Legion NPC models in TBC 2.4.3


Legion NPC models in TBC 2.4.3

Legion is here! sort of.

Have you ever wanted to play TBC with Legion NPC models?
Today is the day! Thanks to BambyTube we can!

Is wowme required?

Apparently a version with many mounts and other things is in the works but requires WoWMe to operate.
This version doesn’t require WoWMe.

Is it bannable?

Check with your local server if it’s a bannable offense.
I definitely had fun playing with it on Outland/Warmane but your mileage may vary.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the MPQ file here
  • Copy the file into the Data folder. (c:\wow\Data for me)
  • Login and enjoy, it’s that easy!
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La La La
La La La
5 years ago

Does absolutely nothing.