Night Elf Leveling Guide (Levels 1-10)

  1. Our journey begins in Shadowglen. The moment you spawn in pick up the quest “Balance of Nature” from Conservator Ilthalaine, the Questmaster directly in front of you. Kill 4 Young Nightsabers & 4 Young Thistle Boars in the surrounding area. Return and turn in the quest and pick up the follow-up quests:
    • Turn in your class sigil Quest and train your class abilities. New skills are available at every even level (2,4,6)
  2. Walk Northeast, and pick up the following quests.
  3. Kill 5 Mangy Nightsabers and 5 Thistle Boars in the Northeast area.
  4. Return to Conservator Ilthalaine, the place you started, to turn in “Balance of Nature.
  5. Walk to Taindrella, who is in sight nearby to the Southwest. Turn in the “The Woodland Protector and get the follow-up quest “The Woodland Protector“. (New quest, same name)
  6. .Head Southwest to the Grell camp and kill Grells until finished collecting the 8 Fel Moss.
  7. Head North: Train your class abilities and get the quest “Webwood Venom from Gilshalan Windwalker. He is standing next to the ramp that goes up the tree.
  1. Head Northwest towards Iverron, West of the Shadowthread Cave entrance to finish “A Good Friend” and pick up the next part: “A Friend In Need“. Kill all spiders nearby for until you reach 10 Webwood Venom Sacs.
  2. Return to Gilshalan Windwalker and turn in the quest “Webwood Venom“. Grab the follow up quest “Webwood Egg“. Then walk over to Dirania Silvershine, who is standing next to a big cauldron, and turn in the quest “A Friend in Need“. Pick up the follow-up Quest “Iverron’s Antidote“.
  3. Head Northwest and pick up 7 Hyacinth Mushrooms growing along the trees, and 4 Moonpetal Lilys growing by the lake.
  4. Kill your way through the Shadowthread Cave until you obtain Webwood Ichor. Go to the end of the cave, you will come to a cliff where Githyiss the Vile is with her eggs. Grab a  Webwood Egg, jump off, and find your way back out.
  5. Return to Dirania Silvershine and Gilshalan Windwalker and turn in “Webwood Egg” and “Iverron’s Antidote” and obtain the follow-up Quests:
  1. Head Northwest – turn in “Tenaron’s Summons” first as it is along the way (while the timer is running). He is located at the very top of the tree. Follow the ramp all the way up. After turning in the quest, pick up “Crown of the Earth” and get the Crystal Phial.
  2. Continue Northwest to Iverron and finish “Iverron’s Antidote“.
  3. Head East to the Moonwell, it is right next to the spider cave, and use the Crystal Phial to fill it.
  4. Return to Tenaron and finish “Crown of the Earth” and get the follow-up quest “Crown of the Earth” (different quest, same name)
  5. Head South of Shadowglen. Pick up the quest “Dolanaar Delivery” from Porthannius.
  6. Follow the road west, talk to Zenn Foulhoof and pick up “Zenn’s Bidding“.
  7. Head Northeast. The area before Starbreeze Village has NightsabersOwls, and Spiders. Kill them to acquire the 3 Nightsaber Fang, 3 Strigid Owl Feather, and 3 Webwood Spider Silk and 7 Small Spider Legs for a quest you will get soon.
    • Then, return to Zenn and turn in “Zenn’s Bidding“. Head west to Dolanaar.
  1. Once you arrive to Dolanaar, Set your Hearthstone to Dolanaar and Train your skills. Turn in “Dolanaar Delivery” and “Crown of the Earth, and pick up:
    1. Seek Redemption!” from Syral Bladeleaf. During the next steps, look around for 3 Fel Cones scattered around near trees.
    2. Denalan’s Earth” also from Syral Bladeleaf.
    3. A Troubling Breeze” from Athridas Bearmantle
    4. The Emerald Dreamcatcher” from Tallonkai Swiftroot
    5. Don’t get “Twisted Hatred. It is not worth the time it takes to complete the quest.
    6. Crown of the Earth” from Corithras Moonrage (again, same name different quest)
    7. Recipe of the Kaldorei” by Zarrin, the Cooking Trainer. (Train Cooking first to be able to get this quest)
      • Remember those small spider legs we gathered? This is where you turn them in. As soon as you accept the quest, turn it in!
  2. By now you should have found the 3 Fel Cones. Head East to Zenn and turn in “Seek Redemption!
  3. Continue East towards Starbreeze Village. Just before it, reach the Moonwell and fill the Jade Phial.
  4. In Starbreeze Village, head to the second floor of the inn building and talk to Gaerolas to finish “A Troubling Breeze. Get the follow-up “Gnarlpine Corruption“.
