Dwarf Leveling Guide (Levels 1-10)

  1. Your adventure start! You spawn in Coldridge Valley and right in front of you is Sten Stoutarm. Speak to him and get the quest “Dwarven Outfitters.
  2. Head Southwest and kill Ragged Young Wolves for 8 Tough Wolf Meat.
    Return to Sten Stoutarm. Turn in “Dwarven Outfitters and get the follow-ups “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery” and “A New Threat“.
  3. Head South and kill 6 Rockjaw Troggs and 6 Burly Rockjaw Troggs.
    Return to Sten Stoutarm and turn in “A New Threat“.
  4. Head West down the road until you run into Talin Keeneye and turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery“.
    Get the next step in the chain “Coldridge Valley Mail“. Also, get “The Boar Hunter“.
  5. Head West and kill 8 Small Crag Boars.
    Return to Talin Keeneye and turn in “The Boar Hunter“.
  6. Head Southeast to Grelin Whitebeard and turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery“. Get “The Troll Cave” and “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery“.
  7. Return to Anvilmar.
  1. At Anvilmar, turn in “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery” and get the follow-up “Bring Back the Mug“. Also, talk to Felix Whindlebolt get “A Refugee’s Quandary” on your way out. If you haven’t already, get and turn in (Your Class) Quest and train your skills while you are in town. New skills are available at every even level (2,4,6)
  2. Head Southwest to Nori Pridedraift and turn in “Bring Back the Mug.
    ~During the next steps, kill 10 Frostmane Troll Whelps around Felix’s items.~
  3. Pick up Felix’s Box. It is located in a troll camp directly West from dwarf camp is.
  4. Pick up Felix’s Chest. Follow the mountain ridge South from where you just picked up Felix’s Box. You will find another Troll camp where you will pick up Felix’s Chest.
  5. Pick up Felix’s Bucket of Bolts. Keep following the mountain range until you find the troll cave.
  6. Return to Grelin Whitebeard. Turn in “The Troll Cave” and get the follow-up “The Stolen Journal.
  7. Head Southeast into the cave and take the first right at the entrance. Go to the end of the cave and kill Grik’nir the Cold for Grelin Whitebe
  8. Return to Grelin Whitebeard.
  1. At Grelin Whitebeard, turn in “The Stolen Journal and get the follow-up Senir’s Observations.
  2. Head Northeast to Anvilmar and turn in “A Refugee’s Quandry“. Also, train your skills.
  3. Head East to Mountaineer Thalos. Turn in “Senir’s Observations” and get the next step in the chain “Senir’s Observations“. Also, get “Supplies to Tannok“.
  4. Head Northeast through the pass and follow the road to Kharanos.
  1. Once you arrive at Kharanos, speak to Senir Whitebeard at the camp right before the Inn and turn in the Quest “Senir’s Observations“. Then talk to the innkeeper to Set Your Hearthstone to Thunderbrew Distillery. Turn in the quest “Supplies to Tannok” by speaking to Tannok Frosthammer. Then step outside and speak to Ragnar Thunderbrew, who is standing if front of the Inn, to get the quest “Beer Basted Boar Ribs“. Walk across the path to speak to Tharek Blackstone, who is standing in front of the building across from the Inn, to get the quest “Tools for Steelgrill“..
  2. Head Northeast to Steelgrill’s Depot. Talk to Beldin Steelgrill and turn in “Tools for Steelgrill“. Then get all the quests in the area:
  3. Head southwest down the main road of Kharanos and take a right turn right after the building on the right. Follow the slope down into The Grizzled Den and kill Wendigos for 8 Wendigo Mane.
  4. Luckily the small camp you need to pick up Rumbleshot’s Ammo is just South of The Gizzled Den. Pick it up on your way to kill Crag Boars and Young Black Bears to get 4 Chunks of Boar Meat, 6 Crag Boar Ribs, and 2 Thick Bear Fur. You can find them near the small camp as well as next to Steelgrill’s Depot.
  5. Follow the Main road and head southwest to Hegnar Rumbleshot. He is located in a camp on the side of the road. Once you find him turn in “Ammo for Rumbleshot.
  6. Head Northeast to Kharanos. Go into the Tavern and buy a Rhapsody Malt from the Innkeeper. Walk outside and talk to Ragnar Thunderbrew. Turn in “Beer Basted Boar Ribs.
    • While you are there check in with your class trainer to see if there is anything new for you to learn!
  7. With that all out of the way, head Northeast to Steelgrill’s Depot. Talk to Pilot Bellowfiz and turn in the quest “Stocking Jetsteam“. Go ahead and get the follow-up quest “Evershine. Then wander on over to Pilot Stonegear and turn in the quest “The Grizzled Den.
