Sad News - Project Elysium shutting down, changing to Light's Hope


Sad News – Project Elysium shutting down, changing to Light’s Hope

Project Elysium closes it’s doors

Project Elysium has become a non-viable project. As of today, they have taken their servers down.

Their announcement says that there were in fact staff members selling gold. Furthermore, a real risk of player data being sold has come to light.
Once the news circulated to all of the staff members, they collectively decided to close project Elysium.

Re-Opening as Light’s Hope

The project is being re-branded as Lightshope with the offending staff members being removed. Even with understanding that this will kill their name recognition, they still believe this is worth it to protect the players.

Characters will be transfered

The character database is moving to the new project.
You will be able to log back in with your existing characters.
You can read the announcement on the new Lightshope’s webpage.

Crestfall parts ways but now needs a new owner

After learning about these new developments Project Crestfall is severing all ties with Elysium.
This actually puts them in a bind due to not having a Russian owner for their project.
The project may go dark until they can find a new owner but the developers are still working on the project.
The open beta has come down due to the systems admin on Elysium being the main offender according to Elisium staff.

You can read Crestfall’s announcement On the Crestfall forums

This is a really sad day for the community but hopefully Elysium can clean up their act and come back as a bigger and better project.

Normally, I enjoy writing about new server openings but today just isn’t one of those happy fun times.

Discord chat of the staff deciding to close the server

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