Levels 45-47

45-45 Feralas

  1. Go up top of the big spiral tower, turn in “The Knife Revealed” accept “Psychometric Reading”
  2. Go in the little building across form the Inn on the 2nd floor, turn in “Psychometric Reading” accept “The Woodpaw Gnolls”
  3. Take the boat to the mainland
  4. Go into the yeti cave at (56, 56) and kill yeti’s for “The Mark of Quality” you can skin them and it’s also a drop.
  5. If a OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon has fallen accept the quest “Find OOX-22/FE!” and turn it in at the back of the cave SKIP the escort.
  6. Grind east and kill the Brutes around 60,56, and warlocks and shamans around (59, 66) for “The High Wilderness” I kill any I see
  7. Go up to (65, 45) and accept “Freedom For All Creatures” It’s pretty hidden, just NW of the camp entrance is a path that doesn’t even look like you can walk on it. To do this simply escort her to the cage, open it and kill anything until it says complete.
  8. Hand it back in and accept “Doling Justice pt.1” The mobs can be found in this camp.
  9. Turn “Doling Justice pt.1” in at (65, 45) and accept “Doling Justice pt.2”
  10. Go down to (73, 56) and touch Large Leather Backpacks on the big tree. Turn in “The Woodpaw Gnolls” accept “The Writhing Deep”
  11. Right click the Backpack, accept “Thalanaar Delivery”
  12. Grind down to the hive at (73, 63) and go all the way down. Go into the southern tunnel and stay right, You’ll see a Zukk’Ash Pod there. Turn in “The Writhing Deep” accept “Freed From the Hive”
  13. Hearth to Feathermoon
  14. On the water side of the Gazebo, turn in “The Mark of Quality” accept “Improved Quality”
  15. Go in the small house across from the Inn, turn in “The High Wilderness” then go upstairs and turn in “Freed From the Hive” accept “A Hero’s Welcome”
  16. Go to the big building next door and turn in “A Hero’s Welcome” accept “Rise of the Silithid”
  17. Fly out to Thalanaar (spot between 1k needles and here) turn in “Thalanaar Delivery” at (89, 46)
  18. Fly to Rut’theran Village (Darnassus)
  19. Follow the dock and go in the house, turn in “Handle With Care” accept “Favored of Elune?”
  20. Go upstairs, turn in “In Search of Knowledge” then go to the back of the house on the 2nd floor, open the green book and accept “Feralas: A History” turn it back in to her, accept “The Borrower”
  21. Get new skills
  22. Go to the temple of the moon at (39, 86) and up to the 2nd floor, turn in “Rise of the Silithid” and “Doling Justice pt.2”
  23. Buy 2 Elixir of Fortitude for a later part of this quest
  24. Hearth to Feathermoon and fly to Gadgetzan and turn in “The Borrower” accept “The Super Snapper FX”

45-46 Uldaman

  1. Now you can either grind on the gnolls in Feralas around where you found the backpack on the tree, or you can do Uldaman. I highly suggest you do Uldaman. You picked up some quests earlier, there are a few more in IF and in the badlands. If you get a good group build you can easily do just about every quest in there in under 3 hours max. I usually fully do Uldaman inside and out, I don’t finish all the quests unless I have to level. 1 full run inside and out should get you 75-100% through this level. I usually do this in about 3 hours no problem. Plus you can solo all the mobs outside of the instance 3 at a time no problem. The end of Uldaman, after the boss, (mini disks quest) gives about 20k xp between that and talking to the ghostly npc who spawns in there, as well as gives some nice xp for quests later on. And you could miss some xp spots for later quests I do if you skip this.
  2. I don’t list all the quests for Uldaman because there is a good handful and you don’t have to do them all to fully level, and again it is optional. This is much faster than grinding would be. I really hate to do instances when trying for the best time but alliance has less quests than the horde do and I did mention there will be about 10-15% of grinding on your way to 60. If you did do all instances though you would be really slowed down. This isn’t going to put a break in your time with a good group, preferrably guild groups of 45+
  3. You can stop at about 75% to 46 but again I suggest you level. It’s not as bad as it seems.
  4. Once you’re all set, fly to SW and turn in “In Search of The Temple” at (64, 20) and accept “In Search of The Hinterlands” get new skills then fly to Southshore.
  5. Run up to the path at (84, 33) behind Durnholde Keep (you’ll see 2 griffins) into The Hinterlands

46-47 The Hinterlands

  1. Go up to (11, 46) and turn in “In Search of The Hinterlands” accept “Gryphon Master Talonaxe”
  2. Get the FP at (11, 46) way up top then go in the cave and turn in “Gryphon Master Talonaxe”, accept “Rhapsody Shindigger” and “Witherbark Cages”
  3. Go into the Inn and turn right, accept “Skulk Rock Clean-Up” and “Troll Necklace Bounty”
  4. Go way in the back of the Inn up to around (13, 41) and make Aerie Peak your home.
  5. Grind east to (20, 48) to the path while keeping an eye out for feathers on the ground for “Favored of Elune?” You don’t need them all yet
  6. Follow the path up to (26, 48) and turn in “Rhapsody Shindigger” accept “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail”
  7. Go back down and to the troll camp and clear most of them out at (23, 58) and open the 2 cages for “Witherbark Cages”
  8. Grind east to (31, 57) and open the 3rd cage for “Witherbark Cages”
  9. You should also have 5 necklaces for “Troll Necklace Bounty” now