  5. Go to the house at the Southeast side of Starbreeze Village to pick up the “Emerald Dreamcatcher“.
  6. Head back to Dolanaar. Turn in your quests: 
  7. and get the new quests:
  1. Head Southeast to a small camp next to Lake Al’Ameth and talk to Denalan. Compete the quest “Denalan’s Earth“. Collect the quests:
  2. Kill the Timberlings nearby to collect Timberling seeds and collect Timberling Sprouts on the ground around the lake.
  3. Head further East back to the Starbreez Village to kill Ferocitas the Dream Eater and 7 Gnarlpine Mystics. They are located a little farther North of the village along the border of Teldrassil. After looting the Gnarlpine Necklace, right click it and loot Tallonkal’s Jewel from it.
  4. Head back to Dolanaar and turn in the quest “Ferocitas the Dream Eater“. Don’t bother picking up the follow-up quest “Twisted Hatred“. Train your skills.
  5. Head West on the road and along the way, talk to Moon Priestess Amara and pick up the quest “The Road to Darnassus“.
  6. Head Southwest off the road and kill Gnarlspine Ambushers. It will be along the bend to your left.
  7. Head Southwest to the Pools of Arlithrien. You will find the Moonwell along the Southeast portion of the pools. Once you find the Moonwell, fill your Tourmaline Vial.
  8. Hearth back Dolanaar.
    • At Dolanaar, turn in “Crown of the Earth and get the next step in the quest and the Amethyst Vial.
  1. Walk West along the path to Darnassus. Stop by at Moon Priestess Amara on the road and turn in “The Road to Darnassus“.
  2. Once you get to Darnassus set your Hearthstone to Darnassus. 
  3. Turn in the quest “Rellian Greenspyre” by talking to Rellian Greenspyre at the Cenarion Enclave Northwest part of town and get the follow-up “Tumors“.
  4. Head South to The Temple of the Moon to Priestess A’Moora, she is on the top floor. Get the quest “Tears of the Moon“.
  5. Head Northeast out of Darnassus, follow the road until you reach a fork in the road. Take the road heading North. This road will take you to The Oracle Glade. Pick up “The Enchanted Glade” from Arynia Cloudsbreak. Also, fill up your Amethyst Phial at the Moonwell right next to her.
  6. Clear a path Northwest through the harpies. You will find Mist the panther there as well hidden away in a corner. Once you have cleared the area and gathered up 6 Bloodfather Belts, talk to Mist and accept the quest to escort it back to Sentinel Arynia. (This may take a few times to complete since the harpies are slightly higher level, they like to stack, and they also like to heal themselves. I would suggest getting a friend to help if possible.)
  7. Head North to get the quest “The Shimmering Frond” from the Strange Fronded Plant.
  8. Head East and look for the spider Lady Sathrah. Check both locations, she randomly spawns in one of them.
  9. Head South down the river. If you are lucky, you may be able to find Blackmoss the Fetid. If you kill him, he drops a quest item which starts a quest. Don’t worry if you don’t find him, he is a rare spawn with a long cooldown spawn period. Kill the Timberlings for 5 Mossy Tumors.
    • Once done, return to Darnassus.
  1. At Darnassus, turn in your quests:
  2. Head East to Dolanaar and turn in “Crown of the Earth” and get the final step in the “Crown of the Earth” quest chain.
  3. Return to to the small camp next to the Lake Al’Ameth to talk to Denalan and turn in “Return to Denalan” and “The Shimmering Frond“. Then pick up the “Oakenscowl” quest.
  4. Complete “Oakenscowl” by killing Oakenscowl. To find Oakenscowl, swim down the center of the lake until you reach the end and then take a left. He is located inside the cave.
  5. Return to Denalan and turn in “Oakenscowl“.
  6. Hearth to DarnassusTrain your skills. Also, since you won’t be coming to Darnassus for a while, go to the Weapon Master at the Warrior’s Terrace (Talk to a guard and ask for the location of Weapon Masters for a pinpoint location) and train proficiency in any weapon skills you can learn.
    • Get the quest “Nessa Shadowsong” from Mydrannul at the Eastern entrance to Darnassus.
    • Turn in “Crown of the Earth” to Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm in the Cenarion Enclave area of the northern area of the city. Don’t pick up the follow up.
    • Step through the purple portal in Darnassus.
      1. Head down the path and turn in “Nessa Shadowsong” and get the follow-up The Bounty of Teldrassil“.
      2. Continue down the path to the flight master and turn in “The Bounty of Teldrassil” to get the follow-up “Flight to Auberdine“. Take the flight to Auberdine.
      3. At Auberdine, complete “The Bounty of Teldrassil” by speaking to Laird in the Inn and get the follow-up “Return to Nessa“. Then fly back again, talk to Nessa to complete “Return to Nessa“. Finally, fly back again to Auberdine.
      4. At the Auberdine Docks, take the boat to Stormwind Harbor.
  1. At Stormwind, make sure to get the Stormwind Flight Path. Some classes will have a Level 10 Class Quest as well at their class trainer – pick it up. Also, get Humble Beginnings from Baros Alexston in the northeast section of Cathedral Square.
  2. Head southeast to Goldshire