WoW Hardcore launch date: August 24th!


WoW Hardcore launch date: August 24th!

Blizzard just announced the release date of Hardcore realms! Hardcore realms will be releasing August 24th! With this will come a few features such as obviously Permanent death. Beyond that, PVP will be opt in, Battlegrounds are disabled, most creatures leash when leaving an area or zone… Below level 60, all dungeons have a 24 hour timer, to prevent people from spamming dungeons.
A new duel to the death has been added!

Blizzard also claims they will be monitoring the servers…. They say malicious player killing will not be tolerated… I wonder if that will actually happen… We shall see!

Check out the list of features below in this graphic by Blizzard.

WoW Hardcore Launch

Face Azeroth’s dangers in WoW Classic’s Hardcore realms and see just how far you can go. You only have one life to live, and the Spirit Healers won’t be there to whisper sweet nothings and send you back out into the world of the living when you die. Death is permanent, and once you’ve been bested by the environment (or even other players), you’ll need to create a new character to try, try again. Learn more about the rules of engagement in our previously published article.


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