Levels 41-43

41-41 Swamp of sorrows

  1. Run into the Swamp of Sorrows, go to (12, 58) and kill the whelps for “Dream Dust In the Swamp” low droprate but they respawn fast
  2. Go to (26, 59) and accept “Enroaching Wildlife” and go do it. Kill the 3 mob types around him and north. It’s all close to the quest giver
  3. Go up and find Noboru the Cudgel he circles around (43, 38) and drops an item that starts “Noboru the Cudgel”
  4. Go back to (26, 59) and turn in “Enroaching Wildlife” accept “The Lost Caravan”
  5. Grind up to (25, 31) and turn in “Noboru the Cudgel” accept “Draenethyst Crystals”
  6. Go up to the sanctuary that starts at (54, 29) and start collecting the “Draenethyst Crystals”
  7. When you get to the last camp with the npc in the cage at (65, 18) first grab the chest off the cart to the left for “The Lost Caravan”
  8. Make sure you clear the camp beside the caged npc.
  9. Then accept “Galen’s Escape” it’s a breeze if you cleared the camp
  10. Grind down to (48, 39) to the busted up looking tent and open the chest to complete “Galen’s Escape”
  11. Go back to (26, 31) and turn in “Draenethyst Crystals”
  12. Go to (26, 59) and turn in “The Lost Caravan” accept “Driftwood”
  13. Run through the swamp and go south into the Blasted Lands at (36, 59) and over to Nethergarde Keep at (54, 78) . Grab the FP and fly to Darkshire.
  14. Stable your cat and get the badlands cat back out
  15. Grab “Supplies for Nethergarde” on your way back NE
  16. Fly back to Nethergarde, turn in “Supplies for Nethergarde” easy xp.
  17. Run back up into the swamp of sorrows.
  18. Run up to the lake around the Sunken Temple at (70, 54) and you should get a complete message for “In Search of The Temple”
  19. Go up to about (76, 6) and start killing silt and monstrous crawlers and work your way south for “… and bugs” until it’s done. Also look for wood planks on the ground for “Driftwood”
  20. When you got both of those done, abandon the cat and tame a lvl 40-41 silt crawler for claw rank 6.
  21. Hearth to Darkshire and get your cat back out.
  22. Fly to Nethergarde and run back up into the swamp
  23. Go to (26, 59) and turn in “Driftwood” accept “Deliver the Shipment”
  24. Run down into the Blasted Lands and turn in “Deliver the Shipment” at (66, 21)
  25. Fly to BB and turn in “Dream Dust In the Swamp” atop the Inn and accept “Rumors for Kravel”
  26. Get on the ship to Rachet and fly to Theramore and turn in “… and bugs” at the Inn
  27. Fly to Desolace

41-42 Desolace

  1. Make Nijel’s Point your home
  2. Accept “Down the Scarlet Path”
  3. Go down accept “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc pt.3”
  4. Run to (47, 61) and accept “Ghost-O-Plasm Round Up”
  5. Kill the demons around (51, 75) for “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc pt.3”
  6. Kill undead ravagers around (61, 90) for “Down the Scarlet Path” and “Ghost-O-Plasm Round Up” between the 2 skeletons in the middle
  7. You should hit 42 by the time you’re done kililng these
  8. Go back to (47, 61) and turn in “Ghost-O-Plasm Round Up”
  9. Hearth to Nijel’s Point
  10. Turn in “Down the Scarlet Path” SKIP the next part
  11. Go just south of the Inn, turn in “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc pt.3” accept “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc pt.4”
  12. Fly to Theramore, Boat to Menethil and Fly to IF
  13. Turn in “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc pt.4” at (67, 17)
  14. Get new skills
  15. Fly to Booty Bay

42-43 Stranglethron Vale

  1. Go into the Inn, accept “Tran’Rek”
  2. Make BB your home
  3. Accept “Zanzil’s Secret” and “Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog”
  4. Go near the Bank, accept “Akiris By the Bundle pt.1”
  5. Go in the house next to the half ship, accept “Stoley’s Debt”
  6. Where the dock forks up and down, go up and around the corner, accept “Keep An Eye Out”
  7. Go out of BB and to the right and south. All around (31, 79) You’re gonna kill the buccaneers for “Up To Snuff” and “Keep An Eye Out”
  8. Kill the swashbucklers around the two camps at (29, 81) (bloodsail charts are here on the box) and (27, 82) (bloodsail orders, on the box, NE tent) for “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.4”
  9. Run back up into BB, and turn left
  10. Turn in “Keep An Eye Out” near the forge
  11. Go up in the Inn, turn in “Up To Snuff”
  12. Go just outside and hand in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.4” accept “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.5”
  13. Go kill naga around (25, 63) for “Akiris By the Bundle pt.1”
  14. Grind on the nagas until you’re at least 50% into 43
  15. Go up to the Ruins of Aboraz and kill Chucky (40,58) for “Voodoo Dues” while killing the mobs for “Zanzil’s Secret” you only need 8-10
  16. Go up to the Ruins of Jubawal and kill Jon-Jon (34,51) and Maury (35,51) for “Voodoo Dues” and the rest of “Zanzil’s Secret”
  17. Go kill Tethis for “Raptor Mastery pt.4” behind the arena around (31, 43) then turn it in at nessingways at (35, 10) accept “Big Game Hunter”
  18. Go up to the rebel camp at (38, 3) and accept “Colonel Kurzen”
  19. Go to the cave at (45, 8) go to the fork and go down once like earlier kill the elites and subchiefs (when they get a red aura stop your pet from hitting them or he’ll get owned) for “Colonel Kurzen” Kurzen is at (49, 3)
  20. Die on purpose so you’re near the rebel camp