Levels 38-40

38-40 Hillsbrad Foothills

  1. Escort her when done turn it back in and accept “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.5” Grind until youre 3500 to 38
  2. Hearth to Southshore
  3. Turn in “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.5” just outside the Inn
  4. Fly to IF for new skills, then to Menethil and boat to Theramore

38-38 Dustwallow Marsh

  1. Run up near the Inn, accept “They Call Him Smiling Jim”
  2. Go in the Inn, accept “Mudrock Soup and Bugs” and make Theramore your home.
  3. Go to the 2nd floor of the castle behind the Inn, not the tower, turn in “They Call Him Smiling Jim” This gives you hints about some quests at the old Inn near the Barrens.
  4. Buy 3 soothing spices from the trade supplies person in the houst at (66, 51) (for upcoming quest)
  5. Just as you exit Theramore, go right and kill Mudrock turtles along the shore for “Mudrock Soup and Bugs”
  6. Go to the house at (55, 26) and accept “Soothing Spices” then turn it right back in, accept “Jarl Needs eyes”
  7. Touch the mound of dirt beside the house, accept “The Orc Report”
  8. Run over to Darkmist Cavern at (32, 23) and kill spiders inside and outside for “Jarl Needs eyes” They drop 1-2 every kill
  9. Stop at (35, 38) and grab “Hungry!”
  10. Go to 29,47, the shady rest inn, and grab these 3 quests, touch the hoofrints just out front “Suspicious Hoofprints” the badge on the board laying on the floorboards (it’s a tiny badge) “Lieutenant Paval Reethe pt.1” and the shield over the fireplace “The Black Shield pt.1”
  11. Run over to (54, 56) and open the shipping crate for “Razzeric’s Tweaking”
  12. Hearth to Theramore
  13. Turn in “Mudrock Soup and Bugs” in front of you, accept “… and bugs”
  14. Go outside near the exit and turn in “The Orc Report” accept “Captain Vimes” Run in the castle behind the Inn and turn it in
  15. Turn in “Lieutenant Paval Reethe pt.1” accept “Lieutenant Paval Reethe pt.2”
  16. Turn in “The Black Shield pt.1” accept “The Black Shield pt.2”
  17. Turn in “Suspicious Hoofprints” accept
  18. Turn around and hand in “Lieutenant Paval Reethe pt.2” accept “Daelin’s Men” then turn around hand it in accept “The Deserters pt.1”
  19. Go to the blacksmith house, turn in “The Black Shield pt.2” accept “The Black Shield pt.3” go turn it in back up in the castle
  20. Run out to (55, 26) and turn in “Jarl Needs eyes” SKIP the next
  21. Go just NE of here and kill murlocs for “Hungry!”
  22. Stop at (46, 17) and clear some raptors until you’re 50% or more into 39, then accept “Stinky’s Escape” just follow him, and kill what attacks him. Really easy.
  23. Stop at (35, 38) turn in “Hungry!”
  24. Go to the tower at (35, 53) and attack Balos Jacken, at ¼ life he’ll become friendly and then turn in “The Deserters pt.1” accept “The Deserters pt.2”
  25. Die so you end up near Theramore
  26. Turn in “Stinky’s Escape” in the Inn
  27. Go up in the castle, turn in “The Deserters pt.2”
  28. Fly to Gadgetzan and run up to the Shimmering Flats to (80, 76) turn in “Razzeric’s Tweaking” accept “Safety First pt.1” turn it in in Gadget and accept “Safety First pt.2” then run back to the flats and hand it in
  29. Hearth to Theramore and fly to Rachet, get on the boat to BB

38-40 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Run towards the Inn, accept “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.1” halfway
  2. Go in the building next to the half boat upside down, accept “Scaring Shaky”
  3. Go in the Inn, make it your home, accept “Venture Company Mining”
  4. Go upstairs, turn in “The Rumormonger” accept “Dream Dust In the Swamp” and “Skullsplitter Tusks”
  5. Go just outside, hand in “Sunken Treasure pt.4” SKIP the next
  6. Go to around (33, 39) and kill raptors for “Raptor Mastery pt.3”
  7. Kill Snapjaw Crocolisks from the stream at (38, 30) to the lake at (41, 19) for “Some assembly required”
  8. Go to the Island at (20, 23) and kill elementals for “Water Elementals” You should be close to 39 by now, either grind on the elementals or raptors and basalisks around (33, 39)
  9. Once you’re 39, grind your way east to the road then to (41, 41) and kill the goblins for “Venture Company Mining”
  10. Run up to the camps around (42, 37) and do “Skullsplitter Tusks”
  11. Now you’re gonna have to find Bhag’thera for “Panther Mastery pt.4” she is anywhere between just north of Mosh’ogg at (49, 25) to just north of the ZG entrance at (48, 17) she’s elite. Easy way to do it is lay immolation trap and run her into it, once pet gets half health fear it and keep attacking it
  12. Hearth back to BB
  13. Turn in “Venture Company Mining”
  14. Go upstairs, turn in “Skullsplitter Tusks”
  15. Walk outside, turn in “Water Elementals” SKIP the next
  16. Go into the shop Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks and turn in
  17. Go into the shop Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks and turn in “Some assembly required” accept “Excelsior”
  18. Go out of BB and turn left to the camp of pirates at (27, 69) and touch the letter on the barrel, turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.1” accept “The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt.2”
  19. Go kill gorillas around (32, 65) just NE of BB for “Scaring Shaky”