Death Knight Starter Area Leveling Guide

Congratulations on creating a Death Knight! Your new Death Knight starts at level 55 and has 0 talent points. The quests throughout the Death Knight starter area will get you to your 51 talent points like all the other level 60’s. This means you will have to do every quest in the Death Knight starter area. Don’t worry though, if you follow this guide, you will be out of there in no time!

These first quests are pretty easy and thankfully all of the starting quests are close by each other.

  1. Talk to The Lich King and grab the quest In Service of the Lich King 
  2. Enter the next room behind you and turn the quest in to Instructor Razuvious. He will give you the next quest, which is The Emblazoned Runeblade.
    Next, use the Weapon Rack on the wall and then we will use the Battle-Worn Sword next to the Runeforge.
  3. The Emblazoned Runeblade can now be turned in and we can pick up Runeforging: Preparation for Battle.
    • Run back to any Runeforge and then use the Runeforging ability from your spellbook. Use whichever forging you would like, I recommend the Rune of Cinderglacier while leveling in this area.
  4. Next we will hand in the quest Runeforging: Preparation for Battle and grab the next quest The Endless Hunger. Now we can enter the circle and set an Unworthy Initiate free by clicking his chains that are connected to the wall. Next we will kill the Initiate and hand the quest in to Instructor Razuvious. He willthen give us the next quest The Eye of Acherus.
  5. Walk back to The Lich King and talk to him to turn in our quest and get the next quest Death Comes From On High. This questcan be a little tricky, you must control an eye and fly it over certain points.
    • Click on the Eye of Acherus. After that you will get control the eye and be able to move it around. You will also have access to the following abilities (they will replace your action bar):
    • Siphon of Acherus – Gathers information about the buildings in the quest.
    • Summon Ghouls on Scarlet Crusade – Spawns Ghuouls that willdiscract Scarlet Crusade Soldiers and allow you to collect information about each building.
    • Shroud – Stealth, this can be helpful for escaping or moving between buildings while gathering information.
    • Recall Eye of Acherus – This ability returns you to your body in Ebon Hold. This is best used once you complete all of the objectives.
  1. While flying around use your ability Siphon of Acherus at the following locations: The Scarlet HoldNew Avalon ForgeNew Avalon Town HallChapel of the Crimson Flame. Once that has been completed, use Recall Eye of Acherus to return to Ebon Hold and turn in the quest. Next grab the quest The Might of the Scourge.
  2. Walk on to the pink glowing Transporter that will teleport you to the lower section of Ebon Hold. Once teleported you can turn in The Might of the Scourge to Highlord Darion Mograine and he will give you your next couple of quests:
    • Report to Scourge Commander thalanor
    • The Power of Blood, Frost, and Unholy
  3. Head upstairs (behind the teleporter you came in through) to turn in your current quest to Scourge Commander Thalanor. He will give you the next quest The Scarlet Harvest.
  4. Next, we are going to fly to Death’s Breach by talking to the Scourge Gryphon at the frontof Ebon Hold.  Talk to Prince Valanar and turn in The Scarlet Harvest. Pick up the following quests from him:
    • If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins
    • Grand Theft Palomino
    • Tonight We Dine in Havenshire
    • Death’s Challenge
  5. After picking up those quests, talk with 5 Deathknight Initiates and challenge them to a duel. Once you beat them, turn in the quest Death’s Challenge.
  1. Walk down the path to Havenshire Farms and kill 10x Scarlet Crusaders10x Citizens of Havenshire, and then loot 15x Saronite Arrows.
  2. Pick up and then complete Abandoned Mail by clicking on the nearby mailbox.
  3. After all of your quest objectives have been completed, mount a Havenshire Horse in the stables area and ride the stolen horse back to Death’s Breach.
  4. Use the Deliver Stolen Horse ability once you arrive at Death’s Breach. This will complete the quest Grand Theft Palamino. Turn in your remaining quests. At this point, you can finish killing Deathknight Initiates to finish off the Death’s Challenge quest.

