Fishing Guide – faq

This chapter contains simple answers to the most commonly asked questions. For a complete FAQ I recommend Draznar’s Fishing FAQ. In this chapter:

“Do fish every get thirsty?” – Children’s Week orphan

How do I learn to fish?

Find a fishing trainer (go to a capital city and ask a guard), and learn the Apprentice Fishing skill. You will also need a fishing pole, which are sold by fishing suppliers. For more instructions, see Learning to Fish: Your First Catch in the Getting Started chapter.

Where should I go to improve my fishing skill?

Your fishing skill will increase at the same rate each time you catch a fish. It does not matter where you fish, so long as you catch something. The most effective way to gain skill alone is therefore to fish where the fewest fish “get away”. Initially fish in starting zones. At higher skill levels, consider fishing where you can catch something of value – see the Valuable Fish chapter.

What do I need a higher fishing skill for?

Higher fishing skills allow you to fish in more “difficult” areas, which tend to have “better” fish. Higher skill reduces the proportion of your fish that “get away”. Higher skill does not make you fish faster, reduce the proportion of casts that do not bite, or change the type of fish you catch.

What skill do I need to fish in…?

You must meet the base skill requirement of the area to cast a line. You need to exceed it by about 95 to completely stop fish “getting away”. For a full list of zones, see An Introduction to Skill and Locations in the Getting Started chapter.

What does the message… mean?

Sometime people start hearing things while fishing…

  • “Your skill is not high enough to fish here” – Your current skill is below the base skill requirement of the area you are trying to fish in. Fish in a zone with a lower requirement, or try using lures to temporarily increase your skill.
  • “No fish are hooked” – You reeled in the line too early or too late. Wait for the bobber to splash, then reel it in straight away.
  • “Your fish got away!” – You reeled in at the right time, and while your skill is sufficient to fish here, it is not high enough to catch everything reliably.

How do I train as Expert or Artisan? How can I increase my skill above 150 or 225?

Expert fishing (150) is taught by the book Expert Fishing – The Bass and You, from Old Man Heming in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale. Artisan fishing (225) is the reward for the quest “Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme“, from Nat Pagle, on a small island in Dustwallow Marsh, just west of Theramore. For further detail, see Developing Your Fishing Skill in the Getting Started chapter.

How can I exceed 300 skill?

Apply lures or equip fishing gear with bonuses to skill. Some areas have a base fishing skill requirement of 330, so cannot be fished using the individual’s skill alone. See Bolstering Your Fishing Skill for details.

How do I unlearn fishing?

You can’t forget how to fish! It’s like learning to ride a ‘strider. Fishing is a secondary professional skill, so there is no need to unlearn it.

How can I make money from fishing?

Try to fish pools of wreckage, catch Stonescale Eels, fish patches of Elemental Water for Essence of Water, or catch Deviate Fish and cook Savory Deviate Delight. You will primarily make money from selling to others via the Auction House, not by selling to vendors. Consequently there is not “one best way to make money” – it will depend on the current supply and demand at your local Auction House. For further discussion, see the Valuable Fish chapter.

Where can I catch a… ?

The Getting Started chapter contains a list of the rules governing fish location.

Where is the best place to catch Stonescale Eels?

The Bay of Storms area of Azshara, between 00:00 and 06:00. For further evidence and discussion of the options, see the Catching Stonescale Eels topic.

How can I catch Winter Squid?

Winter Squid can only be caught between the autumn (fall) and spring equinoxes: Start of 23 September to the end of 19 March. The best catch rates are in the Bay of Storms area of Azshara, between 12:00 and 18:00. For further evidence see the Catching Winter Squid topic.

Why can’t I find a certain type of pool?

Not all pool types can be found in all zones. Study the Pools and Wreckage chapter for a list. If you still can’t find the right pool, fish some other pools in the area, and then wait for new pools to appear. For a full explanation of why you should do this, read the Pool Appearance topic.

Fishing is boring… How can I make it more interesting?

Some suggestions:

  • Do a little at a time, for example while waiting for boats (felonyOne) or dungeons/battlegrounds to start (Falchan).
  • If you are competitive, take part in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza – even if you don’t win, you will increase your skill while trying (WingedNazgul).
  • Think about the rewards from your fishing – for example, profits from sales or lower cost of keeping a pet.
  • Drink while fishing (Houdy/Pagle).
  • Relax… chat, watch the world go by.
  • Do something else… ((Play in windowed mode while simultaneously browse the internet (Houdy), or chat on the telephone (JFoobar). Fishing is one of the few aspects of World of Warcraft that does not demand your full attention.))

Ultimately, you don’t have to fish, so if you don’t like it, don’t do it!

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