Levels 47-48

47-47 The Hinterlands

  1. Go NE up to 46,42, collecting feathers if you still need them on the way, and kill the Green Sludges for “Skulk Rock Clean-Up” part 1
  2. Go to (49, 37) if you found OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon
  3. Go to (56, 41) and kill Jade Oozes for part 2 of “Skulk Rock Clean-Up”
  4. Go to the waterfall at (81, 46) and dive into the water below, then go south along this shore until you see Gammerita and take her picture for “The Super Snapper FX” Also you want to keep an eye out for bottles along the shore for “Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog”
  5. Hearth to Aerie Peak
  6. Go to the front of the Inn and turn in “Skulk Rock Clean-Up” and “Troll Necklace Bounty” and any extra 5 necklaces you have.
  7. Go up past the FP in the cave at (9, 44) and turn in “Witherbark Cages” accept “The Altar of Zul”
  8. Go run up top of the Altar of Zul at (48, 68) for “The Altar of Zul”
  9. Now I grind on the trolls and wolves around Zul until I’m 1 bar from 47. You should be at least half way through 46 at this point.
  10. Get the quest “Jammal’an the Prophet” at (33, 75) if you plan to do Sunken Temple later.
  11. I’m sure by the time you near 47 you’re going to find OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon accept “Find OOX-09/HL” and turn it in at (49, 37) and then accept “Rescue OOX-09/HL” and escort it to (78, 61) Theres only 2 encounters of 3 mobs, but watch out for the stealthed wolves
  12. Once you’re about 6k or 1 bar from 47 hearth to Aerie Peak
  13. Turn in any “Troll Necklace Bounty” you have just before you go out
  14. Go up past FP to (9, 44) and turn in “The Altar of Zul” accept “Thadius Grimshade”
  15. Fly to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Auberdine, then fly to Rut’theran Village
  16. Run to the house at (55, 92) and turn in “Favored of Elune?”
  17. Go upstairs, turn in “The Super Snapper FX” accept “Return to Troyas”
  18. You should now be 47 and about 8k into it.
  19. Fly to Feralas

47-47 Feralas

  1. Make Feathermoon Stronghold your home
  2. Go across from the Inn to the 2 story house, turn in “Return to Troyas” accept “The Stave of Equinex”
  3. Accept “The Sunken Temple” Next to him
  4. Swim or boat east to the dock.
  5. Beside the dock at (44, 33) accept “Zapped Giants” and “Fuel for Zapping”
  6. Make the Zorbin’s Ultra-Shrinker a hotkey. Then go south along the shore and start zapping giants and killing them for “Zapped Giants” and kill water elementals for “Fuel for Zapping”
  7. Go back to (44, 33) and turn in “Zapped Giants” and “Fuel for Zapping” You can now do those again, but I wouldn’t, for about 500 xp per turn in. Now he opens his store to you.
  8. Run over to the grimtotem camp at (65, 45) and accept “An Orphan Looking For A Home”
  9. Go down to the yeti cave at (56, 56) and do the robot chicken escort if you can, don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. It’s really eays now
  10. Grind to the yeti cave at (51, 31) on Ironfur Bears and Groddoc Gorillas until you get 3 livers from each of them for “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail”
  11. Kill the Rage Scar Yeti’s here for “Improved Quality” remember you can skin them for these as well. If a Pristine Yeti Hide drops, accept the quest it gives “Pristine Yeti Hide”
  12. Go to Rockbiter at (42, 22) and accept “The Giant Guardian”
  13. Do “The Stave of Equinex” by doing the following. Get the Blytan Essence from the fire at (38, 15) “The Stave of Equinex” Get the Samha Essence from the fire at (40, 12) (atop the ruined arch) to get to it, go around back and hop up the broken rocks (it’s not easily noticed) Go back out the back and Grab the Imbel Essence from the fire at (39, 9) . Get the Lahassa Essence from the fire at (37, 12) under the brown gazebo. Go down to the Equinex Monolith just over the cliff. Use Troya’s Staff next to it. Touch the Monolith and turn in “The Stave of Equinex” accept “The Morrow Stone”
  14. Go back up near the previous flame to (38, 10) and turn in “The Giant Guardian” accept the escort “Wandering Shay”
  15. Grab the bell from the chest and hotkey it. This is similar to the druid quest back in darkshore. Run her back to Rockbiter at 42,21and turn in “Wandering Shay” (the trick is to keep ahead of her, if she’s with you by your side she will wander off a lot more and the bell has a 1 minute timer.
  16. Hearth to Feathermoon Stronghold
  17. Go to the gazebo near the water beside the hippograph master, turn in “Pristine Yeti Hide” and “Improved Quality”
  18. Take your 2 Elixirs of Fortitude out of your mailbox if you don’t already have them on you.
  19. Go across to the 2 story house, turn in “The Morrow Stone”
  20. You should be close to 70% into 47
  21. Fly to Gadgetzan

47-48 Tanaris

  1. Just inside Gadget to the right, accept “The Thirsty Goblin”
  2. Make Gadget your home
  3. Go behind the Inn, accept “The Dunemaul Compound”
  4. Near the north entrance, accept “Thistleshrub Valley”
  5. Go south to the skeleton in the ground at (49, 36) and (44, 39) and (47, 45) kill Rocs for “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail” If it’s busy just do it later.
  6. Ride over to (52, 45) turn in “The Sunken Temple” and accept “The Stone Circle” and “Gahz’Ridian”
  7. Now put on the Gahz’Ridian Detector Helm and yellow dots on mini map will show the pieces you need to get for “Gahz’Ridian”. It’s up to you if you want to wear this in fights. This stuff is all over
  8. Run over west to the Dunemaul Compound clear a path to (40, 58) and kill Gor’Marok the Ravager for “The Dunemaul Compound” You don’t need the 20 ogre kills all from here