Cataclysm Herbalism Guide (1-525)

Introducing myself

Hello all. My name is Yenoren and guides are something I’ve always liked. I think that it’s an awesome way to improve your gameplay for any kind of game. For a long time I’ve also wanted to make the best guides possible, so that I could be helping people to increase their gameplay. This is my first guide so please bare with me if it isn’t great, and feel free to comment on what I could make better for my future guides. Also please don’t think about miss spellings in the guide.

How does it work

Very simple! When you have learned herbalism you will automatically learn a new spell called Find Herbs. It allows you to see herbs nearby, on your mini-map. Then you just simply fly over by the herb and you right-click on the herb. It will then automatically begin to cast Herb Gathering. It’s a 2 second cast time ability and it let’s you herb the herb. You will then get a skill point in herbalism and you will recieve a loot of the kind that you just herbed.

Tips to make it go quicker

There are 2 simple tips that will increase the speed of leveling
Nr. 1: Check out the auction house for Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Gatherer. It will increase the leveling speed by a little.
For Horde
Nr. 2a: Set your Hearthstone to Orgrimmar, it will make it A LOT quicker that way.
For Alliance
Nr. 2b: Set your Hearthstone to Stormwind City, it will make it A LOT quicker as well.

Before you start

You’ll have to learn how to be a herbalist. You’ll do so by asking any guard in any of the capitals, just click the bubble with the text of “Profession” then select “Herbalism Trainer” (Or click here for a list of Herbalism Trainers). It’ll guide you to the nearest trainer. Learn the Herbalism profession and you’re ready to go!

Awesome! You’re now ready to begin you adventure to become max level in Herbalism


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Peacebloom, Earthroot and Silverleaf

Tirisfal Glades

So first I’ll recommend going to Tirisfal Glades. This is the zone that is nearest the next zone that you’ll be going to. I’ve painted a route on the map, just fly/run that route and your herb cap will reach level 70 in no time 🙂


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Peacebloom, Earthroot and Silverleaf

Elwynn Forest

So here I’ll recommend Elwynn forest to begin with. Follow the red route until skill level 15. When you reach skill level 15, keep following the red route, but when you are at the position to jump on the green route, do so, and then jump back to the red route again.

Congratulations on getting to level 70 in herbalism, you are now ready to take on the next step in your adventure To become an Illustrious Grand Master Herbalist!
Now you are only 5 skill points from reaching the cap of your possible skill level. That means that you will have to find a Herbalism Trainer to be able to get to level 150! I’d suggest that you’ll find the herbalism trainer in Undercity called Martha Alliestar, if you are horde.
If you’re alliance I’d suggest that you’ll go to the trainer just outside Stormwind called Herbalist Pomeroy and learn from her instead.
When you have learned Journeyman Herbalist you are ready to continue!


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Mageroyal, Bruiseweed and Briarthorn

Hillsbrad Foothills

In this step I’d recommend that you go to Hillsbrad Foothills. It’s definetely the quickest way to get skill level 150! Also this route can be very hard to follow if you do not have a flying mount and do not have Flight Master’s License. Also as you see, there are two routes on this one map. You should be following the large red route from skill level 70 to 125 when you reach skill level 125 you go to the inner, smaller green route. There’s some higher level required herbs in that zone, which will make you increase in skill level quicker.
When you reach level 150 in herbalism you could choose to either find Aranae Venomblood in Tarren Mill and learn Expert Herbalist, or you can continue to the next zone immidietly. However if you choose to learn at Aranae Venomblood you can continue in the green route up to skill level 160 if not, you should continue to the next zone at 150 skill level.


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Mageroyal, Bruiseweed, Briarthorn and Stranglekelp.
You will also see some lower level herbs, If you want to get some more moneys, just herb ’em but you will not get skill points for herbs that are “gray” when you hold your mouse over it.


For this part there is no good place for alliance players, if you have a flying mount I’d recommend flying to Hillsbrad Foothills (The horde part) and herb there. But the best alliance place that are nearby the place you’re already at, will be Westfall. Follow the red route until skill level 85, then follow the green route, you can choose to either swim or to run on the shore, NOTE: running on the shore will risk that you do not see all the herbs!

