AQ40 Boss Guide – Fankriss The Unyielding

Fankriss the Unyielding is a sand reaver, the brother of Kurinnaxx, and the third boss of Ahn’Qiraj.

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

Fankriss Breakdown

Ironically, the most threatening thing about this fight is everything BUT Fankriss. Lets cover some of his abilities though –

Boss Abilities:

Mortal Wound is a stackable debuff place on your main Tank. Reducing healing by 10% per stack. (It’s important to force Fankriss to face AWAY from the rest of the raid party to avoid wiping) Rotate tanks when the %’s start becoming too high to compensate heals.

Vekniss Hatchlings are scarab beatles that are spawned periodically throughout the fight from nearby bug tunnels. You will need one or two off tanks to take aggro with AOE taunts to avoid wipes. (Wait for your raid leader to give the signal to clear them out)

Entangle periodic ability where a nearby player will be teleported to one of the bug tunnels. This occurs on a new wave of bugs spawning. (Healers need to be cognizant of this to make sure your raid members aren’t getting picked off by the newly spawned wave.)

Spawn of Fankriss will periodically spawn in groups between 1-3. It is important that these are focused ASAP due to their Enrage mechanic. These mobs are vulnerable to stun effects.

Raid Safe Spots:

Depending on the version of Vanilla, the safe spot may vary.

Raid Positioning:

Step 1: Find your safespot
Step 2: Have your main tank get full aggro of Fankriss and spin him around, facing away from the rest of the raid.
Step 3: The rest of the raid will group up at Fankriss’s tail.
Step 4: Off-tanks will be responsible for taking aggro of scarabs as they spawn.
Step 5: DPS/Ranged DPS will focus on Fankriss. Switching to the “Spawn of Fankriss” as they come in. Only killing side scarab waves if the raid leader calls for it.

Tank Note: Be ready to swap out main tanks due to the “Mortal Wound” debuff.

Make sure your healers are properly watching your main tanks health, as well as anyone being teleported by “Entangle“.

If all goes well, CONGRATS, YOU’VE DONE IT!


AQ40 Boss Guide – Battleguard Sartura

Phrophet Skeram is the Gatekeeper and First boss of Ahn’Qiraj 40!

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

Battleguard Sartura

Unlike Skeram, Sartura is much more strait forward. So lets cover some of their abilities.

Boss Abilities:

Random Fixation

is more of a representation of the unpredictable nature of this entire fight. You will experience occasional aggro resets, where Sartori and her ADDS will chase random targets for up to 5 seconds. After which they will return to their highest threat target. (Make sure your Warriors rotate Taunts, Challenging Shouts, and Mocking Blows appropriately.)


is an ability of the Royal Guards to send their target flying back.


is Sartura’s signature ability. Thus successfully turning herself into a BeyBlade and resulting in a redonk amount of AOE damage. (2000-3000 on Cloth, 1000-1500 on Plate)

Bootleg Whirlwind

is Sartura’s Royal Guards being peer pressured into starting a BeyBlade sequal. They successfully deal AOE damage, however, it is significantly less than Sartura. (Use limited Invulnrability potions if you’re ever in a tight spot during this fight)

Sundering Cleave

is an after effect of Sartura’s whirlwind, dealing slight damage and reducing your armor. This ability also is AOE.


So long as Sartura and her Royal Guards are not using Whirlwind, they can be stunned.

(Don’t forget about DMR’s and rotate stuns properly)


occurs when Sartura is at 20% health. At this point, focus all attention and cc’s onto her and burst her down ASAP.

Enrage After 10 minutes:

After 10 minutes of being enraged Sartura will enter Kaioken X100 and will likely wipe your raid. Be sure to burst her down quickly to avoid this stage of enrage.

Boss Positioning:

Due to the unpredicatable nature, positioning is….difficult and not set in stone. Avoid the scarab room entrence, and play smart. However here is a rough explanation of what should be done.

