decursing can really mess up the fight for everyone. You will need to bring your A game to this fight and not be discouraged if you don’t down him on your first try.

This text segment by Isringhaus follows up on the video created by Raserisk


Restorative Potions and Shadow Potions can make this fight a lot easier.

The Fight

Pull the first and second core-hound pack before pulling the boss, this way you have room for the fight.
Stay away from the tunnel you came from due to respawns and mobs that may still be around.

Start the fight with the hunters using distracting shot to seperate the ads and let the offtank / main tank pick up their targets before beginning to DPS.

Once you manage to execute the pull successfully that’s 1/3 of the fight.

Flamewaker Protector Abilities


The ads cleave, they need to be faced away and isolated from the raid.

Mind Control

The ads can also Mind Control, try not to kill the mind controlled players and keep them CC’d if possible until a priest can dispel the ability.

Lucifron Abilities

Impending Doom

This is a debuff applied to all players within 40 yards and does 2000 shadow damage after 10 seconds. This ability has to be dispelled or it will quickly wipe your raid.

Lucifron’s Curse

Increases the cost of all abilities by 100%. (Mana, Energy, etc.) Your Mages and Druids need to be on their A game here or your raids DPS & Healing will start crawling.

Shadow Shock

This is an AOE ability that Lucifron uses on players close to him and does low shadow damage. Shadow pots can help with this but aren’t required.

Wrapping up

Once both ads are down, you can just focus on the boss and it should be smooth sailing. Once your raid has Molten Core on farm status, you can just stack all 3 together and cleave them down. This fight is all about teaching the basics to new players, managing dispels and decurses. If your raid has these mechanics down, this boss shouldn’t be an issue.

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