Levels 32-35

32-35 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Go to (44, 10) and do “The Second Rebellion” and the Kurzen supply crate at (44, 9) in front of the Inn for “Bad Medicine” the remedies are a low drop from medicine men. Make sure you either Scatter Shot or Intimidate the Medicine Men when they heal.
  2. Run back up to the rebel camp at (37, 3) Turn in “The Second Rebellion” and “Bad Medicine” SKIP “Special Forces”
  3. Go back to Nessingway’s at (35, 10) and hand in “Panther Mastery pt.1” & “Tiger Mastery pt.1” accept “Panther Mastery pt.2” & “Tiger Mastery pt.2”
  4. Kill Stranglethorn Tigers for around (29, 10) for “Tiger Mastery pt.2”and the Panthers around (28, 12) for “Panther Mastery pt.2”
  5. Kill Stranglethorn Raptors for (26, 15) “Raptor Mastery pt.1”
  6. Go back to Nessingway’s at (35, 10) and turn in “Tiger Mastery pt.2”, “Panther Mastery pt.2”, and “Raptor Mastery pt.1”. Accept “Tiger Mastery pt.3”, “Panther Mastery pt.3” and “Raptor Mastery pt.2”
  7. Run to Booty Bay and get the FP. Get your cat back out
  8. Turn in “Krazek’s Cookery” on the top floor of the inn, accept and hand back in (the bloodstone ores) “Favor for Krazek” then accept “Return to Corporal Kaleb” (this quest gives you your first helm) also accept “Investigate the Camp” and “Supplies to Private Thorsen”
  9. Get on the Boat to Rachet
  10. Grab the FP (added in 1.11)
  11. Now for a little bit of a run through horde territory.
  12. Run all the way south in the barrens to the great lift and take it down into 1k needles. Jump off if you get attacked.
  13. Now Get the FP on the west side of this zone at 8,18, it’s just inside Feralas. This will save a lot of time later on.
  14. You should be close to level 33 so grind to it on your way to Shimmering Flats.
  15. Go to (78, 77) and turn in “The Brassbolts Brothers” accept “Hardened Shells” and “Salt Flat Venom”
  16. Go a little beside these guys and grab “Rocket Car Parts”, “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” and “Hemet Nesingwary”
  17. Go east to (80, 75) and accept “Load Lightening”
  18. Go to (81, 77) and accept “A Bump in the Road”
  19. Now the car parts for “Rocket Car Parts” are scattered all over here, so grab them as you quest. The Buzzards for “Load Lightening” are all over as well so kill one if you see it.
  20. Start off by going south and killing gazers and crystalhide at (76, 87) for “A Bump in the Road”
  21. Kill scorpions at (71, 74) and north of here for “Salt Flat Venom”
  22. Kill Basilisks around (73, 59) for “A Bump in the Road”
  23. Kill Turtles at (82, 54) for “Hardened Shells”
  24. Stop at (86, 66) and do “Load Lightening”
  25. Run back to (77, 77) turn in “Rocket Car Parts”
  26. Go to the 2 npc’s next east of here and hand in “Salt Flat Venom” and “Hardened Shells” then accept “Martek the Exiled”
  27. Run east to (80, 75) turn in “Load Lightening” accept “Goblin Sponsorship pt.1”
  28. Go to (81, 77) and turn in “A Bump in the Road”
  29. Run south into Tanaris and Grab the FP at Gadgetzan
  30. Hearth back to IF and fly to Menethil Harbor, get on the boat to Theramore, Get FP and either fly to Stonetalon Mountains or go back and reboat to Darkshore.
  31. Accept “Reclaiming the Charred Vale” in front of the moonwell then go do it in the Charred Vale at (32, 66) while going towards Desolace

33-35 Desolace

  1. Make Nijel’s Point your home then fly back to Stonetalon and hand in “Reclaiming the Charred Vale” SKIP the next part.
  2. Hearth back to Desolace
  3. Go south of the Inn, hand in “Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace” accept “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.1” and “The Karnitol Shipwreck pt.1”
  4. I SKIP both of the faction centaur quests. It’s just a useless grind for 2 quests that aren’t worth it.
  5. Accept “Centaur Bounty”
  6. Go south a little bit more and accept “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.1”
  7. Run west to (56, 17) “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.1” accept “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.2”
  8. Run east to Sargeron around (75, 20) and kill the demons for “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.1”
  9. Run back to Nijel’s, hand in “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.2” accept “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.3”
  10. Run up a bit more, turn in “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.1” accept “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.2”
  11. Now start grinding on the scorps and other stuff for “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.2” as you head to (62, 38) and accept “Bone Collector” since the scorps are a low drop rate just kill them as you’re running around
  12. Run east until you’re at kolkar village around (72, 45) . Kill them for “Centaur Bounty” If you’re not 34 when done with this, grind until you are
  13. Grind down to (60, 61) and accept “Kodo Roundup” This is a unique quest where you tame a kodo at the GY then bring it back until you have 5.
  14. If you see the pack of aged kodo’s running around kill 3 of them for “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.2” if not you can find some inside the kodo graveyard.
  15. Go to the Kodo Graveyard around (51, 58) . Do “Bone Collector” everytime you come to pick up a kodo for roundup. Lay a Freezing trap and loot the bones, because sometimes it spawns a mean kodo. If it does run after it freezes and hand in a kodo for the roundup.
  16. Once you’re done with “Kodo Roundup” hand it in and run NW of the GY towards the water. Killing scorps if you still need them.
  17. Grab “Sceptre of Light” at (38, 27) near the big tower