Great, you’re progressing fast! Now you are ready to take on the next zone!
For horde once again you have to find a herbalism trainer to become a Expert Herbalist unless you have already learned it from Aranae Venomblood, if you haven’t I’d suggest you to do so.
For alliance players seek out Flora Silverwind in Booty Bay as your next zone will be in The Cape of Strangletorn Vale.


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Fadeleaf, Kingsblood and Khadgar’s Whisker

Western Plaguelands

For theese levels I’d recommend Western Plaguelands. It has a lot of herbs and are close to the places that we have already been at. If you haven’t leveled to 160 in Hillsbrad Foorhills you won’t be able to gather Khadgar’s Whisker for the first 10 levels untill 160. For all who uses a ground mount for farming in Azeroth, this zone will be a bit easier to complete than the previous zone. For once again you just follow the red route and keep running it, BUT there is one problem here. When you reach skill level 225 you have reached your skill cap. Therefore you will have to find a trainer to get to skill level 230. I’d suggest that you meet with Martha Alliestar once again when you reach skill level 200. From that off, you can farm on to skill level 230.


In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Fadeleaf, Goldthorn and Khadgar’s Whisker

The Cape of Stranglethorn Vale

This zone only have one route for you to follow. It’s a quick, and efficient route. Just simply follow the route and herb what you can, BUT there is one problem here. When you reach skill level 225 you have reached the skill level. You’ll have to find a trainer and luckily there is one in Booty Bay, Flora Silverwind. Gather a few more herbs to skill level 230 and you’re ready to continue.

A small step for WoW, but a great step for yourself! Congratulations, skill level 230 is now reached!
This time you won’t have to visit the trainer, since you can get to skill level 300 from what you already have learned, in the previous step.

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Sungrass

Eastern Plaguelands

In this zone you will also find a lot of other herbs such as Liferoot, Khadgar’s Whisker and a few Arthas’ Tears. You should only herb all of thoose if they’re green or yellow when you hold your mouse over it. When it turns gray you should just continue flying and not stop up to herb it.
Also Alliance peeps, here’s your first long travel. Hope you have a flying mount or flight paths.

Cheers matey! 285 in herbalism, that’s awesome! Keep up the good work!
Now for the fifth time in your career as a herbalist you will have to seek a herbalism trainer!
For horde players I’d suggest to find your way to Orgrimmar (Use Hearthstone as it hopefully leads to Orgrimmar) at first and then find Muraga. She’s a kind lady and will teach you how to be a Master Herbalist for the change of a little tip 🙂 The reason I’d suggest going to Orgrimmar is because we’ll have to go to a zone pretty far away from the previous one.
For alliance players I’d suggest using Hearthstone back to Stormwind. Seek out Tannysa and learn the next level of herbalism.
This time we’ll be going to Swamp of Sorrows! The quickest way is; after you’ve learned the next level of herbalism, ask a guard (Stormwind Guard for alliance and Orgrimmar Grunt for horde) for directions to the mage trainer and run to the mage trainer. When you’re at the mage trainer there is a portal just next to them. It will lead to Blasted Lands, enter the portal. When you have entered the portal you are in Blasted Lands, run straight north and enter Swamp of Sorrows.

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Sorrowmoss and Golden Sensam

Swamp of Sorrows

As written above, this route is very hard to follow, therefore if you think it’s to hard, you could just fly/run Swamp of Sorrows dry in your own made up route, or just fly/run around and hoping for the best 🙂

Allrighty then, going to a new planet for new plants! Now you’re seeking out a whole new planet! Wauw, impressive how fast it goes. The quickest way to Outland would be through The Dark Portal, but. You’d have to go to Terokkar Forest. If you have the flight paths in Outland, or a flying mount yourself, I’d recommend going through the dark portal, and fly from The Dark Portal to Shattrat City. If you don’t I’d recommend going to a main city using your Hearthstone and ask for a mage to make a Portal to Shattrath City for you. When you then reach Shattrath City, seek out Botanist Alaenra to learn Grand Master Herbalism, now you’re ready to begin on Outland!

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Felweed, >Terocone and Dreaming Glory

Terokkar Forest

Easyzone! Just fly around chilling out max! For this zone you have nothing to worry about, besides a few creatures now and then. Theese few levels will take no more then a few minutes, if you have luck on your side.

