MoP Alliance Leveling Guide

This MoP Alliance Leveling Guide is aimed at showing you where to level more-so than walking you through each quest.

Levels 1-10

You should complete your starter area quests and come out at level 10.

Levels 10-15

This place is just a solid leveling zone once you reach level 10 and leave your respective starter area.

Levels 20-25

At this point you have two choices.
Dungeons are efficient but if you want to shake things up, you can go to Duskwood until level 25

Levels 25-35

Stonetalon Mountains
Personally I think Stonetalon Mountains are great at this point, fairly easy leveling and quests.

Levels 35-45

Cape of Stranglehorn
This is a solid place to level from 34 to 45..

Levels 45-50

Easy quests, nothing too complicated.

Levels 50-52

Nice change of scenery.

Levels 52-54

Burning Steppes
Travel through Redridge Mountains into Burning steppes through the north road.

Levels 54-58

Swamp of Sorrows
Enter from Burning Steppes

Levels 58-62

Blasted Lands

Levels 62-66

Zangarmarsh or Terokkar Forest, depending on your mood you can choose either of these!

Levels 66-68

You’ll need to stay here until level 68, make sure you do the Nagrand arena chain because it is really good experience, gold and a weapon at the end!

Levels 68-73

Howling Fjord/Borean Tundra
Either zone is solid, so it’s up to you.

Levels 73-76

You should hit 76 here. If you get tired of questing in the same zone you have a bunch of options such as Grizzly hills. Don’t spend all day traveling though.

Levels 76-80

Sholazar Basin
Just a solid questing area, great for skinning or mining.
Icecrown is a great alternative for extra gold. I recommend going for Icecrown and doing the argent tournament quests.

Levels 80-81

Storm Peaks
Once you hit level 80, I recommend storm peaks for at least one more level. This will make your life in Mount Hyjal much easier.

Levels 81-83

Mount Hyjal
Can be a bit tough if you come here early but a great place to quest at the 81-83 level range.

Levels 83-84

Deepholm (With also a tip of Uldum)
If you’re going to try Uldum take the headstart quest and head over to the Tol’Vir City and fly over the entrance till you spot cages and quests.

Levels 84-85

Twilight Highlands
At level 84 you should continue to level in the Twilight Highlands, you may have to pick up a beginning quest in stormwind and then use the portal and start working on the quest chains.

Pandaria Levels 85-90

When you reach level 85 you want to go to Pandaria, the portal is located in Stormwind.
At this point you just work your way across Pandaria doing the quest chains in each zone.
Jade Forest
Kun-Lai Summit
Townlong Steppes
Dread Wastes

Extra Notes

Adventure Gear while Leveling – Credits to Blazemourne
Silkweaver rui 85 starting gear in jinyu vilage
The metal paw Kun-Lai Summit. (87)
Suplier xin Townlong Steppes. (88)
Weapons along the way while you level.

If you have a 90 Character, you may farm a rare spawn which drops this item.

Credits to Potathoes for the zone level ranges mentioned in this guide.