Levels 35-36

35-36 Desolace

  1. Go south on the beach to (36, 30) and finish “The Karnitol Shipwreck pt.1” accept “The Karnitol Shipwreck pt.2” then accept “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!” from Rackmore’s log. If your quest log is full drop centaur bounty.
  2. Kill Drysnaps in the waters right here for the silver key of “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!” and The Slitherblades just North of here for the golden key.
  3. Run up to Thunder Axe Fortress at (56, 29) and go in the main building in the center and turn in “Vahlarriel’s Search pt.3” at (54, 26) accept “Search for Tyranis”
  4. Run out and right, kill a seer up in a tower for “Sceptre of Light”
  5. Go to the building west of the entrance at (53, 29) kill Tyranis Malem for “Search for Tyranis” then turn it back in inside the main building. Clear the way in the main building to the right because an escort is next.
  6. Accept the escort quest “Return to Vahlarriel” DON’T attack anything unless it hits or or she’ll ignore it and keep walking. The reason it seems is melee just follow her, only the mages can hit her to start combat.
  7. Go to (62, 38) and turn in “Bone Collector”
  8. Run back to (38, 27) and turn in “Sceptre of Light” accept “Book of the Ancients”
  9. Swim all the way NW on the map to Ranazjar Isle and open the chest at (38, 51) for “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!”
  10. Go to the back of the island and clear all around the serpent statue at (38, 51) . You’re gonna do “Book of the Ancients” This quest bugs if you do not click the gem in your inventory and then on the statue. Don’t just click on the statue. Lay a frost trap down first so you can get the first hit. He’s 38 but super easy.
  11. Swim back to (38, 27) and turn in “Book of the Ancients”
  12. Hearth to Nijel’s
  13. Go south of the Inn and turn in “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc pt.2” SKIP pt.3 for now, and “The Karnitol Shipwreck pt.2” SKIP the rest.
  14. Go south a bit more, turn in “Centaur Bounty”
  15. Finally turn in “Return to Vahlarriel”
  16. Stable cat, Go around the Kodo GY and tame a lvl 34 scorp for claw rank 5. Or tame one around (37, 80)
  17. You should be within 2 bars to 35 now.
  18. I grind down on the Centaurs at Gelkis Village at (37, 80) until 35
  19. Head south into Feralas to get the FP, this will again save more time later on.
  20. Get on the Boat at (43, 42) and grab the FP in Feathermoon. Get cat back out. Fly to Theramore, then to Rachet.
  21. Go to the engineer hut at (62, 36) and hand in “Goblin Sponsorship pt.1” accept “Goblin Sponsorship pt.2” Then run out on the dock and hand in “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” accept “Parts for Kravel”
  22. Get on the boat to Booty Bay

35-36 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Hand in “Goblin Sponsorship pt.2” as you get off the boat, accept “Goblin Sponsorship pt.3”
  2. Go in the Inn make BB your home, Accept “Singing Blue Shards”
  3. Accept “Hostile Takeover” and “Bloodscalp Ears”
  4. Accept “The Haunted Isle” and turn it in just outside the door, accept “The Stone of the Tides” Then turn in “Goblin Sponsorship pt.3” accept “Goblin Sponsorship pt.4”
  5. Go into the shop Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks and accept “Supply and Demand” (it’s down the ramp from the FP)
  6. Go around (48, 21) and Kill Shadowmaw Panthers for “Panther Mastery pt.3”
  7. Run west to the Venture Co. Base Camp at (43, 18) and Kill the goblins here for “Hostile Takeover” while you climb the Operations Tower behind the base for “Goblin Sponsorship pt.4” You’re going to climb it and kill Foreman Cozzle for his key.
  8. If you still don’t have all the crystals kill the goblins until you do, then enter the tiny shack next to the base at (43, 20) and open the chest to get the blueprints for “Goblin Sponsorship pt.4”
  9. Kill Lashtail Raptors around (37, 22) for “Raptor Mastery pt.2”
  10. Kill Elter Tigers around (33, 18) for “Tiger Mastery pt.3”
  11. Run towards Nessingways and kill the crocs in the river around it for “Supply and Demand”
  12. Go to Nessingways and turn in “Tiger Mastery pt.3”, “Panther Mastery pt.3”, “Raptor Mastery pt.2”, and “Hemet Nesingwary”, Accept “Tiger Mastery pt.4” “Panther Mastery pt.4” and “Raptor Mastery pt.3”
  13. Run back south to the top of the hill at (32, 17) and kill Sin’Dall for “Tiger Mastery pt.4” then turn it back in at Nessingways
  14. Go up to the rebel camp at (37, 3) and hand in “Supplies to Private Thorsen”, If he’s not here look south of the camp, if you save him when he patrols you can also get “Jungle Secrets” then u turn that in at the camp and get “Bookie Herod”
  15. Hand in “Return to Corporal Kaleb” get your helm
  16. Accept “Special Forces”
  17. Go to the Inn looking building at (43, 9) touch the book on the 2nd floor and hand in “Bookie Herod” accept “The Hidden Key”
  18. Go in the cave at (45, 7) and kill the mobs in here for “Special Forces” and make your way to the chest for “Bookie Herod”, it’s down the first fork, only 1 level down then in the boxes. Accept “The Spy Revealed!” (Easy from here)
  19. Now grind back out since you should be close to 36. Once your out go back to the rebel camp.
  20. Hand in “Special Forces” SKIP the next part
  21. Hand in “The Spy Revealed!” accept “Patrol Schedules” turn around and hand that in and accept “Report to Doren” then turn around again and hand that back in (told you it was easy)
  22. You should definitely be 36 by now. We’ll get skills soon
  23. Go south toward the GY, then go west north of the river and kill basalisks for “Singing Blue Shards” if you don’t get them all now don’t worry there is more south.