Draenei Leveling Guide (Levels 1-10)

  1. You are one of many that survived the crash! Start your journey by getting the quest “You Survived!” from Megelon in front of you.
  2. Head down the path Southwest to the Crash Site. Talk to Proenitus and turn in “You Survived!“. Then pick up the follow-up quest “Replenishing the Healing Crystals“. To the right of the crash site a little ways down, pick up the quest “Volatile Mutations“.
  3. Head North of the Crash Site and kill 8 Volatile Mutation and Vale Moths for 8 Vial of Moth Blood.
  4. Head West of the Crash Site and kill Mutated Root Lashers for 10 Lasher Samples. Use your Gift of the Naaru ability on one of many wounded Draenei Survivor‘s in the area. Don’t forget to gather 3 Corrupted Flowers while you are at it.
  5. Head Southeast to the Owlkin area. Head Southeast through the tunnel. Use your Inoculating Crystal on the 6 Neutral Nestlewood Owlkin and pick up 4 Emitter Spare Parts.
  6. Head West to Silverline Lake to the Irradiated Power Crystal and click it to Disperse the Neutralizing Agent.
  7. Head Southwest to Tolaan. He is hiding a few feet from the entrance of the blood elf camp and turn in The Missing Scout. Get the follow-up “The Blood Elves“.
  8. Head Southwest and kill 10 Blood Elf Scouts.
  1. Head West out of the area to Aeun and get “Word from Azure Watch“. Head further West and get “Red Snapper – Very Tasty! from Diktynna.
  2. Head North and use your Draenei Fishing Net while you’re over Schools of Red Snapper to catch 10 Red Snapper.
    Then, return to Diktynna and turn in Red Snapper – Very Tasty! Get the follow-up “Find Acteon!
  3. Head West down the main road and walk to Azure Watch. Turn in:
  4. Head South and kill Moongraze Stag for 6 Moongraze Stag Tenderloin and Root Trappers for 8 Root Trapper Vines.
  5. Head Northwest and kill Moongraze Buck for 6 Moongraze Buck Hide. While you are in the area, look around the base of the trees and gather 5 Azure Snapdragon Bulbs. During your killing spree, look for an Infected Nightstalker Runt. Kill one to get a Faintly Glowing Crystal, which will start the quest “Strange Findings“.
  1. Head South to Odesyus’ Landing. Turn in The Prophecy of Velen” and get the follow-up quest “A Small Start“. Also, get the quest “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo.
  2. Head East along the shore and kill Skittering Crawlers until you get 6 Skittering Crawler Meat.
  3. Keep heading East until you run into Geezle’s Camp. Loot the Nautical Compass and Nautical Map. The compass is in the Southeastern part of camp, the map is in the Northwestern part.
  4. Return to Odesyus’ Landing and turn in “A Small Start and “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo“. Get the follow-up quests:
  5. Head Northeast and gather 5 Pile of Leaves and a Hollowed Out Tree.
  6. Head Southwest along the coast to get to Wrathscale Point.
    • Collect 8 Ancient Relics
    • Kill 5 Wrathscale Myrmidon, 5 Wrathscale Naga, and 5 Wrathscale Siren
    • While killing the wrathscale’s, they will drop a tablet that will start the quest “Rune Covered Tablet.
  7. Return to Odesyus’ Landing and turn in:
  8. Return North to Azure Watch.
  1. At Azure Watch, Train your skills. Get “Learning the Language” and “The Missing Fisherman“.
    Read the Stillpine Furbolg Language Primer then complete the quest at the Totem of Akida. Get the follow-up “Totem of Coo“.
  2. Follow the Stillpine Ancestor Akida Northeast to the Totem of Coo. Complete the quest “Totem of Coo” and get the follow-up “Totem of Tikti“.
  3. Follow the Stillpine Ancestor Coo East off the cliff once you gain the Ghost Walk buff to the Totem of Tikti. Complete the quest “Totem of Tikti” and get the follow-up “Totem of Yor“.
  4. Swim South to the Totem of Yor. Complete the quest “Totem of Yor” and get the follow-up “Totem of Vark“.
  5. Follow Stillpine Ancestor Yor West until you turn into a spirit, then go ahead to the Totem of Vark. Complete the quest and get the follow-up “The Prophecy of Akida“.
  6. Kill the Bristlelimb Furbolgs for the Bristlelimb Keys and Free 8 Stillpine Captives.
  7. Head Southwest to Wrathscale Point and go into the cave to kill Warlord Sriss’tiz at the end of the cave (southwesternmost area).
    • Once you ender the cave there will be a small hole going down. Jump in and you will find yourself right next to him.
  8. Swim Southwest across to the Naga Flag and use the Tree Disguise Kit and listen to the conversation.
  9. Head Southwest to Cowlen. He is sitting at the end of a bridge on the island. Turn in The Missing Fisherman. Get the follow-up “All That Remains.
  10. Head Northwest and kill Owlbeasts until you get the Remains of Cowlen’s Family.
  11. Head Northeast back to Odesyus’ Landing to turn in “Tree’s Company and Warlord Sriss’tiz. Get the follow-up quest “Show Gnomercy“.
  12. Head South along the shore to Engineer “Spark” Overgrind and talk to him, then kill him.
    • Then, return to Odesyus’ Landing and turn in Show Gnomercy. Don’t worry about grabbing any follow-ups. We are heading to Goldshire levels for 10-13.
  13. Head to The Exodar, but instead of going inside, follow the path that leads West and get on the ship. When the ship lands at the next destination walk onto the dock and take the first right to the next dock and get on the ship heading to Stormwind.
  1. While in Stormwind,  make sure to get the Stormwind Flight Path, and get the quest “Humble Beginningsfrom Baros Alexston in the Northeast section of Cathedral Square. Also, train your skills. Some classes will have a Level 10 Class Quest as well, pick it up.
  2. Head Southeast to Goldshire.