Levels 30-32

30-32 Menethil Harbor

  1. Go to (53, 55) and clear the left side, walk up and around the back, to do “Defeat Nek’Rosh” clear anything he might aggro, die doing so if you must. I first laid immolation trap, pulled him into it with scorpid sting, he’s kinda weak, I had him to 30% before my pet needed a heal. Pet died with him at 12% and he was running so I kept firing away and he died. Pretty easy for a 32 elite.
  2. Hearth back to Menethil Harbor
  3. Turn in “The Eye of Paleth” right in front of you, accept “Cleansing the Eye”
  4. Go up top of the castle, hand in “Defeat Nek’Rosh”
  5. Accept “Fall of Dun Modr” just outside the inn
  6. Turn in “Fall of Dun Modr” at (49, 18) accept “The Thandol Span pt.1”
  7. Go half way across the bridge to (51, 8) and go in the door that leads down, look for the dead dwarf body, hand in “The Thandol Span pt.1” accept “The Thandol Span pt.2” turn that back in at the camp at (49, 18) accept “The Thandol Span pt.3”
  8. Go back over the bridge, just to the right is a tinier bridge. Cross it and destroy the explosives cart for “The Thandol Span pt.3” at (48, 88) accept “Plea to the Alliance”
  9. Run into Arathi Highlands to Refuge Point at (45, 47) and hand in “Plea to the Alliance”
  10. Grab the FP
  11. You should be half way to 31 or more by now.
  12. Run towards Hillsbrad Foothills
  13. Stop at (27, 49) and run south into Stormgarde Keep, at the first intersection go right and hug the wall around over the bridge, buy all 3 first aid books at (26, 58)
  14. Continue heading to Hillsbrad

30-31 Hillsbrad Foothills

  1. Run into southshore at (49, 52) and grab the FP
  2. Stop at the barn east of the FP, accept “Costly Menace”
  3. Go to the house in front of the barn, turn in “Southshore” SKIP the next part
  4. Go in front of the Inn, accept “Hints of a New Plague”
  5. Go in the Inn, make it your home, then accept “Down the Coast”
  6. In front of the town hall, accept “Crushridge Bounty”
  7. Go in the town hall, accept “Syndicate Assassins”
  8. Go just SW of Southshore and do “Down the Coast” on the shore, killing murlocs. Turn it in at the Inn when you’re done, accept “Farren’s Proof pt.1”
  9. Do “Farren’s Proof pt.1” again on the shore, if I’m not 31 by the time I’m done getting heads, I grind till I am.
  10. Go back to the Inn, turn in “Farren’s Proof pt.1” accept “Farren’s Proof pt.2” hand that in just out front of the Inn, accept “Farren’s Proof pt.3” Go back into the Inn, hand it in accept “Stormwind ho!”
  11. Go do “Stormwind ho!” just SE of the dock now, kill the naga along the shore.
  12. Go back to the Inn hand in “Stormwind ho!”, accept “Reassignment”

31-31 Alterac Mountains

  1. Run up into Alterac Mountains near the AV entrance around (64, 38) and kill lions for “Costly Menace” They’re all along the southern border near AV. I usually get all mine in front and West of AV
  2. Go east of AV and do “Syndicate Assassins” at the camp around (55, 67) . There is a camp close to AV but this one has a quest you can grab near the tents on the table. Clear the camp and touch the syndicate document, accept “Foreboding Plans” and “Encrypted Letter”
  3. Hearth to Southshore
  4. Go into the town hall, turn in “Syndicate Assassins” and “Foreboding Plans” accept “Noble Deaths”
  5. Stop at the house North of the Inn, turn in “Encrypted Letter” accept “Letter to Stormpike”
  6. Go to the barn and turn in “Costly Menace”
  7. Fly to Refuge Point

31-32 Arathi Highlands

  1. Accept “Northfold Manor” grind to it at (33, 27) I grind here until I’m 32.
  2. Hearth to Southshore, stable pet, go to Alterac and tame a level 32 Mountain Lion ( the ones you killed before) for Prowl rank 1 (stealth)
  3. Die on purpose so you end up in Southshore
  4. Fly to Refuge point, turn in “Northfold Manor” Fly to IF
  5. Go to the hall of explorers at (69, 20) in IF accept “Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace” then go turn in “Letter to Stormpike” accept “Further Mysteries”
  6. Accept “The Brassbolts Brothers” in The Hall of Arms at (72, 93) then get new Skills
  7. Make IF your home at (18, 51) Buy some Bloodstone Ore for a quest later in STV. If there is none check the AH in Booty Bay
  8. Fly to SW
  9. Go to the Keep at (72, 15) and hand in “Reassignment”
  10. Go to (39, 27) in the Cathedral and hand in “Cleansing the Eye”
  11. Fly to Duskwood, then run to (44, 66) and go south into STV

32-32 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. You should still have the mountain lion out.
  2. Run to the Rebel Camp at (37, 3) its just west after you enter.
  3. Accept “The Second Rebellion” and “Bad Medicine”
  4. Then Accept “Krazek’s Cookery”
  5. Go to Nessingway’s at (35, 10) and accept “Welcome to the Jungle” then turn it in behind you. This opens the 3 quest givers here.
  6. Now Accept “Raptor Mastery pt.1” “Panther Mastery pt.1” “Tiger Mastery pt.1” Don’t accept the page-collecting quest until you have all the pages.
  7. Go to (29, 8) just West of Nessingway’s and tame a Stranglethorn Tiger for Dash Rank 1. Use this pet until you get to Booty Bay
  8. Do “Panther Mastery pt.1” & “Tiger Mastery pt.1” Tigers are just behind Nessingway’s, and the Panthers are to the east some but centralized around (41, 9)