Levels 51-53

51-51 Searing Gorge

  1. Now equip the staff and run to each of the 4 towers at N:33,53 W:36,60 S:44,61 E:50,54 and either kill the guys downstairs, and run up and light the brazier, or just run in on your mount w/o pet out and FD past the elite and light the brazier.
  2. When you get them all, look for a safe spot to jump down and go in the caves at (41, 54) again and through the jail bar door at (37, 44) and run to the room with the golem at (41, 25) and touch the candle covered stone and turn in “Release Them” SKIP the next part unless you wanna do it with a group, it’s very tough you have to fight that golem and a dwarf both elites.
  3. Die on purpose so you end up at TP and go down to (39, 38) and turn in “Set Them Ablaze!” watch the cutscene as he turns into a dragon
  4. Open the chest on the ground accept “Trinkets…” then open it again and complete it. Open it and keep the Black Dragonflight Molt for later In the Burning Steppes.
  5. Fly to the Blasted Lands and run up into the Swamp of Sorrows
  6. Go to (81, 91) and look for a named murloc Jarquia for “Ledger From Tanaris”
  7. Once you kill him hearth to IF then either get a portal to Darnassus or fly to Menethil then boat to Auberdine and fly to Darn
  8. Go to the top of the temple of the moon at (38, 80) and turn in “Prayer to Elune pt.2”
  9. Go to the next section up here and turn in “Rise of the Silithid” accept “March of the Silithid”
  10. Go to (34, 9) at the top of the tower and turn in “Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm” accept “Un’Goro Soil”
  11. Make Darnassus your home at (67, 15)
  12. Now either fly to Theramore or boat to Menethil then to Theramore
  13. Get first aid up to 290 if you haven’t for heavy runecloth bandages
  14. Go over to (54, 55) to the wrecked ship and grab the overdue package for “Ledger From Tanaris”
  15. Go to the cave at (31, 66) and touch the scroll in the back of the cave which turns in “Cortello’s Riddle pt.2” accept “Cortello’s Riddle pt.3”
  16. Aggro all the raptors and die so you end up at Theramore
  17. Fly to Gadgetzan
  18. Just as you enter Gadget, turn in “Ledger From Tanaris”
  19. Get your level 52 set gloves out of bank or mail for later
  20. Between the 2 North gates accept “Super Sticky”
  21. Go to the hut just west and turn in “March of the Silithid” accept “Bungle in the Jungle”
  22. Run down into the Un’Goro Crater at (26, 52)

51-53 Un’Goro Crater

  1. Keep an eye out for the following items laying around the crafter: Power Crystals (need 7 of red,blue,green,yellow), Un’Goro Dirt Piles (get as many as you can), and Bloodpetal Sprouts: save in sets of 15
  2. I tell you to grind through the raptors here only for 1 reason. To find the item A Mangled Journal. Once you have it you don’t have to grind through the raptors.
  3. Follow the path down to the waterfall at (71, 75) and accept “The Apes of Un’Goro” and “The Fare of Lar’Korwi”
  4. Grind to (62, 68) and click on the wrecked raft, accept “It’s A Secret to Everybody pt.1” then take 2 steps under the water, turn it in and accept “It’s A Secret to Everybody pt.2”
  5. Grind to (68, 56) and get the meat off the big dinosaur for “The Fare of Lar’Korwi”
  6. Go back to (71, 75) and turn in “The Fare of Lar’Korwi” accept “The Scent of Lar’Korwi”
  7. Grind west to about (67, 63) and there will be 2 spots with a bunch of eggs. Clear the raptors around it and stand on the eggs to get the mates to spawn for “The Scent of Lar’Korwi”
  8. Once you have this done, go back to (71, 75) and turn in “The Scent of Lar’Korwi” accept “The Bait For Lar’Korwi” you should have found the jornal by now as well, if not keep grinding raptors while you’re questing in this spot. If you have start the quest “Williden’s Journal”
  9. Go up to (79, 49) it’s off to the east side in the mountains, behind the east pylon. You’ll see a big skeleton which is also the GY. There is a fairly big flat stone, stand on it and use the meat and phermone. This will summon Lar’Korwi for “The Bait For Lar’Korwi” super easy kill even at 51 and he’s 56, he has 3600 hp.
  10. Go to (46, 13) and accept “Chasing A-Me 01” and run up the path behind her into Marshal’s Refuge.
  11. Just to the left accept “Shizzle’s Flyer”
  12. Next to the left, a little bit back, accept “Muigin and Larion”
  13. Next, near the sign accept “Lost!” and on the sign accept “Beware of Pterrordax”
  14. In front of the cave, accept “Roll the Bones”
  15. If you have at least 15 bloodpetal sprouts, turn them in at the kodo for the repeatable quest “Dadanga is Hungry!” you can get a very expensive recipe but it’s rare but worth trying.
  16. To the right of the cave, accept “Alien Ecology”
  17. To the right again, turn in “Williden’s Journal” accept “Expedition Salvation”
  18. Run just south a bit and you’ll fine Linken just outside of a half hollow tree. Turn in “It’s A Secret to Everybody pt.2” accept “It’s A Secret to Everybody pt.3”
  19. Get the FP to the right of the cave (added in 1.11) then go in the cave all the way to the end and accept “Crystals of Power” and then turn it in Accept the 3 pylon quests “The Northern Pylon” “The Eastern Pylon” “The Western Pylon”
  20. When ever you see the following mobs kill them on site until the quest associate with them is finished.
  21. Kill bloodpetals for “Muigin and Larion”
  22. Kill diametradons and pterrodaxes for “Shizzle’s Flyer” and “Roll the Bones”
  23. Kill pterrodaxes and frenzied pterrodaxes for “Beware of Pterrordax”
  24. Go east along the mountains to (54, 13) and take that path up examine the pylon for “The Northern Pylon” and go farther north, there should be sone pterrodaxes.
  25. Go east to (63, 16) and kill gorillas for “The Apes of Un’Goro” then go in the cave and stay right to turn in “Chasing A-Me 01” SKIP the next part for now