    After that, pick up your next quest, Into the Realm of Shadows.
  5. Head back south to Havenshire Farms. Find a Dark Rider of Acherus, and then kill him to steal his horse.
  6. Ride the horse back to Death’s Breach and use the ability Horseman’s Call to call Salanar into the shadow realm. Talk to him to complete the quest and you will now have unlocked your 100% speed Death Knight mount. Congratulations on obtaining your first mount!
  1. Pick up Gothik the Harvester, and then turn the quest into Gothik. Gothik is standing close by. Next, pick up the quest The Gift That Keeps On Giving.
  2. Travel down to the Havenshire Mine. Once at the mine use Gift of the Harvester, located in your inventory on Scarlet Miners. This has a chance to turn them into Scarlet Ghouls. Gather 5 Scarlet Ghouls.
  3. Bring your ghouls back to Gothik the Harvester and turn the quest in. Pick up the next quest, which is An Attack of Opportunity.
  1. Talk to Prince Valanar in Death’s Breach and turn in Attack of Opportunity. He will then give you the next quest Massacre at Light’s Point.
  2. Head back to the Havenshire Mine, to the right you should see an Inconspicuous Minecar.
  3. Get in the Inconspicuous Minecar and wait for a random miner to carry you to a boat at Light’s Point. Use a cannon on the boat and keep pressing 1 to kill defenders. Use the second ability when defenders get close to your cannon. Once you kill 100 Scarlet Defenders your quest will be complete.
  4. Once the quest is complete, use the cannon’s Gryphon ability and return to Death’s Breach. Back at Death’s Breach turn in Massacre at Light’s Point and pick up the next quest Victory at Death’s Breach.
  1. Use one of the Scourge Gryphons to fly up to Ebon Hold and talk to Highlord Darion Mograine. Pick up The Will of the Lich King and train your new level 56 abilities.
    • After that, fly back down to Death’s Breach and turn in the quest. Pick up the next quest The Crypt of Remembrance.
  2. Exit Death’s Breach and enter the fields where you will talk with Noth the Plaguebringer. He will give you the quest The Plaguebringer’s Request.
  3. Head over to the Crypt of Remembrance. Once there, turn in The Crypt of Remembrance and pick up the next quest Lambs to the Slaughter.
  4. Make your way to New Avalon (marked on the map) and use the western entrance. Once inside the Inn, head down to the basement and pick up the quest Empty Cauldron.
  5. After picking up Empty Cauldron, make your way to the Town Hall on the southwestern side of town. Here you will kill Mayer Quimby, and then pick up the quest New Avalon Registry.
  6. Once you have that quest, head back to the Crypt of Remembrance and turn in the quest Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide. Grab the next quest How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies. Pick up Keleseth’s Persuaders from the nearby box and dual-wield the two Keleseth’s Persuaders.
  1. Make your way to New Avalon using the eastern entrance. Kill Citizens of New Avalon and Scarlet Crusade Soldiers while making your way to the Forge.
  2. Grab the Iron Chain from the forge, all the while continuing to kill Crusade mobs until you have completed Lambs to the SlaughterThe Plaguebringer’s Request, and How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.
  3. Head back to Noth the Plaguebringer, here you will turn in The Plaguebringer’s Request. After that pick up Noth’s Special Brew. Use the cauldron that is behind Noth. This repeatable quest gives a potion that will restore health and Runic Power!
  4. Make your way back to the Crypt of Remembrance and turn in Lambs to the Slaughter, and How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.
  1. Pick up the quest Behind Scarlet Lines and then head back to the Scarlet Tavern in New Avalon. Once you make it to the Scarlet Tavern turn in your quest and pick up the next quests, The Path of the Righteous Crusader and Brothers in Death.
  2. Make your way to the Scarlet Hold, which is on the eastern edge of New Avalon.
    • Inside Scarlet Hold, head upstairs. Go to the center room upstairs and pick up the Patrol Schedule laying on the table.
    • Use the stairs to go down to the basement. Speak with Koltira Deathweaver and turn in the quest Brothers in Death. Pick up the quest Bloody Breakout, and remain inside the protective bubble that will be created by Koltira.
    • The bubble will greatly reduce the damage you receive from enemies during the waves. Do not leave the bubble, use ranged attacks and death grip to pull enemies into the bubble to kill them. Use the bubble’s safety to also kill High Inquisitor Valroth who will eventually come out after several waves of weaker enemies.
  3. Next, we will head back to the Scarlet Tavern and turn our quests in. Pick up the next quest A Cry for Vengeance.
  4. Walk over to the Chapel of the Crimson Flame. Speak with Knight Commander Plaguefist to turn your quest in and then pick up the quest A Special Surprise.
    • Go into the long house that is near the chapel, this house is called the Prison House. Speak to the NPC the Knight told you to talk to (varies depending on which race you are playing).
    • After speaking to the NPOC, wait for their dialogue to complete and then kill them. Return to the Knight and turn in the quest.
  5. Pick up A Sort of Homecoming, and head back to Thassarian who is at the Scarlet Tavern.
  6. Turn in your quest and pick up Ambush at the Overlook. Next, head over to the ambush location where you need to use the tree disguise you received. This will disguise you as a very interesting-looking tree. Once the Scarlet Courier comes and inspects you, kill him. After killing him, take his Scarlet Courier’s Belongings and also the Scarlet Courier’s Message.
    • Head back over to the Scarlet Tavern and turn in the quest Ambush at the Overlook.
  1. Pick up the next quest A Meeting With Fate and run back over to the Overlook disguised as the Scarlet Courier. (You can actually mount with the disguise equipped)