  1. Head West to Brewnall Village. Turn in “Evershine” and get all the quests in the area:
  2. Head southeast back to Kharanos and into the tavern. Buy a Thunder Ale from the innkeeper and go downstairs. Jarven Thunderbrew will be standing at the bottom of the staircase. He will have a blue question-mark above his head. Talk to him and give him the Thunder Ale. He will walk away and leave you alone with the ale barrels. Interact with the Unguarded Thunder Ale Barrel, complete the quest “Bitter Rivals“, and get the follow-up quest “Return to Marleth. Once you finish, walk out of the Inn and walk down the road heading South a short ways to the small camp on the left. Speak to Senir Whitebeard and pick up the quest “Frostmane Hold.
  3. Head North down the main road to Razzle Sprysprocket. He is located in a house to the left, there is a path that splits off the main road. Go inside and pick up the quest “Operation Recombobulation“.
  4. Now lets head back Steelgrill’s Depot, talk to Pilot Bellowfiz and turn in the quest “Return to Bellowfiz.
  5. Head North down the main road (like you are heading to Ironforge) but instead of taking a right to the big city, take a left onto the frozen river. Follow the frozen river all the way to Iceflow Lake and take a right. There will be a path leading up the hill. Follow it till you get to Shimmer Ridge. Kill Frostmane Seers and open Shimmerweed Baskets for 6 Shimmerweed. Once you are done, exit the way you came.
  6. From here head Southwest across the Iceflow Lake and head to Brewnall Village. Talk to Marleth Barleybrew and turn in the quest “Return to Marleth“. Then talk to Rejold Barleybrew and turn in the quest “The Perfect Stout. Get the follow-up “Shimmer Stout.
  7. Head Northwest to Gnomeregan and kill Leper Gnomes for 8 Restabilization Cogs and 8 Gyromechanic Gears.
  8. From there head Southwest into Frostmane Hold. Enter the cave and clear your way through the trolls to the end of it to get credit for Fully Explore Frostmane Hold. You will naturally finish killing 5 Frostmane Headhunters during your exploration.
  9. To save you a butload of more walking, hearth to Thunderbrew Distillery by using your Hearthstone. (Take this time to clear your inventory and talk to your class trainer)
  1. We are now back in Kharanos at the Tavern. Walk out the front door and head straight until you run into Senir Whitebeard. Talk to him and turn in the quest “Frostmane Hold. Grab the follow-up quest  “The Reports.
  2. Turn around and head back North to go to Razzle Sprysproket’s house. Turn in the Quest “Operation Recombobulation“.
  3. Head North down the main road and follow it until you come to the right turn right before the bridge. Turn right and follow that road East to Amberstill Ranch. It is located on the left side of the road. Follow the path behind the building and talk to Rudra Amberstill. Grab the quest “Protecting the Herd.
  4. Leave the ranch and follow the base of the mountain heading Southwest. You will eventually come across a path that leads up the mountain and around to the Den of Vagash. Kill Vagash for the Fang of Vagash. Then, jump down to Amberstill Ranch and turn in “Protecting the Herd.
  5. Head Southeast into Gol’Bolar Quarry. Talk to Senator Mehr Stonehallow and pick up the quest “The Public Servant“. Then speak to Foreman Stonebrow and pick up the quest “Those Blasted Troggs!
  6. Head Northeast down the main road heading towards the North Gate Outpost. Talk to Pilot Hammerfoot and get the quest “The Lost Pilot.
  7. Head Northwest to A Dwarven Corpse to complete “The Lost Pilotand get the follow-up quest “A Pilot’s Revenge. From here head slightly west and kill Mangeclaw. He is sitting at the end of the dead end, you can’t miss him.
    • Now return to the North Gate Outpost and talk to Pilot Hammerfoot to turn in the quest “A Pilot’s Revenge.
  8. Now to head to the South Gate Outpost. Talk to Mountaineer Barleybrew and turn in the quest “Shimmer Stout. Get the follow-up “Stout to Kadrell.
  9. Head east through the South Gate Pass to Loch Modan.
  1. Head Northeast straight to Thelsamar. Chase down Mountaineer Kadrell and turn in the quest “Stout to Kadrell“. Don’t bother grabbing any of the follow up quests. Grab the flight path and prepare to fly!
  1. Fly to Ironforge and talk to Senator Barin Redstone to turn in the quest “The Reports“. He is located in The High Seat, Southwest of the Gryphon Master in the center of Ironforge. 
  2. Then go to the Deeprun Tram. Inside the tram area, get “Deeprun Rat Roundupfrom Monty in the center platform. Use the Rat Catcher’s Flute when you’re near a Deeprun Rat, and capture 5 Deeprun Rats. Then, turn in the quest “Deeprun Rat Roundup“. Grab the follow-up quest “Me Brother, Nipsy.
    • Take the tram to Stormwind. At the Stormwind tram, turn in the quest “Me Brother, Nipsy.
  1. While in Stormwind,  make sure to get the Stormwind Flight Path, and get the quest “Humble Beginningsfrom Baros Alexston in the Northeast section of Cathedral Square. Also, train your skills. Some classes will have a Level 10 Class Quest as well, pick it up.
  2. Head Southeast to Goldshire.