Elwynn Forest 10-13

  1. Head over to the tavern and Set your Hearthstone to Goldshire, then get all the quests in the area:
    • Gold Dust Exchange” from Remy “Two Times”.
    • A Fishy Peril” from Remy “Two Times”.
      As soon as you pick this quest up, turn around, talk to Marshal Dughan, and turn it in. Then get the follow-up quest “Further Concerns“.
  2. Head Southwest to The Stonefield Farm. Talk  to “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield and pick up the quests “Lost Necklace“. The NPC standing next to her is Ma Stonefield. Speak to her and pick up the quest  “Princess Must Die!
  3. Head East to The Maclure Vineyards and talk to Maybell to get “Young Lovers“. Maybell is located in the house on the farm. Then walk over to the barn and talk to Billy Maclure and turn in “Lost Necklace“. Make sure to get the follow-up quest “Pie for Billy“. Kill Stonetusk Boars at the farm for 4 Chunk of Bear Meat.
  4. Leave the Vineyard and head West to The Stonefield Farm. Talk to “Auntie” Bernice Stonefield to turn in “Pie for Billy“. Get the follow-up “Back to Billy“. Further to the West along the rivers edge, turn in the quest “Young Lovers” to Tommy Joe Stonefield. Get the follow-up “Speak with Gramma“. You can find Gramma Stonefield inside the house on The Stonefield Farm. Turn in the quest, then go ahead and pick up the follow-up quest “Note to William“.
  5. Now we return to Billy Maclure at The Maclure Vineyard in front of the barn. Talk to Billy and turn in the quest “Back to Billy” and get the follow-up quest “Goldtooth“.
  6. Head South inito the Fargodeep Mine. Kill your way through to the northeast section and kill Goldtooth for Bernice’s Necklace. You don’t have to complete “Gold Dust Exchange” or “Kobold Candles” yet as there will be another mine to visit soon.
  7. Return to Goldshire.
  1. Once you arrive in Goldshire, find Marshal Dughan and turn in the quest “The Fargodeep Mine“. Get the follow-up quest “The Jasperlode Mine“. Then turn around and enter the Tavern. Talk to William Pestle to turn in the quest “Note to William” and get the follow-up quest “Collecting Kelp“. If you chose to complete the quest “Kobold Candles” while in the mine, you can go ahead and turn it in now if you wish. Make sure to pick up the follow-up quest “Shipment to Stormwind“. Same goes for the quest “Gold Dust Exchange“. You do not have to finish them now, we will be revisiting this later on in the guide.
  2. Head Northeast to Crystal Lake and kill Murlocs for 4 Crystal Kelp Fronds.
  3. Head Northeast to the Jasperlode Mine and fight your way through until you get: (Here is where you would be finishing “Kobold Candles” and “Gold Dust Exchange” if you haven’t already finished/turned them in.)
    • Credit for Exploring the Mine
    • 10 Gold Dust
    • 8 Large Candle
  4. Head Southeast to Guard Thomas who is sitting at a bridge along the main road. Turn in “Further Concerns” and get the follow-ups “Find the Lost Guards” and “Protect the Frontier“.
  5. Head Northwest along the waters edge till you find A Half-Eaten Body and complete “Find the Lost Guards” and get the follow-up “Discover Rolf’s Fate“.
  6. Head Northeast across the Stone Cairn Lake to Rolf’s Corpse and complete “Discover Rolf’s Fate“. Get the follow-up “Report to Thomas“.
  7. Head Southeast into the Eastvale Logging Camp.
  1. At the Eastvale Logging Camp, talk to Supervisor Raelen, who is located at the center of the camp, to get the quest “A Bundle of Trouble“. Then go to the house that is to the far left to talk to Sara Timberlain and get the quest “Red Linen Goods“.
  2. Head around the camp from the Northwest to the Southeast and gather 8 Bundles of Wood, kill 8 Prowlers and kill 5 Young Forest Bears.
  3. Continue Southwest and cross the river to head over to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch. Kill Defias Bandits for 6 Red Linen Bandana and kill Princess for her Brass Collar. If you get lucky, you may get the random drop Westfall Deed which starts the quest “Furlbrow’s Deed“.
  4. Once you are done, walk North from the Pumpkin Patch until you find the road. Turn left and head East until you run into Guard Thomas. Turn in the quest “Protect the Frontier” and “Report to Thomas“. Get the follow-up “Deliver Thomas’ Report“.
  5. Go back to the Eastvale Logging Camp and turn in “A Bundle of Trouble” and “Red Linen Goods“.
    • Once done, Hearth to Goldshire.
  1. At Goldshire, turn in your quests:
  2. Head South to the Maclure Vineyards and turn in “The Escape“.
  3. Head West to the Stonefield Farm. Turn in “Goldtooth” and “Princess Must Die!
  4. Head Northwest to Westbrook Garrison. Turn in “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!” and get the quests “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty” from Deputy Rainer. Now go over to the wanted poster by the road and pick up “Wanted: Hogger (Group)
  5. Head South to the gnoll camps and kill the Riverpaw Gnolls for 8 Painted Gnoll Armband. If you get lucky, you may get the random drop Gold Pickup Schedule as a random quest drop from the gnolls, which starts the quest “The Collector“.
    Also, try to find someone to group with to kill the infamous Hogger for his Huge Gnoll Claw. He’s soloable, but is a difficult fight – use any items you’ve gotten so far to help, especially a healing potion.
  6. Head North to Westbrook Garrison and turn in “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty“.
  7. Head Northeast to Goldshire. Turn in “Wanted: “Hogger”” – and, if you got lucky with the random drop, turn in “The Collector“. Don’t get the follow-up Manhunt because it is far out of the way. Train your skills.

That concludes Elwynn Forest. Head southwest into Westfall.