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Hearthstone free packs!

Hearthstone free packs


Blizzard is giving away 3 free Journey to Un’Goro packs!
This is to celebrate the tavern welcoming over 70 million players!
These free hearthstone packs are only available to those who log in between now and the end of May!

More Free Stuff

All you have to do to grab these packs is log in.
When I logged in today, I was also greeted with my end of season rewards!
Keep in mind that the Hearthstone season restarts at the beginning of every month.
You may have more waiting for you back in the tavern than just a few free packs!

Un’Goro Details

Un'Goro free pack information
These packs being Journey to Un’Goro is great news because the new meta revolves around these new cards.
The Un’Goro expansion released on April 6th adding 135 New Cards to the game.
The new Elemental tribe was added to the game, which I personally love due to Shaman being my main deck list.
Quests are all the rage but the power level of some decks such as Quest Rogue had been a point of tension in the community.
I believe the meta is still being established and a lot of the decks that seem impossible will be beaten by faster decks in the future.
The new Adept keyword was also added, this mechanic allows you to choose 1 of 3 options to add to your minion.

Some of the top tier decks for May

  1. Midrange Paladin
  2. Murloc Paladin
  3. Pirate Warrior

You can read more on the Official Blizzard Hearthstone website.

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