Kronos III launched March 31st


Kronos III launched March 31st

Kronos III is a fresh vanilla server just launched by the Kronos Project.
You will not be able to transfer your characters from Kronos I to Kronos III, meaning everyone is starting at level 1 with an empty auction house.
This gives you a chance to get a lot of server firsts and position yourself as the resident tailor etc. Good luck out there!

The Launch seems to have been fairly smooth, as far as private servers go… There was about 15-20 minutes of downtime when the server initially launched.
Things seem to be going smoothly at this point. I’m going to include the Kronos project’s post launch update below.

Kronos Staff
Dear Community,

We’re now over 6 hours into the launch of Kronos III, and wanted to take a few moments to share an update with everyone.

First and foremost, we want to extend our sincerest apologies to those who experienced trouble logging into the server this morning. We spent much of the day making fixes and optimizations to this process, so that players experience a better queuing system going forward. The peak population today grew to nearly 10,000 players online, but we have reduced the cap in order to ensure a stable and smooth experience. As players disperse throughout the world over the next few days, we will continue to make incremental adjustments to the population cap.

We’ve already seen our first WSG pop, and as of the time of posting this news article, we have 11 players who have reached level 15. We’ve also heard your feedback regarding the respawn rates, and we have made multiple adjustments to the dynamic respawn system. We will continue making adjustments here until we are completely satisfied.

Last, we would like to extend our thanks to all of you who joined us today. We are grateful for the support that so much of the community has shown to us. Safe travels and happy leveling!

You can find out more at Kronos’s official website.

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