Levels 49-50

49-49 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Run to the shore just east of BB and open blue bottles until you get Carefully Folded Note which starts “Message in A Bottle pt.1”
  2. Go to (36, 69) and kill Gorlash for “The Captain’s Chest” He’s a 47 elite, it can be tough but I did it. Use everything you have
  3. Go to (38, 80) and turn in “Message in A Bottle pt.1” SKIP the next part, unless you can get a group to kill the 51 ape
  4. Go down to the pirate ships, 1 is at (33, 87) and the other 2 are at (30, 88) You want to go to the 2nd floor near the front of the ship and kill the captain of each for “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.5”
  5. Look for a scroll on one of the ships called Cortello’s Riddle which starts “Cortello’s Riddle pt.1”
  6. If hearth is up, use it, otherwise die so you end up at BB
  7. Go near the boat, turn in “The Captain’s Chest”
  8. Go up top of the Inn, turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.5”
  9. Fly to SW and go to (64, 20) turn in “Rhapsody’s Tale” SKIP the rest
  10. From here on, either look at the AH when you go by one, or use your AH char to search for your Beaststalker Bracers. I got mine for 8g also look for a mithril casing for later in Un’Goro
  11. Fly to Duskwood
  12. Run east through Deadwind to the Swamp of Sorrows
  13. Follow the road until it forks and the left fork has a bridge at (22, 48) and under it is A Soggy Scroll which turns in “Cortello’s Riddle pt.1” accept “Cortello’s Riddle pt.2”
  14. Run down to the Blasted Lands

49-50 Blasted Lands

  1. No need to rush through this zone, so grind on anything you see.
  2. Stop at (50, 14) and accept the following 5 quests: “The Basilisk’s Bite” “Vulture’s Vigor” “Snickerfang Jowls” “A Boar’s Vitality” and “The Decisive Striker”
  3. You’re going to need the following amount of items to complete all 5 of these quests. Snickerfang Jowls:5, Blasted Boar Lungs:6, Scorpok Pincers:6, Basilisk Brain:11, Vulture Gizzards:14 It’s going to be like grinding getting all this so you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You’ll most likely gain half a level before you turn these in.
  4. Just circle the center of the map and you’ll find all the stuff you need to kill. I’d mark it with coords but there would be way too many. You might want to avoid anything 53 and up which are farther to the south You should make some nice money with skinning here.
  5. You should be close to 3 ½ bars into 49 now
  6. Grind down to (51, 35) and accept “Everything Counts In Large Amounts” If you do find one of these, hand it back in when you pass her, you’re bound to find at least one while here. Don’t even bother with the other quest you’ll Never find it. I’ve been playing WoW since release and never found one.
  7. Go to (50, 14) and turn in the 5 quests, “The Basilisk’s Bite” “Vulture’s Vigor” “Snickerfang Jowls” “A Boar’s Vitality” and “The Decisive Striker” but turn in the one you want the most last, because you get buffed and get an item as well. These each give 4700 xp
  8. Go to Nethergarde Keep to the top of the tall tower at (66, 19) and turn in “Thadius Grimshade” SKIP the next part.
  9. You should be close to 70% into 49 now. If you don’t want to do ZF to hit 50, grind here until you’re about 13k from 50. If you wanna do ZF go to the next step.
  10. Hearth to Booty Bay
  11. Accept “Zanzil’s Mixture and A Fool’s Stout”
  12. Get on the boat to Rachet
  13. Accept “Volcanic Activity” at the first hut off the dock
  14. Just outside this hut is a green chest, open it for “The Stone Circle”
  15. Fly to Tanaris
  16. Go near the NW entrance, turn in “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient” accept “Delivery For Marin”
  17. Go back near the South entrance and turn in “Delivery For Marin” accept “Noggenfogger Elixir” then turn it back in. Now you get 5 elixirs and can buy them. These have some useful effects but are more fun than useful.
  18. Run in the Shimmering Flats to (77, 77) and turn in “Zanzil’s Mixture and A Fool’s Stout” accept “Get the Goblins Drunk” go to (79, 76) and turn it in.
  19. Go back to (77, 77) and accept “Report Back to Fizzlebub”
  20. Go to (52, 45) and turn in “The Stone Circle” SKIP the rest unless you plan on doing the Sunken Temple.
  21. You should be about 30k from 50 now, Like I said above, either go do ZF or you should have grinded in Blasted Lands.
  22. If you do ZF you only really need to complete at least 2-3 of the following quests “Troll Temper” “Divino-matic Rod” “Gahz’rilla” “The Prophecy of Mosh’Aru” I highly suggest getting “Divino-matic Rod” and “Gahz’rilla” because you get an awesome ring and a mount speed inscrease trinket which I’ve used since the start of WoW and you will use them on up to 60 and then some.
  23. Now you should be about 1-2 bars into 50 if you went to ZF. From here on out there is a lot more fresh content, as you seen 45-50 is a pain in the ass. We still have a lot of untouched areas to XP in now.
  24. Hearth to BB and turn in “Report Back to Fizzlebub”
  25. Fly to IF to get new skills and accept the quest “The Hunter’s Charm”
  26. Make sure you get at least 15 silk cloths out of the mailbox or AH alt
  27. Make IF your home and accept “Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm”
  28. Fly to Thelsamar
  29. Run down into the Badlands all the way west to (1, 62) and enter the Searing Gorge