Warmane TBC Launched!
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Warmane TBC Launched!

Breaking News

  • Outland is now live! Realm is under heavy load and is being closely monitored.
  • Player cap has been raised to 13,000 as we work to reduce or eliminate the queue altogether.
  • Please keep in mind that unexpected issues may arise during launch.
  • Outland is being closely monitored and we’re addressing all issues and applying hotfixes as they arise.
  • Due to high amount of traffic and overload, website may experience intermittent downtime.

design features

  • x5 experience rate.
  • Trainer costs will be lowered to 20% of original cost.
  • All other rates will be x1.
  • The realm will be progression based, emulating the 2.1 patch on the beginning, with all respective attunements.
  • The following raid content will be available at the beginning: Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep.
  • Isle of Quel’Danas will be closed until the realm reaches that point in progression. The isle itself will be progressive as it was designed, once released.
  • PvP gear will be Season 1, Gladiator gear.
  • The marketplace will not be implemented for at least a month and on release it will only contain items that were already obtained by the players. The marketplace itself will be progressive.
  • Quality of Life additions such as Dual Specialization, Faction Change, Race Change, Experience Lock might not be present immediately on launch but are planned to be implemented.


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