1-12 Dwarf/Gnome Part 2

Level 1-12 Dun Morogh Part 2

  1. Go west of brewnall and kill leper gnomes until you complete “Operation Recombobulation” you should hit 9 getting kills
  2. Go to (24, 50) and enter the cave kill 5 headhunters and explore the cave for “Frostmane Hold” To explore it just run in and stay to the right, it will curve left and you can see a raised platform with mobs, get near it to complete exploration
  3. Die so you end up at Kharanos
  4. Either straight down the steps of the Inn, or N of the GY, turn in “Frostmane Hold” accept “The Reports”
  5. Go NW in the house at (45, 49) and turn in “Operation Recombobulation”
  6. Go east to (49, 48) and turn in “Return to Bellowfiz” you should be half way to 10 now
  7. Go North to IF at (53, 35)
  8. Make IF your home at (21, 55)
  9. Go to (39, 56) in IF, behind the bank, in the kings room, turn in “The Reports”
  10. Enter the tram at (76, 51)
  11. Take the tram down to SW
  12. Go to (66, 62) and get the FP
  13. Reach goldshire and enter the Inn at (42, 65)
  14. Just to your left accept “Kobold Candles”
  15. Exit the Inn and go straight out and accept “The Fargodeep Mine”
  16. In the blacksmith house right here accept “Elmore’s Task”
  17. Go near the carts at (42, 67) and accept “Gold Dust Exchange”
  18. Go south to the Fargodeep Mine at (39, 82) and kill the kobold until you complete all 3 quests “The Fargodeep Mine”, “Gold Dust Exchange”, and “Kobold Candles” Make sure you go in the lower entrance so “The Fargodeep Mine” is easier
  19. Once all 3 are done go to the stonefield farm just up the hill east at (34, 84) and accept “Lost Necklace” SKIP “Princess Must Die!”
  20. Go east to the Maclure Vinyard st (43, 85) and turn in “Lost Necklace” accept “Pie For Billy” then turn around and kill boars until it’s finished
  21. at (43, 80) and accept “Young Lovers”
  22. Go back west to (34, 84) and turn in “Pie For Billy” SKIP “Back to Billy”
  23. Go west some to the river at (29, 85) and turn in “Young Lovers” accept “Speak with Gramma”
  24. Go back to (34, 84) and turn in “Speak with Gramma” in the house, accept “Note to William” You should be 10 now
  25. Go back to goldshire, either die or run
  26. In the Inn turn in “Kobold Candles” SKIP “Shipment to Stormwind” also turn in “Note to William” SKIP “Collecting Kelp”
  27. Straight outside the Inn, turn in “The Fargodeep Mine” SKIP “The Jasperlode Mine”
  28. South near the fence, turn in “Gold Dust Exchange”
  29. Go up into SW to (51, 12) and turn in “Elmore’s Task” accept “Stormpike’s Delivery” this will be done on the way to the wetlands
  30. Hearth to IF and train, do your classes lvl 10 quest
  31. Go into the tram again at (76, 51) accept “Deeprun Rat Roundup” just collect 5 rats and turn it in. You could skip this and keep the flute, It can really piss people off if you play it non stop around the IF bank. SKIP “Me Brother, Nipsy” unless you go back to SW on the tram because you get crap xp
  32. After this you should be a bit over half way to 11
  33. Run east to (68, 55) and accept “The Public Servant”
  34. Go behind him and accept “Those Blasted Troggs!”
  35. Go in the pidd below and kill the troggs here and in the cave for both quests then turn them back in at (68, 55)
  36. Go east to (80, 51) and follow the path into Loch Modan

11-12 Loch Modan

  1. Go to (22, 73) and accept “In Defense of the King’s Lands”
  2. Go up in the tower and accept “The Trogg Threat”
  3. At (33, 50) grab the FP
  4. Look for the wandering guidrd and accept “Rat Catching”
  5. Kill troggs from (27, 53) and north for “In Defense of the King’s Lands” and “The Trogg Threat”
  6. Go back to (22, 73) and turn them both in
  7. Go north to the tower at (24, 18) and turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery”
  8. You should be 12 now or close to it. You can grind if you’d like but it doesn’t matter much. Follow the Night Elf to IF guide but just go backwards. You’re going to go north through the wetlands to menethil, then boat to auberdine from here.