Levels 54-55

54-54 Felwood

  1. Hearth to Astranaar
  2. Get cat back out
  3. Run back up into Felwood to (54, 86) and turn in “Cleansing Felwood”
  4. Now she allows you to get stuff for some neat potions that are on different cooldowns than potions are.
  5. Go up to (51, 81) and in the house turn in “Further Corruption” and “Flute of Xavaric” accept “Felbound Ancients”
  6. Under the tent, turn in “Verifying the Corruption”
  7. Run up to (62, 23) and get new skills
  8. Go through the cave to Winterfall and just outside the cave accept “Winterfall Activity”
  9. Go to (31, 45) and turn in “The Videre Elixir” accept “Meet at the Grave”
  10. Go to (62, 36) and grab the FP
  11. Fly to Rachet
  12. Run west of the dock and turn in “Volcanic Activity”
  13. Run down to (65, 43) and turn in “Seeking Spiritual Aid” accept “Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood”
  14. Fly to Theramore and boat to Menethil then fly to IF
  15. Just outside the military ward there should be a wandering npc, one is near FP too, grab the quest “The New Frontier pt.1”
  16. Go to (75, 23) and turn in “A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.1” accept “A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.2”
  17. Go to (31, 4) and turn in “Return to Tymor” see it was worth the run
  18. Fly to Menethil then boat to Theramore and fly to Gadget

54-54 Tanaris

  1. Get your mithril casing out of your bank or mailbox
  2. Go east to the GY at (54, 28) and drink your videre elixir
  3. Now you’re gonna die, don’t rez just release and run north to (53, 23) and turn in “Meet at the Grave” accept “A Grave Situation”
  4. Go back and rez at (54, 28) and touch the only tombstone there, turn in “A Grave Situation” accept “Linken’s Sword”
  5. Run into Un’Goro, I’d say fly but we have to go way SE

54-54 Un’Goro Crater

  1. Run up to (71, 76) and accept “The Mighty U’cha”
  2. Keep collecting dirt here if you need more morrowgrain
  3. Now all around the crater is slimes but you can find all the ones you need west of the volcano around (37, 37) for “A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.2” I think there are more on the west side of the volcano but you can look on both sides they’re scattered. If it says they’re cloning, finish them very fast or stun them. If they clone it’s a full health mob that you can’t scoop up.
  4. Go to the cave at (64, 16) and go to the right, when you see A-Me 01 accept “Chasing A-Me 01 pt.1” and turn it back in. Fall over the edge and to the right and up around until you see U’cha for “The Mighty U’cha”
  5. Run back to the front and go right again and accept “Chasing A-Me 01 pt.2” now escort her out
  6. Escort A-Me to Marshal’s at (46, 13) and turn in “Chasing A-Me 01 pt.2”
  7. Go into Marshal’s and turn in “Linken’s Sword” accept “A Gnome’s Assistance”
  8. Go to the back of the cave and turn in “A Gnome’s Assistance” and accept “Linken’s Memory”
  9. Run down and let the tar monsters kill you so you’re closer to the SE
  10. Run down to (71, 75) and turn in “The Mighty U’cha”
  11. You should be over half way to 55 now
  12. Hearth back to Astranaar and fly to Darnassus
  13. Go in the Temple of the Moon at (39, 84) and fill the vial for “Felbound Ancients”
  14. Run into Felwood

54-54 Felwood

  1. Go to (51, 82) and turn in “Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood” accept “Dousing the Flames of Protection”
  2. Go in the house, turn in “Felbound Ancients” accept “Purified!” then turn it back in, easy 10k xp. Also turn in “Linken’s Memory” accept “Silver Heart”
  3. You should be 70% through now or close to it
  4. Start killing all the bears and wolves from here north until you have 11 silvery clawas for “Silver Heart”
  5. Go into the cave at (35, 58)
  6. At the first open area with the caged npc at (36, 56) is brazier for “Dousing the Flames of Protection” the 2nd one is just up the ramp
  7. Continue past the room with candles surrounding the hole to the next open room at (36, 53) for the 3rd and 4th brazier for “Dousing the Flames of Protection”
  8. Don’t even bother trying to do the escort unless you get a group, I always skip it even if I find the key.
  9. Run back outside and up to (51, 19) and kill the tree elementals for “Silver Heart”
  10. If you want to do the escort with the flute I suggest getting a group you get jumped by a lot of mobs.
  11. Run All the way back down to (51, 82) (I know no one wants to run back here, why the quest hub is so far from the FP is beyond me)
  12. Turn in “Dousing the Flames of Protection” SKIP the next part for now
  13. In the house turn in “Silver Heart” accept “Aquementas”
  14. If you have skinning I’m sure you have at least 5 tainted hides, go down to (54, 86) and turn them in for “Salve via Skinning”
  15. Hearth to Astranaar and fly to Winterspring
  16. 54-55 Winterspring
  17. Go in Everlook accept “Enraged Wildkin pt.1”
  18. Go in the Inn, make it your home
  19. Accept “The Everlook Report” “Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff” and “Sister Pamela”
  20. On the other side of town accept “Are We There, Yeti? pt.1”