Project-Ascension Random Enchant Overhaul
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Project-Ascension Random Enchant Overhaul

Project-Ascension Enchanting Event

Project-Ascension Random Enchant Overhaul

The current problem was that low level green items with the perfect enchants were better than relevant level gear in a lot of cases. This is currently an issue but as the game progresses through later expansions this problem will only grow worse. The new mechanics put in place should fix this issue.

  • Enchants are now broken into a ‘Tier System,’ based on required level and item level.
  • Stronger items can obtain stronger enchants, based on item level
  • Enchants are disabled on items with a required level 20 levels under you.
  • Enchants will no longer apply to drops on items 20 levels below the player.
  • A small subset of Enchants now will no longer be stackable which will be indicated by the label ‘Does not Stack’ in the description of the Enchant

That’s a quick rundown a full breakdown can be found On their official post.

Project-Ascension Enchanting Event

Enchanting event this weekend to kick off the new system!

  • The weekend event will have reduced enchanting prices. The temporary price will be 10x cheaper than the regular price!
  • Forges have been temporarily placed in capital cities and will remain there until the end of the event sunday.

Other Updates

  • Polished Tooltips
  • Tome Loot Changes
  • Reversion of Shield Nerf and Block
  • Evasion and Pathing Improvements
  • Dungeon Retuning
  • PVP System Testing

Additional information can be found on their official post.

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