Outland is a beautiful place, but it is already over and you’re ready to take on Northrend. First step will be coming to get back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind again (once again use Hearthstone if it’s set to Orgrimmar for horde and Stormwind for alliance). When you’ve found your way to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, go find a Herbalism Trainer (Muraga for horde and Tannysa for alliance) and ask if she’d like to teach you how to become a Grand Master Herbalist, and of course she’ll help you out, for a few pennies of course!
For Horde: When you’ve learned it, there is a zeppelin on the top floor of Orgrimmar that is flying Borean Tundra from there you’ll have to fly all the way to Howling Fjord (at this stage I presume you have a flying mount, though it is still possible to complete with a ground mount). From here you just do what you like most; HERBING 🙂
For Alliance: Get to Stormwind Harbor and find the ship that sails straight towards Howling Fjord, and then the fun begins 🙂

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Goldclover (and when you reach skill level 375 Tiger Lily)

Howling Fjord

On this map you will see some places with a white route, theese are for flying mounts only and are used to gather even more Tiger Lily. Besides that, this is a normal farming route as you’ve seen them many times before, no problems again, but some creatures now and then.

O well, that was Howling Fjord, the next one is Sholazar Basin. You’ll have to fly all the way over to Sholazar Basin, it takes some time, but it is worth it. Once again it’ll be hard to complete without a flying mount, it takes long time without and routes are harder to follow. When you reach Sholazar Basin, look at the map and follow the route 🙂

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Adder’s Tongue, Goldclover and Tiger Lily

Sholazar Basin

As I said above it’s getting hard to complete theese routes without a flying mount, if you don’t have a flying mount you won’t be able to follow the route completely, if you’re having trouble you should be finding an alternative route for yourself or try the best to follow the route.

Now that was the forsaken land of Northrend. Now you’re going to the Cataclysm zones! At this point it is required that you have learned to fly in Azeroth.
To complete this step it is required that you have, learned Flight Master’s License.
For Horde: Once again you’ll also be heading for Orgrimmar and again it is preferred to have Hearthstone set to Orgrimmar. When you’re in Orgrimmar, go find Maztha and ask her to learn you Flight Master’s License, if you don’t have it already. Also you should seek out our favourite herbalism trainer Muraga to learn how to become an Illustrious Herbalist. Then find the portals that teleports you to the Cataclysm zones, and right-click the one teleporting you to Mount Hyjal.
For Alliance: You’ll be heading to Stormwind for this step, using Hearthstone to get to Stormwind is the quickest way. When you have reached Stormwind go seek Bralla Cloudwing and learn Flight Master’s License, if you haven’t already learned it. Go seek our kindly night elf friend Tannysa, for some gold she’ll teach you how to become an Illustrious Herbalist. Then you should find the portals that leads to the Cataclysm zones. Find the one to Mount Hyjal and right-click it.
If however you haven’t got the portal to Mount Hyjal open yet. Either fly the way there or get the Mount Hyjal starting quest for Horde or Alliance

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Stormvine, Cinderbloom and Azshara’s Veil when you reach skill level 450

Mount Hyjal

As you can see, and as I wrote above. It’s completely impossible to follow this route without a flying mount. This route will also make you meet some harder mobs then you’re used to, especially around Sethria’s Roost. Still it’s an efficient route and will bring you up to 500 faster than any other way.

Finally! The last step to skill level 525! It’s a short and quick route and it will bring you to skill level 525 in only a few minutes. It is actually the easiest route in whole of this guide, so if you’ve begun to get boring this takes no time! 🙂
For Horde: Once again go back to Orgrimmar using Hearthstone which you of course have set to Orgrimmar, find the portals to all of the Cataclysm zones, and right-click on the one to Uldum.
For Alliance: Once again we’re going to Stormwind, and of course you have your Hearthstone set to Stormwind. Find the portals that lead to the Cataclysm zones and right-click the one for Uldum.
If you haven’t unlocked the portal to Uldum you can choose to either take the quest that unlocks the zone for Horde or the Alliance quest if you’re on the other faction.

Horde and Alliance

In this zone you will gather the following herbs: Whiptail


As said above, easy and simple route. Fly it for some minutes and you will hit 525!

CONGRATULATIONS You’ve reached max level for herbalism! You can be proud of yourself, now you’re ready to farm herbs to sell at auction house or increase your Alchemy or Inscription. Go brag to your friends and tell them how easy it was if you just follow the right routes.

I hope you enjoyed my guide for Herbalism, please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to this guide or any future guide 🙂
Sincerely Yenoren.