Levels 48-49

48-48 Tanaris

  1. Head over to (47, 65) and finish killing the ogres for “The Dunemaul Compound” while gathering the rest of the artifacts for “Gahz’Ridian”
  2. Grind on the ogres until you’re 10,000 from 48
  3. Sneak up the left side of uldum and go up to the pedestal at (37, 81) and turn in “Seeing What Happens”
  4. Talk to the guy who appears, accept “The Stone Watcher” and talk to him until completed. Then touch the pedastal to turn it back in
  5. Touch the pedastal one more time and accept “Return to Ironforge”
  6. Go west to (29, 66) and kill Gnarled Thistlegrub and Thistlegrub Rootshapers for “Thistleshrub Valley” and the dew collectors for “The Thirsty Goblin” You should hit 48 here
  7. If you find Tooga, accept “Tooga’s Quest” I found him at (29, 73) near the zepplin, but you can find him anywhere around this valley. He follows you, you don’t have to follow him
  8. Go up to the noxious lair around (34, 46) and kill centipaar there for “Noxious Lair Investigation” If you can’t get them all before tooga has 10 minutes left, go turn that in and then come back.
  9. Turn in “Tooga’s Quest” near steamwheedle port at (66, 25)
  10. Accept “Yuka Screwspigot”
  11. Turn in “Screecher Spirits” at (66, 22) SKIP the ZF part
  12. Hearth to Gadget
  13. Go near the entrance and accept “The Thirsty Goblin” back and turn it in accept “In Good Taste”
  14. Go behind the Inn near the fire, turn in “The Dunemaul Compound”
  15. Go near the north entrance, hand in “Thistleshrub Valley”
  16. Go west to Sprinkle, turn in “In Good Taste” accept “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient”
  17. In the building behind her, turn in “Noxious Lair Investigation”
  18. Go on the hill behind the building, accept “The Schrimshank Redemption”
  19. Run down to (52, 45) and turn in “Gahz’Ridian”
  20. Run down to the entrance at (55, 70) take the spiral down to the entrance that is north. first fork go right. after the circular room at the next fork go right. You will enter a big square room. Go right to (55, 71) and grab the survey gear for “The Schrimshank Redemption”
  21. Die on purpose so you end up at Gadget
  22. Go to the hill on the west side of town, turn in “The Schrimshank Redemption” accept “Insect Part Analysis pt.1”
  23. Go to the house on the NW part of town, turn in “Insect Part Analysis pt.1” accept “Insect Part Analysis pt.2”
  24. Go back up on the hill, turn in “Insect Part Analysis pt.2” accept “Rise of the Silithid”
  25. Run up to the Shimmering Flats to (78, 74) and turn in “An Orphan Looking For A Home” accept “A Short Incubation” and since you already have this, turn it back in and accept “The Newest Member of the Family” now you have 1 hour.
  26. Fly to Theramore and get any mageweave you have out and build up first aid as much as you can.
  27. Boat to Menethil and fly to IF
  28. Make IF your home and get new skills
  29. Go to (77, 11) and turn in “Return to Ironforge” accept “A Future Task” and “Passing the Burden”
  30. Turn around to (70, 18) and turn in “A Future Task”
  31. Go to (31, 4) and turn in “Passing the Burden” accept “Arcane Runes” and “An Easy Pickup”
  32. Go to 70,93, turn in “An Easy Pickup” accept “Signal For Pickup” then turn it back in. Now you got the flare gun to signal later on.
  33. Fly to the Hinterlands

48-48 The Hinterlands

  1. Go in the base downstairs to (14, 43) and turn in “The Newest Member of the Family” accept “Food For Baby”
  2. Run up to (26, 48) and turn in “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail” Accept “Rhapsody’s Tale”
  3. Grind down to the lake at (40, 59) and Violet Tragan (Mushroom) from the bottom of the lake for “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient”
  4. Grind until you’re east of (57, 47) and kill Silvermane Stalkers for “Food For Baby”
  5. Run back to Aerie Peak and go to the bottom floor of the Inn
  6. Turn in “Food For Baby” accept “Becoming A Parent” then turn it back in. Cute pet and good xp =)
  7. Hearth to IF and fly to BB

48-49 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Go down to the first floor of the Inn, make it your home
  2. Turn in “Back To Booty Bay” and “Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog”
  3. Enter the house next to the upside down, half ship, turn in “Deliver to MacKinley”
  4. Under that boat outside, accept “Stranglethorn Fever”
  5. Go up the ramp and first house past the bridge, turn in all of the robot chicken escorts you’ve gotten. I didn’t get the Tanaris one while writing this guide so I missed out on the quest to get 7100 extra exp
  6. Near the boat, accept “The Captain’s Chest”
  7. Go kill gorillas around (34, 63) for “Stranglethorn Fever” then go up into the cave at (35, 60) turn it in. the guy in the cave asks for 10 gorilla fangs, then he summons 3 waves of gorillas. Mokk is in the 3rd wave. They’re all around level 42-44 it starts with 3, then 5 then I think 6 or 7. It can get tough. Just kill Mokk first in case you die.
  8. Go up to (38, 34) and kill King Bangalash for “Big Game Hunter” he spawns level 33 minions. You can kill him before a few come out. Not like they’re a problem.
  9. Run up to (48, 25) and kill the elite ogres all around here until Maury’s Key drops for “Cracking Maury’s Foot” If you don’t find this after an hour just abandon the quest. It has a low drop rate. I grind till im 2 bars from 49 if I don’t get the key. Usally it’s about an hours worth.
  10. Go up to Nessingways at (35, 10) and turn in “Big Game Hunter”
  11. Hearth to Booty Bay Run up to the half boat just outside the Inn
  12. Turn in “Stranglethorn Fever”