New Burning crusade server - Ares TBC


New Burning crusade server – Ares TBC

You can check the guys out on their website.

I do apologize for being a little late getting this announcement up.
Their initial launch was last Saturday 10/21/2017.
The server seems to be doing alright, they have had a few minor setbacks but it has been a lot better than I expected.
It’s nice to see new servers coming along, at any rate I’ll list the developer supplied information below.

Ares Project:

  • The rates are gonna be 1x and you will have an option to start from level 60 with some basic gear, slow mount and all spells and straight into the Outland.
  • There will be dynamic respawn timer for creatures and game objects in Outland to ensure better leveling experience.
  • Faction ratio is going to be solved through faction-base queue.
  • The talent reset cost is capped at 5 gold.
  • Cooldown-based items from professions can only be crafted when you reach level 70.
  • There are 3 different realmlists you can use to minimize your latency.
  • The content is starting with T4 and T5 and Arena Season 1 will start 2 weeks from release.
  • Dark Portal in Blasted Lands is now a Sanctuary zone to prevent PvP.

Item changes:

  • Badge of Justice are only obtainable in heroics.
  • Primal Nether and Nether Vortex are soulbound after looting.
  • Netherwing drakes unavailable.
  • Profession recipes learned from scrolls and trainers limited by patches.

PvE changes:

  • Revered reputation required for Heroic Dungeon keys.
  • Daily Heroic Dungeon Quests are disabled.
  • Every single NPC in Outland has been reviewed and its AI corrected.
  • All dungeons and raids are set to pre-nerf state. (e.g. Astromancer Solarian is in a pre-2.1.0. state with an Arcane Resist oriented fight.)
  • Epic gems from 5-man dungeons are unique.
  • Number of tokens per token-boss limited to 1.
  • Items from Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak are soulbound after looting.
  • Debuff slot system has been improved and players will always see their debuffs on bosses.



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