1-12 Human Part 2

1-10 Elywnn Forest Part 2

  1. Go south to (81, 66) and turn in “A Bundle of Trouble”
  2. Cross the road and go south and east and finish killing the bears and wolves for “Protect the Frontier” bears are kinda scarce so you might have to search.
  3. While doing this you can get some, if not all, of the red bandannas for “Red Linen Goods” at (90, 78)
  4. Go back to (73, 72) near the bridge and turn in “Protect the Frontier” and “Report to Thomas” accept “Deliver Thomas’ Report”
  5. Go down to the pumpkin patch at (69, 78) and kill the rest of the defias for “Red Linen Goods”
  6. You might find Furlbrow’s Deed on the defias while you’re killing defias just hold it for now.
  7. Go to (79, 68) and turn in “Red Linen Goods” it should make you lvl 9 or bring you really close
  8. Stop at the bridge again at (73, 72) and accept “Report to Gryan Stoutmantle” must be 9 to accept
  9. Hearth to Goldshire
  10. By the front door turn in “Collecting Kelp” accept “The Escape”
  11. Just outside the Inn turn in “The Jasperlode Mine” and “Deliver Thomas’ Report” SKIPt “Cloth and Leather Armor” accept “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!”
  12. In the blacksmith house right here accept “Elmore’s Task” then get training
  13. Run south to the Maclure Vinyard at (43, 89) and turn in “The Escape”
  14. Run west to the Stonefield Farm at (34, 84) and turn in “Goldtooth”
  15. Go NW to (34, 74) and turn in “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!” accept “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty” You will also see the wanted poster and it’s the famous old hogger quest. He’s a tough level 11 elite and is not easy so skip it unless you have a group it’s up to you. Remember on new servers you’re probably still within range of everyone so it shouldn’t be hard to get done.
  16. Go just south of the road and start killing gnolls for “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty” they can also drop a gold schedule which starts a quest
  17. Go back up to (34, 74) and turn in “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty”
  18. You should be very close to 10 now.
  19. Follow the road west into Westfall

10-12 Westfall

  1. Go to (59, 19) and turn in “Furlbrow’s Deed” if you found it before
  2. Accept “Westfall Stew” SKIP “Poor Old Blanchy”
  3. Go in the house at (56, 30) and turn in “Westfall Stew”
  4. Go to (56, 47) and turn in “Report to Gryan Stoutmantle”
  5. Go in the tower and accept “A Swift Message”
  6. Get the FP at (56, 52) and turn in “A Swift Message” accept “Continue to Stormwind”
  7. Fly to SW unless you did hogger, then hearth to Goldshire and turn it in outside the Inn then train
  8. In SW go to (56, 64) and turn in “Shipment to Stormwind”
  9. Train new weapons at (57, 57)
  10. Go to (74, 47) and turn in “Continue to Stormwind” accept “Dungar Longdrink”
  11. Go to (51, 12) and turn in “Elmore’s Task” accept “Stormpike’s Delivery” this will be done on the way to the wetlands
  12. Go to (78, 45) and accept “A Warrior’s Training” or your classes level 10 quest.
  13. Go to (66, 62) and turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery” accept “Return to Lewis” then fly back to Westfall
  14. Go to the tower at (56, 47) and turn in “Return to Lewis” super easy xp
  15. Fly back to SW Go in the bar at (74, 37) and turn in “A Warrior’s Training” accept “Bartleby the Drunk” then turn around and hand it in, accept “Beat Bartleby”
  16. Kick bartleby’s ass then talk to him again and accept “Bartleby’s Mug” then turn it in behind you and learn your defense
  17. Go into the tram at (63, 8) and take it to IF
  18. Once it stops, accept “Deeprun Rat Roundup” just collect 5 rats and turn it in. You could skip this and keep the flute, It can really piss people off if you play it non stop around the IF bank. SKIP “Me Brother, Nipsy” unless you go back to SW on the tram because you get crap xp
  19. Grab the FP at (55, 47)
  20. After the rat quest, you should be real close to 11
  21. Leave IF and head into Dun Morogh
  22. Run east to (68, 55) and accept “The Public Servant”
  23. Go behind him and accept “Those Blasted Troggs!”
  24. Go in the pit below and kill the troggs here and in the cave for both quests then turn them back in at (68, 55)
  25. Go east to (80, 51) and follow the path into Loch Modan

11-12 Loch Modan

  1. Go to (22, 73) and accept “In Defense of the King’s Lands”
  2. Go up in the tower and accept “The Trogg Threat”
  3. At (33, 50) grab the FP
  4. Look for the wandering guidrd and accept “Rat Catching”
  5. Kill troggs from (27, 53) and north for “In Defense of the King’s Lands” and “The Trogg Threat”
  6. Go back to (22, 73) and turn them both in
  7. Go north to the tower at (24, 18) and turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery”
  8. You should be 12 now or close to it. You can grind if you’d like but it doesn’t matter much. Follow the Night Elf to IF guide but just go backwards. You’re going to go north through the wetlands to menethil, then boat to auberdine from here.