Levels 53-54

53-53 Un’Goro Crater

  1. Try to finish getting the rest of the super sticky tar too at the 3 lakes south of gorillas around (61, 27) for “Super Sticky”. The tar monsters are lower level so it should be easier than close to town. There are also bloodpetals around here for “Muigin and Larion”. Diametradons and Pterrodaxes for “Shizzle’s Flyer” are also running around.
  2. Grind on quest mobs South East to (68,36) and grab the crate of food for
    “Expedition Salvation”
  3. Try to finish killing Diametradon and Pterrodax to collect scales for “Shizzle’s Flyer”.
  4. Go South East to (76, 51) and follow the path up by the graveyard to the eastern pylon for “The Eastern Pylon”.
  5. There should be more Pterrodaxes further south at (75, 61) if you need more.
  6. Go south to Lorwa Pathfinder at (71, 75) and turn in
    “The bait for Lar’Korwl”
    and “The Apes of Un’Goro” and then accept “The Mighty U’cha”.
  7. If you still need Pterrodaxes for “Beware of Pterrodax” there are some east of the volcano in the center of the map. If you are having trouble finding them there is also a spawn of 6 all the way south at (55, 90) and (42, 84).
  8. Run west to (55, 73) there is a Diametradon camp with about 5 or 6 which you can kill for scales and finish “Shizzle’s Flyer”.
  9. Go southwest into the slithering scar at (50, 77). At the fork go left into the big room and stand in the middle to use Scraping vial for “Alien Ecolorgy”
  10. Keep killing until you get your scent gland if you haven’t already found it for “Bungle in the Jungle”
  11. Go west into Terror run (30, 77) and collect any bones you need lying on the ground for
    “Roll the bones”
  12. You will also find a lot of frenzied Pterrodaxes and Diametradons in here for some of the quests.
  13. Go North east to the camp at (38, 65) and grab the research equipment for
    “Expedition Salvation”
  14. Go North West to (23, 59) and touch the western pylon for “The Western Pylon” and kill any remaining Pterrodaxes you may need. They are behind it.
  15. Head North East to Krakle in the Golakka Hot Springs located at (30, 50) and accept “Finding the source”
  16. Kill Frenzied Pterrodaxes North east of here, around (35, 38), if you need more. They are everywhere in the north west part of the map for “Beware of Pterrordax” plus there are many diametradons here for “Shizzle’s Flyer” or
    “Roll the bones”
    if you still need any of these.
  17. Go east to Fire Plume Ridge in the center of the map at (51, 48) and kill elementals for “Volcanic Activity”, try to avoid anything 56+ and leave Blazing invaders alone if possible.
  18. Once that has been completed, mount up towards the top of the volcano and look for a Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot that looks similar to the instance waiting stones but with fire cracks. Dismount and use the thermometer for “Finding the source”. There are multiple but the hottest one used for the reading is at the top.
  19. Unless you need ashes run back west to Krakle in the Golakka Hot Springs at (30, 50) and turn in “Finding the source” then accept “The New Springs”
  20. Run back to the volcano and go up into the cave at (54, 49) and at Ringo turn in “Lost!” then accept “A Little help from my friends”.
  21. Ringo will follow you. When he faints use Spraggle’s Canteen to revive him. Leave the cave and turn left then fall down and make a break North West to the refuge. Once you get him out of the ridge, it gets easier. Just go straight out of the cave over the deg and if done right you only have to fight 1 elemental. Once you go north past the river it’s even easier.
  22. When you get him back to town, run up near the wanted sign to Spraggle Frock and it will complete then turn it in as well as “Beware of Pterrordax”
  23. Just to the left overlooking the cliff at Shizzle turn in “Shizzle’s Flyer”
  24. Further back on the left at Muigin turn in “Muigin and Larion” and accept “A visit to Gregan”>
  25. In front of the cave at Spark Nilminer turn in
    “Roll the Bones”
  26. To the right of the cave at Hol’anyee Marshal turn in “Alien Ecology”
  27. Next to her at Williden Marsha turn in
    “Expedition Salvation”
  28. Go into the cave, all the way in the back you will find J.D. Collie and turn in “The Northern Pylon” “The Eastern Pylon” “The Western Pylon” then accept “Making Sense of it” then turn it back in. She then tells you about buffs from the pylons. You can read and discard the book.
  29. Run SW to (29, 22) and follow the path into Slithus.
  30. Follow the path South West to Cenerion Hold at (50, 34) and grab the flight path.
  31. Fly to Gadgetzan and go North West to Pestlezugg and turn in “Bungle in the Jungle” then SKIP the next part.
  32. Go east to Tran’rek between the 2 northern entrances and turn in “Super Sticky”
  33. Hearth to Darnassus
  34. Go to the tower at (35, 8) and turn in “Morrowgrain Research pt.2” and make sure you save any extras, You need 10 for a later quest.
  35. Fly to Astranaar, make it your home and run into Felwood at (55, 31)

