New Addon - SPAM Filter - I just finished writing it


New Addon – SPAM Filter – I just finished writing it

(This Addon is for The Burning Crusade Expansion & WoTLK Expansions currently)

You can download the TBC version HERE.

You can download the WOTLK version HERE.

After starting to go crazy due to the amount of gold seller SPAM.
I broke down and wrote a new Addon I’m calling SPAM Filter which removes all of it!

This Addon allows you to easily filter out those annoying gold seller messages!


I have added the ability to add/remove custom filter words. This allows you to filter out any kind of SPAM you would like!

  • /spamfilter words Displays the list of words used to identify SPAM. (3 matches result in a filtered message)
  • /spamfilter add WORD Add a new word to identify SPAM
  • /spamfilter remove WORD Remove a word

Left is Stormwind with the SPAMFilter addon.
Right is Terokkar Forest without the SPAMFilter addon.

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