    Next, turn in the quest to High General Abbendis at King’s Harbor and pick up the quest The Scarlet Onslaught Merges.
  2. Now we return to the Scarlet Tavern and turn our quest in. Next, we pick up Scarlet Armies Approach.
  3. Use the Portal to Acherus: Ebon Hold and turn the quest in by talking to Mograine who is in the center circle of the room. Make sure to train your new level 57 abilities!

    Next, grab the Scarlet Apocalypse and fly back down to Death’s Breach using one of the Scourge Gryphons. 

    Turn the quest in by talking to The Lich King and pick up the next quest An End to All Things.

    Look inside of your bags, and use the item given to you by The Lich King. This will summon a Frostwyrm that can be ridden to complete our quest.
  4. Once on the Frostwyrm use it to fly back to New Avalon. Use the Frostwyrm’s Frozen Deathbolt  to kill 150 Scarlet Soldiers, along with 10 Scarlet Ballistas.

    If you run low on mana or health, you can use the Frost Wyrm’s Devour Humanoid ability on some of the Scarlet Soldiers in the Havenshire Farms. 

    Note: You will have to be basically in melee range for the Devour Humanoid spell to work.

    After killing everything required for your quest, head back to Death’s Breach. Turn your quest in and pick up the quest The Lich King’s Command.
  1. After picking up The Lich King’s Command travel northwest through the cave. Follow the path south to Highlord Darion Mograine who will be at Browman Mill. Once you arrive, you will see a timer on the top of your screen. This will tell you how long until the next attack on Light’s Hope Chapel. Wait until the next attack begins and follow the other NPCs to the Chapel.  Kill everything you see to complete the event.
    • The NPCs will talk for a while after you ‘lose’ the event. Once that is over, turn in the quest The Light of Dawn to Highlord Darion Mograine and pick up the quest Taking Back Acherus.
  2. Portal back to Acherus and turn in the quest Taking Back Acherus. Pick up the next quest The Battle For The Ebon Hold.
    • Use the teleporter and kill 10x Scourge, and also kill a Patchwerk. Head back to Mograine using the teleport once more and pick up Where Kings Walk (Alliance) or Warchief’s Blessing (Horde).
    • Use the portal to travel to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar depending on your faction and turn in the respective quest.

Now that you have finished the Death Knight starter area, you should be level 58 and can continue levelling just like any other member of your faction!

Cast Death Gate to return to Ebon Hold and train the rest of your skills. While levelling as a death knight, you will need to return to the necropolis to runeforge your weapon and train your skills. You can quickly do this using your Death Gate(teleport) ability.

I hope this guide helped you get out of the Death Knight starter area and I can’t wait to see you in Dalaran!