53-54 Felwood

  1. Stop at (54, 86) and accept “Cleansing Felwood”
  2. Run north a little bit to (51, 81) and accept “Forces of Jaedenar”
  3. Inside the house, accept “The Corruption of the Jadefire”
  4. Under the tent accept “Verifying the Corruption” and “To Winterspring!”
  5. Just across the road accept “Timbermaw Ally”
  6. Go just SW of here around (48, 91) and kill the Furlbogs until you finish “Timbermaw Ally” Just grind em all for rep until you’re done
  7. Go back to (50, 85) and turn in “Timbermaw Ally” accept “Speak to Nefian” the other is repeatable for rep
  8. Go up near the 2 lakes at (40, 69) and kill the cursed oozes for the first part of “A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.1”
  9. Go to the west of here now to (37, 69) and kill the jadefire demons for “The Corruption of the Jadefire” these are good to farm too.
  10. Go up to (39, 59) and kill the tainted oozes for the second part of “A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.1”
  11. Go just west of here around (37, 59) and kill the Jaedenar for “Forces of Jaedenar” You don’t have to go in the caves.
  12. Go back to (51, 82) and turn in “Forces of Jaedenar” accept “Collection of the Corrupt Water”
  13. Inside the house turn in “The Corruption of the Jadefire” accept “Further Corruption”
  14. Go back up to Jaedenar to the green pool at (35, 59) and fill the canteen for “Collection of the Corrupt Water”
  15. Go back to (51, 82) and turn in “Collection of the Corrupt Water” accept “Seeking Spiritual Aid”
  16. Go up to (42, 20) and kill Entropic beasts and horrors and explore the craters for “Verifying the Corruption”
  17. Go up to (46, 14) and follow it to the back, killing the demons for “Further Corruption” When you kill Xavaric he’ll drop Flute of Xavaric which starts “Flute of Xavaric” kill the satyr’s now to complete this.
  18. Run over to Irontree Cavern at (55, 17) and kill 15 of the elementals and that should be enough for “Cleansing Felwood”
  19. Go up to (62, 24) and get the FP
  20. Go north to (64, 8) and turn in “Speak to Nefian” accept “Deadwood of the North”
  21. Now fall off the cliff to the west and start killing for “Deadwood of the North” once you’re done you want to kill until you’re 150 rep from the next rank with the timbermaw (put the rep as an xp bar for ease)
  22. Go back to (64, 8) and turn in “Deadwood of the North” and you should be unfriendly now and not aggro’d any longer. Accept “Speak to Salfa” and turn in any 5 sets of feathers for extra rep and 550 xp
  23. Go through the cave to Winterspring and just outside the cave to the right at (27, 34) turn in “Speak to Salfa”
  24. Run south to (31, 45) and turn in “The New Springs” accept “Strange Sources” also turn in “It’s A Secret to Everybody pt.3” accept “The Videre Elixir” and “Threat of the Winterfall”
  25. Run back throug the cave and go west at the fork into Moonglade.
  26. Go to (48, 67) and grab the FP
  27. You should be a hair from leveling now. You can kill something or just wait. Hearth to Astranaar and fly to Feralas
  28. Go in the Inn, accept “Jonespyre’s Request”
  29. Go up to the top of the tower, turn it in, accept “The Mystery of Morrowgrain” turn it back in unless you’re still making the stuff. If you don’t have enough no big deal during this guide I didn’t have enough
  30. Stable your pet and ride or swim to the mainland
  31. Tame a 48+ Ironfur Patriarch for Claw rank 7
  32. Go up to (45, 25) and buy a bait and read on how to get the videre elixir
  33. At (45, 16) you can be put up to the top of the colossal tower and parachute down. Just make sure you unmount, I forgot about that and smashed a crater in the ground.
  34. Go up to (44, 10) and place the bait on the ground then go loot an everroot
  35. Go back south to (45, 25) to get your 3 videre elixir