Levels 12-17

12-17 Darkshore

  1. Now you’re in Auberdine, do the following:
  2. Once you land grab “Washed Ashore pt.1” right in front of you
  3. Turn in “Flight to Auberdine” accept “Return to Nessa” I fly back to Darnassus to get it done. She’s right off the edge of the dock.
  4. Run out on the docks of Auberdine grab “For Love Eternal” at (35, 43)
  5. Go upstairs accept “Buzzbox 827”
  6. Accept “Cave Mushrooms” in front of the Inn
  7. Grab “The Red Crystal” near the bridge
  8. Buy some 6 slot bags if you haven’t found 3 by now at (37, 40) then grab “Bashal’Aran pt.1” and “Tools of the Highborne”
  9. I then get mining at (38, 41)
  10. Go south over the bridge, grab “Plagued Lands”
  11. Run inside, grab “How Big a Threat? pt.1”
  12. Go do “Washed Ashore pt.1” at (36, 50) grind from town to there to get Crawler legs for “Buzzbox 827”
  13. Turn in “Buzzbox 827” at (36, 46) accept “Buzzbox 411”
  14. Turn in “Washed Ashore pt.1” accept “Washed Ashore pt.2”
  15. Do “Washed Ashore pt.2” at (31, 46) west of boat dock. Turn it in
  16. Go do:
  17. “Buzzbox 411” Threshers look like loch ness in the water, turn it in at (41, 28) accept “Buzzbox 323”
  18. Stop at (36, 51) accept “Beached Sea Creature”
  19. “Bashal’Aran pt.1” at (44, 36) grinding along the way, accept “Bashal’Aran pt.2” killing grells around him for earrings.
  20. Turn in “Bashal’Aran pt.2” at (44, 36) accept “Bashal’Aran pt.3”
  21. Do “Bashal’Aran pt.3” by killing satyr’s and turn it in accept “Bashal’Aran pt.4”
  22. Grind to (47, 48) and do “The Red Crystal”
  23. Grind to (40, 53) to find the camp for “How Big a Threat? pt.1”
  24. Run down to Ameth’Aran at (40, 59) and accept “The Fall of Ameth’Aran” do it at (43, 58) and (42, 63)
  25. Do “Tools of the Highborne” while in here, killing mobs for them.
  26. Do “For Love Eternal” at (41, 58) she’s lvl 16 but easy.
  27. Do “Bashal’Aran pt.4” at (42, 61)
  28. Turn in “The Fall of Ameth’Aran” at (40, 59)
  29. To the west of Amath’Aran do “Plagued Lands
  1. Turn in “Plagued Lands” at the first house accept “Cleansing the Infected”
  2. Go inside hand in “How Big a Threat? pt.1” accept “How Big a Threat? Pt.2”
  3. Accept “Thundris Windweaver”
  4. Go Upstairs accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.1”
  5. Don’t do “Deep Ocean, Vast Sea” it’s not worth it and too hard
  6. Go in the merchant house, turn in “Tools of the Highborne”
  7. Turn in “Thundris Windweaver” accept “The Cliffspring River”
  8. Turn in “The Red Crystal” near the Inn accept “As Water Cascades”
  9. Fill the Vial in the Moonwell for “As Water Cascades”
  10. Accept “WANTED: Murkdeep!” in front of the Inn (lvl 15 quest now)
  11. Turn in “For Love Eternal” on the dock. Watch the love story
  12. You should be 14 by now get skills in Darnassus
  13. Turn in “Bashal’Aran pt.4” at (44, 36)
  14. Kill Moonstalkers and Rabid Thistle Bears all around (48, 30) while you head to (50, 25) for “The Cliffspring River”
  15. Accept “Beached Sea Turtle” at (44, 20)
  16. Turn in “Buzzbox 323” at (51, 24) accept “Buzzbox 525”
  17. Go to (54, 32) and do “Cave Mushrooms”
  18. Head south stopping at (47, 48) to do “As Water Cascades” accept “The Fragments Within”
  19. Grind to (40, 53) and do “How Big a Threat? Pt.2”
  20. Stop at (37, 62) and grab “Beached Sea Turtle”
  21. Follow the shore and “Beached Sea Creature” at (36, 70)
  22. Turn in “Grove of the Ancients” at (43, 76)
  23. Kill Grizzled Thistle Bear South of Grove of the Ancients for “Buzzbox 525” then turn it in at (41, 80)
  24. Stop at (35, 74) and do “WANTED: Murkdeep!” you have to clear the camp, then the 2 waves from the ocean, then he comes. He’s lvl 19 If you have trouble with him just kite him.
  25. Grind over to (32, 80) and get “Beached Sea Creature”
  26. Hearth back to Auberdine and turn in:
  27. Turn in all beached creature quests at the hippograph dock
  28. Go under the dock grab “Fruit of the Sea”
  29. Turn in “Cave Mushrooms” in front of the Inn Accept “Onu”
  30. Turn in “The Fragments Within” in front of the Inn
  31. Accept “The Absent Minded Prospector” at (37, 41)
  32. Go to the merchant house turn in “The Cliffspring River”
  33. You should be 15 by now so you can accept: “The Blackwood Corrupted”
  34. “Cleansing the Infected” at the first house accept “Tharnariun’s Hope”
  35. Turn in “How Big a Threat? Pt.2” accept “A Lost Master”
  36. Fill the Cleansing Bowl at the Moonwell
  37. You should be 16 now, fly to Darnassus get new skills.
  38. Do “The Blackwood Corrupted” at (50, 34) (grains) clear b4 all 3 pickups or the spawn will give adds. If so just run.
  39. Go do “Tharnariun’s Hope” at (51, 37) (den mother) If you can’t kill her with the lvl 9 adds, kill them off and run till she’s alone. Immolate trap her and shoot first so you get the adds, not the pet.
  40. Do “The Blackwood Corrupted” (51, 33) (nuts) (52, 33) (fruit)
  41. Clear around the Bonfire at (52, 33) place the food. Don’t worry they turn good. When Xabraxxis appears, kill him. Talisman falls beside.
  42. Go to (54, 24) turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.1” Accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.2” do it. Kill any mob around the tower, NOT in it
  43. Hand in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.2” accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.3”
  44. Run to (53, 18) and grab “Beached Sea Creature”
  45. Do “Fruit of the Sea” from crawlers around here.