Step 1:

Wait until Sartura is at the farthest point of her room before sending your main Thicc boi (Warrior) in to tank.

Step 2:

Everyone needs to start spreading out to their assigned targets. At this point the other Warriors should be splitting up the ADD’s before the unpredictable behavior starts.

Step 3:

Focus ADD’s first, cycling CC properly between targets.

Step 4:

Finish off Sartura

CONGRATS you’ve done it !!! Onto the next boss !


AQ40 Boss Guide – Prophet Skeram

Phrophet Skeram is the Gatekeeper and First boss of Ahn’Qiraj 40!

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

Prophet Skeram Breakdown

Raid Composition:

There are many things to consider for this raid. However, first lets go over the ideal comp.

Melee Overview – Bring 6 – 9 Thiccc bois (Warriors) for AQ40 if possible. Note that DPS Thicc bois should be prepared to become off tanks on the fly. Next, try to bring 3 – 5 Sneaky bois (Rogues). Their spell disruption is uncanny and extremely valuable for Skeram.

Healer Overview – Ideally you will need 10 – 12 healers for AQ40. Distribute healing classes appropriately for full coverage of buffs.(I.E. 4 Priests, 4 Druids, 4 Pallys *Alliance* or 4 Shamans *Horde*)
 Holy bois (Healers) have to step it up in this raid, otherwise PUTTEM IN A COFFIN!

Ranged DPS – Lastly, you’re going to want both 6 -7 Warlocks and 6 – 7 Mages. No need to explain why, just remember… “DATZ ALOTTA DMG!”  Flex Tape Guy™
You’ll only need 2-3 hunters for the rest of Vanilla, because well…. their damage is just out shined during this time. #FreeMyBowBois

Raid Positioning:

Step 1: Everyone will follow the main tank up the main stairs.
Step 2: Main tank will tell Skeram that he looks like a bootleg Pink Ranger, thus agroing Skreram, against the back wall.
Step 3A: Thiccc Fury bois and Sneaky bois assigned to the middle platform will follow the main tank and begin their damage output.
Step 3B: At the same time, The remaining Thicc bois and Sneaky bois will split between both side platforms to get ready for Skerams cloning ability at 75% health. (Keep atleast 2 Thiccc bois on each side to compensate for mind control proqs.)
Step 4: Holy bois will be split between both high stair cases, covering a wide healing rage. (Range should cover Left/Right/Middle platforms, as well as back platform with ranged dps.)
Step 5: All Ranged classes should be behind Skerem above the high stair cases.
Step 6: Kick Skeram’s Ass

Boss Abilities:

Quartile Split is Skerems cloning ability that is used at 75% > 50% > and 25% HP. Keep in mind that the clones have the exact same abilites that Skeram does.  Focus the clones and then Skeram after until 25%. After 25%, focus Skeram and control the clones. (A neat trick to finding real Skeram is mana draining. The clones will always have full mana, and the real Skeram does not)

Earth Shock is the ability used on Skerams target that is out of melee range. Due to the cock diesel damage this spell does (2500-3000 Nature dmg Per Second) it is recommended that all ranged DPS and Holy bois use “Greater Nature Protection Potion“. To absorb the incoming Nature damage.

Arcane Explosion is very similar to the mage ability. Except the range is multiplied to reach deep space. (Can be interuppted by Kick or Pummel) Every member of the raid should have used “Greater Aracane Protection Potions“.

True Fulfillment is when Skeram bribes one of your raid members with Big Boi Busted damage. (His mind control ability) Once mind controlled, that raid member MUST be CC’d IMMEDIATELY or they’ll start 1 tapping your entire raid group.

Blink is the last ability to look out for. Periodically Skeram will attempt to teleport around to kop a feel, call the police immediately if you’re touched. (Ranged DPS/Holy bois need to be on high alert because of this)

This boss requires patience, reaction time, and coordination. If done properly, you’ll be on your way to EZGAINZ.