AQ40 Boss Guide - Battleguard Sartura


AQ40 Boss Guide – Battleguard Sartura

AQ40 Boss Guide – Battleguard Sartura

AQ40 Boss Guides


Phrophet Skeram is the Gatekeeper and First boss of Ahn’Qiraj 40!

This text segment by Spoogen follows up on the video created by Raserisk

Battleguard Sartura

Unlike Skeram, Sartura is much more strait forward. So lets cover some of their abilities.

Boss Abilities:

Random Fixation

is more of a representation of the unpredictable nature of this entire fight. You will experience occasional aggro resets, where Sartori and her ADDS will chase random targets for up to 5 seconds. After which they will return to their highest threat target. (Make sure your Warriors rotate Taunts, Challenging Shouts, and Mocking Blows appropriately.)


is an ability of the Royal Guards to send their target flying back.


is Sartura’s signature ability. Thus successfully turning herself into a BeyBlade and resulting in a redonk amount of AOE damage. (2000-3000 on Cloth, 1000-1500 on Plate)

Bootleg Whirlwind

is Sartura’s Royal Guards being peer pressured into starting a BeyBlade sequal. They successfully deal AOE damage, however, it is significantly less than Sartura. (Use limited Invulnrability potions if you’re ever in a tight spot during this fight)

Sundering Cleave

is an after effect of Sartura’s whirlwind, dealing slight damage and reducing your armor. This ability also is AOE.


So long as Sartura and her Royal Guards are not using Whirlwind, they can be stunned.

(Don’t forget about DMR’s and rotate stuns properly)


occurs when Sartura is at 20% health. At this point, focus all attention and cc’s onto her and burst her down ASAP.

Enrage After 10 minutes:

After 10 minutes of being enraged Sartura will enter Kaioken X100 and will likely wipe your raid. Be sure to burst her down quickly to avoid this stage of enrage.

Boss Positioning:

Due to the unpredicatable nature, positioning is….difficult and not set in stone. Avoid the scarab room entrence, and play smart. However here is a rough explanation of what should be done.

Step 1:

Wait until Sartura is at the farthest point of her room before sending your main Thicc boi (Warrior) in to tank.

Step 2:

Everyone needs to start spreading out to their assigned targets. At this point the other Warriors should be splitting up the ADD’s before the unpredictable behavior starts.

Step 3:

Focus ADD’s first, cycling CC properly between targets.

Step 4:

Finish off Sartura

CONGRATS you’ve done it !!! Onto the next boss !

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4 years ago

These are very helpful. I like the breakdown text so I dont have to watch the whole vid =P