Levels 40-41

40-41 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Run back to BB
  2. Turn right after the tunnel, turn in “Scaring Shaky” accept “Return to MacKinley”
  3. Follow the lower dock towards the Inn, turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.2” acept “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.3”
  4. Go In the house across from the half ship, turn in “Return to MacKinley” accept “Voodoo Dues”
  5. Go up top the Inn, accept “Up To Snuff”
  6. Go just outside, turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.3” accept “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.4”
  7. You should have close to all the STV pages, if not buy the few that you need. You don’t need 1-27 they go in this order. 1,4,6,8,10,11,14,16,18,20,21,24,25,26,27
  8. Go up near Grom’Gol, search the shore there for the 38 elite croc for “Excelsior” stay away from the base or the guards will get you
  9. Run up to Nessingways at (35, 10) and turn in “Raptor Mastery pt.3” and “Panther Mastery pt.4” accept “Raptor Mastery pt.4”
  10. Accept “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn” then turn it in
  11. You should be at lest 25% or less to 40 now go grind on basalisks and raptors around (33, 39) until you’re 40.
  12. Hearth to BB
  13. Go into the shop Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks and turn in “Excelsior”
  14. Now fly to IF, and either to Darnassus to get your new skills and your mount, or get skills in IF and prepare for a few badlands quests by buying a frost oil and a gyrochronatom (don’t by a gyro if you can’t find a frost oil) Then a healing potion and lesser invisibility potion. Again don’t get either of the potions if you can’t get a frost oil or gyro.
  16. Fly to Loch Modan Stable your pet and make Thelsamar your home
  17. Go in the house behind the Inn, accept “Badlands Reagent Run”
  18. Run to (65, 65) and accept “Find Agmond”
  19. Run down into Badlands at (46, 76)

40-41 Badlands

  1. Go to (53, 43) accept “Fiery Blaze Enchantment”, “Mirages”, and “A Dwarf and His Tools”
  2. Stop at (42, 52) and hand in “Martek the Exiled” accept “Indurium”
  3. Accept “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”, “Pearl Diving” (if you have them)
  4. Now there only one area for buzzards. So fort he 2 quests that require their items, kill them whenever you see one.
  5. Go to (25, 44) and accept “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.1” and “Coolant Heads Prevail” then turn it back in and accept “Gyro… What?” then turn that back in.
  6. Accept “Liquid Stone” then turn it back in
  7. Go to around (20, 53) and tame a Ridge Stalker Patriarch for dash and prowl rank 2
  8. Hearth to Thelsamar, get cat back out, DON’T DISMISS THE BADLANDS CAT run back down to badlands
  9. Grind down to (66, 21) and open the crate for “Mirages”
  10. Grind over to the dig site at (53, 29) and kill the dwarfs for “A Dwarf and His Tools” On the right side of the hole at (53, 33) touch the note in the tent for “A Sign of Hope”
  11. Grind up to (53, 43) and hand in “Mirages” accept “Scrounging”
  12. Also turn in “A Dwarf and His Tools” and “A Sign of Hope” accept the next part to Uldaman
  13. Grind down to (61, 54) and accept “Tremors of the Earth” The ogres spawn at (62, 70) and wander to (29, 56) so kill them if you see them. The boss is easy to pull off the back, with the small add or none.
  14. Go south to (62, 70) and kill ogres here for “Scrounging” and hopefully the boss is here. There isn’t many ogres so don’t worry
  15. Grind to 50,62, turn in “Find Agmond” accept “Murdaloc”
  16. Go just south to the gnoll camp and do “Murdaloc” and “Indurium”
  17. Go up to (42, 52) and turn in “Barbecued Buzzard Wings” and “Indurium” accept “News for Fizzle”
  18. Go to (18, 41) and kill the lesser rock elementals for “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.1” and “Badlands Reagent Run”
  19. Go back to (26, 44) turn in “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.1” accept “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.2” and do it by killing rock elemental
  20. Go back to (26, 44) turn in “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.2” accept “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.3”
  21. Kill buzzards around (15, 60) and coyotes around (33, 62) for “Badlands Reagent Run” if you still need them
  22. Grind down to (11, 77) and kill ogres for “Scrounging”
  23. Kill greater rock elementals at (14, 88) for “Study of the Elements: Rock
  24. Go back to (26, 44) turn in “Study of the Elements: Rock pt.3” accept “This Is Going To Be Hard pt.1” turn around and hand it in, accept “This Is Going To Be Hard pt.2” then turn around and hand it in, accept “This Is Going To Be Hard pt.3”
  25. Kill the elemental that’s summoned he’s 45. Then turn it back in to get your Nifty Stopwatch
  26. Go to (53, 43) and turn in “Scrounging”
  27. Go to (61, 54) and turn in “Tremors of the Earth” SKIP the next part
  28. Now you should be 41, if you’re not go east into the ravine and kill the whelps until you level. I usually go here and grind for at least 30 min whether or not im 41 and try to get the heart for “Fiery Blaze Enchantment” If you don’t find it in 30 min just abandon it
  29. Hearth to Thelsamar
  30. Go in the house behind the Inn and turn in “Badlands Reagent Run” accept the Uldaman part
  31. Run to (65, 65) turn in “Murdaloc” accept the Uldaman part I’m almost 25% into 41 now
  32. Fly to Duskwood, make it your home. Fly to SW Go to (64, 20) and accept “In Search of The Temple”
  33. Fly back to Duskwood, Run into Swamp of Sorrows